Signs From the Spirit World

Spirit is everywhere and always around us, and spirits, including Angels, Faeries (yes, they are real), Guides, Animal spirits, and family and ancestor spirits are always sending us signs of their presence. They want us to know that they are indeed always around us and that they are here to give us love, support, comfort, and guidance.  The signs that Spirit sends us are not meant to frighten us, but to make us aware of their presence, to help guide us in a particular direction, sometimes they are sent to warn us about something, and yes, sometimes they send us signs just to say “hi”, which I happen to love!

There are many ways that spirits make themselves known to us in the physical world. Some of these signs are more common than others, and in my experience spirits usually have a particular sign that they like to use, or signs will even be particular to the person receiving them. For me I usually receive white feathers out of the blue, I will be surrounded by shimmering lights all of a sudden, or see orbs, Animal Messengers come to me, I see repeated numbers or repeated number sequences, and I get physical sensations of spiritual presence. I have also experienced other signs as well, but less often, like sudden scents filling the room, spirit phone calls (yes, spirits can and do phone us sometimes), photographic materialization of spirits, “misplaced” objects, electrical and electronic disturbances, and the physical manifestation of spirits.

How do you know whether you are indeed receiving a sign or whether it is just a “coincidence”, a natural physical occurrence, or nature just doing it’s thing? Your intuition will tell you whether it’s a sign from Spirit or not – you will just know. You might have even been asking for a sign recently. There will be something odd or unusual about the occurrence. You most likely will even get the “warm chills” at the time you receive it, to confirm that it is indeed a sign. The “warm chills” feels like a sudden jolt from Spirit, like goosebumps, but much warmer and it doesn’t feel scary. You will also feel a tremendous sense of peace and clarity after receiving the sign.

Here are some of the more common signs that Spirit sends us:

_igp7485copyright-0The “warm chills” or “warm shivers”. This is probably one of my favourite sign from Spirit, I call it the “warm chills” because that’s what it feels like. I get the “warm chills” all of the time in my daily life, and also during readings, simply because of what I do. Obviously I need confirmation of Spirit all of the time to be able to read people and energy. I also know that they know that I just like it, and because Spirit sends us signs specifically to get our attention, they will send signs that we ourselves prefer or recognize right away to get us to pay attention.

The “warm chills” feel exactly like what they sound like. It feels like goosebumps, but warmer, I don’t know how else to describe it. I usually get them in my chest, solar plexus area, upper back and shoulders, and sometimes all over the place when they want to send me a really strong “yes”. When I’m doing readings for people, I get them throughout the reading, but many times while reading I will physically see a client suddenly get a jolt and say “Oh my God, I just got the chills”. That is Spirit’s way of telling them that something is right at the time, that something being said, or something that they are feeling or thinking at the time is RIGHT. So anytime you get the “warm chills” in your life, and not just if you’re getting a reading at the time, that is Spirit saying “YES, whatever you were just thinking, feeling, or whatever was just said is right, or it will come true”.  So pay attention in your life at the time you receive them!

Sometimes family spirits, or friends that are on the Other Side, or Angels, Faeries, or our Guides will send us the “warm chills” to let us know that they’re around us. So if you suddenly think of a spirit that’s departed, and you get the “warm chills”, that’s the spirit telling you “Yes, I was just trying to get your attention. Yes, I’m around you, and yes you recognize that.”. The reason they popped in your head all of a sudden is because you were receiving a message about their presence. You don’t have to be a medium to receive messages from Spirit.

imageWhite Feathers. In my experience talking with people about signs, receiving a sign in the form of a white feather is fairly common, as opposed to some of the other signs. However, this doesn’t make it any less special of a sign, I love receiving white feathers. The feather will seemingly appear out of nowhere.  It will suddenly fall around you, or you might find it on your clothing, or it will be in your path. It’s of course even more significant if there is no apparent source of the feather in the vicinity, but finding a feather in an area where there is feathered bedding or clothing can still be a sign. Again, your intuition will tell you whether it is or not. Clients always ask me what does it mean, wanting a specific reason for it. It is mostly just to tell you they are around and see what we are going through and sending us love and peace. If you have been going through something specific before receiving the white feather (or other sign), then it is a sign that they are trying to send you comfort, as well as guide you in a direction for the best outcome, so expect to have an epiphany or strong feelings or a sign in one direction. They are also letting you know that you are on a path, and this is a signpost you are receiving from them.


Animal Messengers. Another sign from Spirit is Animal Messengers. Animal Messengers come to give us a sign about something coming up in our lives, to give us strength and belief in our abilities and gifts, to offer their protection and guidance, and sometimes to warn us about something. An Animal Messenger is usually the actual physical animal physically making their presence to you, but it can come in the form of a dream, or even as a repeated image in pictures or movies that you keep coming across, as well.

For it to be an Animal Messenger and not just a random animal in nature doing it’s thing, there has to be a definite moment between you and the animal(s), or something unusual about the encounter. For instance, once a white owl perched in a tree, made eye contact with me, and then flew right over my head right in the middle of the day in the park, and I knew that it was a sign of someone passing. When I got home about an hour later, I got a message to call home and I found out that one of my Great-Uncles had just passed away. But if I see a squirrel running in the woods in it’s natural habitat somewhere beside me, and it doesn’t make eye contact with me or “say” anything to me, then I know that it is just a random squirrel and not a messenger or sign.



Once while going through a really difficult phase in my life, I went outside for some fresh air and put my feet up on the post of my deck. All of a sudden a butterfly landed right beside my foot and stayed there lightly beating it’s wings for about 5 or 10 minutes. It was not even fully spring yet, just the end of winter. That was most definitely a sign from Spirit that things were going to get better soon! And yes they did.

With Animal Messengers, pay close attention to what type of animal it is, for that will give you information about what the sign means. There are a lot of sites online and books about Animal Totems, so you can look up the animal that came to you and find out what it means, although the meaning can be different from encounter to encounter.  Again, use your intuition to decipher the meaning. If it’s an animal that you’ve had many encounters with in your life, then it is most likely one of your main Animal Guides and protectors.

Lights.  Another sign from Spirit is the sudden appearance of lights or orbs. One of my favourites is when Angels and Faeries surround me with what looks like a bunch of shimmering glitter falling all over me, but it’s not glitter it’s thousands of tiny little lights “falling” all around me. It’s usually when I’m going through a hard time or when I have a difficult decision to make that I get the shimmering lights around me. Another sign is the appearance of orbs or glowing lights flashing by quickly. I find that at least with me, this is one of the Fae’s favourite signs to send people. I can feel their energy strongly whenever I see flashing lights go by. But family spirits and friends who have passed will also use lights as a way of communicating their presence and giving us comfort.

Electrical and Electronic Disturbances. Spirits will also send signs to us by interrupting electronics and electricity.  In my experience, some family spirits and friends of people that have passed choose this as their main sign. For instance, I have had people who come to see me mention that ever since a particular relative or friend passed away, the TV, or the radio, or a certain light in their place will turn off and on “all by itself”. That’s the spirit trying to give a sign that they are okay and that they are still around us. I had one client who mentioned that the TV was changing channels by itself and she wanted to know whether she was right that it was a family spirit bringing her a sign of their presence. I asked her who passed away that liked to watch TV all the time. She laughed and revealed that she did already think it was her Granddad who had passed away trying to give a sign because apparently all he did was watch TV when he was alive, she just wanted confirmation from me that it was him.  So that is why he picked messing around with the TV as his sign, he loved it when he was alive and he knows that his family will associate it with him. When you get signs like this and a particular friend or relative who passed away pops in your head right away at the time, then you know that’s who is trying to send you a message that they’re around you and that they’re okay on the Other Side.

Photographic materialization. Another sign from Spirit is when they appear in photographs and videos. They can show up as orbs, but orbs can be tricky to properly identify as Spirit as dust particles and the flash can appear as orbs when they are just a natural physical occurrence. I have seen orbs in photographs appear as happy faces and other symbols, or appear right beside or on a particular person in the photograph, and I do not believe that these are instances of natural physical occurrence. Spirit will also appear in photographs as beams of light shining down on or near someone, or towards someone. I have a few pictures like these of me from since I was a toddler, and it’s clear that the beams of light are not originating from any natural physical occurrence. They can also appear as dark spots or dark areas in the photograph.

imageOccasionally a spirit or spirits will show their actual physical appearance from their last incarnation on earth in a photograph (or their actual current physical appearance if they are not human [like Angels or Elementals], more about that in a minute. . .). I have taken one photograph where many spirits showed up in the frame.  I meant to take a picture of a wicked storm outside at the time through my living room window, and my sister happened to be with me while I took it. I looked at the picture to see if it turned out, and I immediately got the chills.  A man’s face showed up as a reflection on the window looking right at me with his hand covering part of his face (and no, there was no man in the room at the time), and I showed my sister and she immediately handed the camera back to me and said not to show her anymore, she was freaked out. Later, after examining the picture more, I found other spirits in the picture, as well. One of them is definitely not human.  I believe from it’s appearance and from my intuition that it’s an elemental spirit. There are also several orbs in the picture that showed up later on, as attested by my family who I showed the picture to when I first took it. They all say that the orbs were not there when I first showed them (we at least don’t remember them being there at the time, so we could all be wrong). There are also some shadow people in the picture. You can see the full picture here (that I happened to take on the date 8/8/08, which is another story about signs in itself).

Scents. Spirits will also send us signs through scent. If you suddenly smell a sweet perfume or the scent of flowers, for example, when neither are physically in the room at the time, then that is a sign from Spirit that they are around. Angels usually send a sweet smell of flowers to show their presence, or the smell of incense when none is burning in the room. Family spirits and spirits of friends who have passed will sometimes surround you with a scent that reminds you of them. It could be the smell of the perfume or cologne that they wore when they were alive, or another smell you associate with them, like the smell of banana bread if they were known for baking it all the time, the smell of pipe tobacco if they were fond of it, or the smell of peppermints if they loved peppermints.

Sudden room temperature and body temperature shifts. Sensing a sudden temperature shift in the room with no physical source for the temperature shift, like a cold draft when there’s no door or window open, or a sudden rush of heat when you’re not beside a heat source, is another sign from Spirit that they are near.  You may even feel temperature shifts in your physical body, like a sudden warm rush in a certain part of your body or throughout your whole body. It’s common to feel warmth around your crown chakra when sensing or channeling Spirit, there will even be a slight pressure and tingling sensation there as well. When I read for people, I always feel a warm pressure on my crown chakra and my third eye. Pay attention to where you feel any physical sensations on your body from Spirit, because it could be a sign of a physical illness that they are trying to get your attention about, or an imbalance in your energy field in that area, like a blocked or imbalanced chakra.

Physical manifestations. Spirits will also show themselves in physical form to people as a sign.  There are many stories of people who have reported physically seeing a loved one right at the moment that they later find out the loved one passed away (in a totally different location). There are also many people who say that a loved one has come to them in physical form after they have passed, and I have had many clients who have had this experience.  Sometimes people will see the physical manifestation of pets who have passed over, and this has happened to me.  After both my cat and dog passed away, at different times, I would see flashes of them briefly, still walking beside me.

“Misplaced” objects. Everyone knows the annoyance and frustration of losing something that you swore you put in a specific place, only to realize that it’s not there anymore, and it’s usually keys. However, sometimes spirits will move objects on us as a sign from them that they’re around. I find that it’s usually the mischievous spirits that favour this one as a sign. They are usually the ones who were known for loving to tease people and play tricks on family and friends while they were alive.  But sometimes Spirit picks this one just to get us to loosen up.  Spirit has a great sense of humour. Whenever I’ve had them do this to me, and I finally find what I was looking for, I can hear them laugh from the Other Side. It’s usually in a very strange place that I find the object, like under the couch cushion when I know I didn’t have the object when I was on the couch, or in a drawer that I would never put the object in. Your intuition will tell you whether it’s actually a sign from Spirit that you’ve received, or whether you indeed just misplaced the object yourself.

Spirit Phone Calls. This is one of the more rare signs that Spirit will give us, but also one of the most undeniable ones. I have had at least a few spirit phone calls in my life so far.  In all instances the number that showed up on the call display was odd, at least a couple of times it was all zeros and one time it was the counting sequence 123456. . ., although having an odd number show up on the call display isn’t a necessary prerequisite for it to be a spirit phone call, and doesn’t necessarily mean that it is automatically a spirit phone call, either. There will be a lot of static though, and as far as I know from what Spirit tells me, and from my own experience, and from what I’ve heard from other anecdotes about spirit phone calls, this is almost always present with them. I also heard a skipping noise of some sort when I received spirit phone calls. The voice on the other end of a spirit phone call will usually sound far away, as well. I have never heard of spirit phone calls lasting very long, though, the Spirit usually just says hello and/or your name, and/or a phrase that you associate with them.

My most amazing experience with spirit phone calls was just after I went through a major psychic awakening and finally consciously accepted that I am a psychic medium for the first time in my life. I was very excited about all the messages I was getting from Spirit, and I was getting a lot of signs at the time to encourage me on my path. One day I got a message from Spirit that they were going to give me a sign soon, and they said “303” will be the sign, and to be ready for it. I had no idea what 303 was going to mean, or what kind of sign they were going to bring me.  The next afternoon my spouse at the time decided to go do some grocery shopping while I stayed at home and got some work done on the computer. A little while after he left, I felt a strong spiritual presence, and the silence of the house seemed to suddenly grow. The phone rang in the heavy silence and I suddenly felt the familiar “warm shivers” and I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I picked up the handset and the time on the handset was 3:03, I immediately recognized that it was the sign that they said they would bring me.  The phone number that displayed was all zeros. I answered the phone and the characteristic static of a spirit phone call was there, and I could hear a male voice that sounded very far away say my name more than once with a pause in between, and I could also hear loud breathing and a strange skipping noise. I hung up out of fear at the time, even though I knew it wasn’t meant to frighten me. But it definitely was something that got my attention as a sign from Spirit. I believe it was one of my male family members who died years ago because that’s who popped in my head at the time, and whoever pops in your head at the time you receive a sign from Spirit is who the sender is, it’s your intuition letting you know.

Repeated Numbers. Seeing repeating numbers and number sequences are another sign from Spirit. If every time you look at the clock it’s the same number, like 4:44 or 5:55 for instance, that is a sign from Spirit. Pay attention to the numbers that keep repeating themselves, because it’s a sign of who is trying to get your attention or what Spirit is trying to get your attention about. If your favourite Aunt who passed away had a thing for the number 3, and you keep seeing 3’s everywhere you go, then that is a good indication that she is the one trying to send you a sign that she is around. Repeated numbers can be messages from your Angels and Guides, as well. You can read about numerology and find out what each number means, and therefore what your Guides are trying to tell you with the number they keep sending you. Doreen Virtue also has a great book which has meanings of different number sequences which she channeled from the Angels.

Repeated Pictures and Symbols. Coming across the same picture(s) and/or symbols can also be a sign from Spirit. For instance, if you keep coming across pictures of eagles “by chance” in your life, it could be a sign. If you are standing in line at a store, and a picture of an eagle is right in front of you after someone just gave you gift of a ring with a symbol of an eagle on it, and then you go to your friend’s place and they show you the blanket they just bought that has an eagle on it, you can be sure that this is a sign from Spirit for you. As with any sign that Spirit sends you, pay close attention to the symbols that they send you because the meaning of the symbol points to the meaning of the message.

Coins. Finding coins in unusual places is also a common sign from Spirit. I don’t get this sign very often, but I have had clients who do. Certain spirits usually use this one as a favourite sign that they give, as well. I had one client who told me she knows that it’s her father sending her coins as a sign because he was very particular with money, and her intuition also told her that it was him. Spirits will also send this as a sign if you are going through a particularly hard time financially. They are sending it to give you some faith that things will turn around. For it to be a sign, again your intuition has to tell you that it is one, and it also has to be in an unusual place that you find it, or right in your path while you’re walking. Pay attention to the date and symbols on the coin, as well, because it might be a date associated with a loved one who has passed, or have a symbol on it that reminds you of a loved one, in which case you can be assured that it is a sign from them. Instead of coins, some spirits will send crystals or marbles as a sign. I know of one client who found a crystal in her vehicle when no one else had been in it, it was a sign.

Dreams. Spirits and our Angels and Guides also come to us in our dreams as a sign of their presence. I often have family spirits and even pets who have passed away come to me in my dreams, and I know that they are letting me know that they are doing well on the Other Side and watching over us. Sometimes they come to us in our dreams to make us aware of something important coming up in our lives, as well, and sometimes even to warn us about something or someone, or to give us faith when we need it. You will know that it is a sign and not just a regular dream because the  Spirit will greet you and acknowledge you. You may even have a conversation, either verbally or telepathically, and they may even give you a big hug and kiss. They may even have advice for you, or maybe even a message, maybe an apology for something they did while they were alive, or a pep talk to give you if you’re needing one at the time. Your dream will also usually become lucid (if it isn’t a lucid dream already) once they enter the dream and greet you, meaning you will be aware that you are in a dream at the time and that you are visiting with someone who is on the Other Side in the dream. I love it when spirits come to me in my dreams because I get to experience the “physical” sensation of hugging them and talking to them once again, it really feels real.  Both my cat and my dog who passed away came to me in my dreams after they passed to let me know they were okay. With both of them, my dream suddenly switched scenes entirely and into a lucid dream, and in both cases they came running up to me smiling, and jumped into my arms and let me hold them once again, and I could “physically” feel it when I was holding them. I know it was definitely their spirits coming to me and not just a random dream because they greeted and acknowledged me and the dream turned lucid once they came.

Rainbows, Clouds, Northern Lights, Shooting Stars, and Other Natural Phenomena. Rainbows and natural weather phenomena are another sign that Spirit will sometimes bring us. Rainbows are naturally uplifting and Spirit will send us a rainbow when we need to be uplifted. It’s also common for a loved one to bring a rainbow after they have passed away as a sign that they’re doing fine on the Other Side and still around their loved ones here. A rainbow is most certainly a sign from Spirit if it’s not even raining outside when it appears.  Sometimes they will bring us the symbol of a rainbow as well, as a sign. For instance, you could be taking the bus and have a child sit right in front of you with a rainbow on their back pack, then go to the coffee shop and be waiting in line right by a photograph of a rainbow, then your friend will show you their new tattoo of a rainbow. As mentioned before, seeing repeated pictures and symbols can also be signs from Spirit.

Cloud formations can also be a sign from Spirit. Common symbols in cloud formations that people view as signs from Spirit are Angels, animals, people, and even the face of God or Jesus or other spiritual figure. Again, in order to recognize it as a sign and not just as a natural physical occurrence, use your intuition.  One day just after I had really accepted my psychic abilities, my Guides told me to look up at the sky when I went on one of my runs.  It was a hot day with big puffy clouds. The clouds suddenly started moving and changing shapes rapidly. One cloud started off as a giant tortoise, then rapidly split into two and changed into two people holding hands and flying together. Then the people changed into birds. The shapes were so clearly defined and I doubt anybody would see anything different in the clouds than I saw that day, so I know that Spirit had a hand in it.

Northern Lights are some of the most beautiful signs from Spirit. I grew up in the North, so I grew up hearing all kinds of stories and legends about them. When you sing, or whistle, or have deep philosophical conversations under the stars with your friends (as I found out as a teenager), or even just talk about them and acknowledge them, they dance and make bright colourful geometric patterns above you. I have seen them also make animal shapes and shapes of faces. When I was a teenager my friend and I stayed up all night laying on the picnic table in my back yard talking all night and they made a giant mandala right above us, changing the mandala pattern colours from bright pink to green to blue and to purple. It was amazing! The Northern Lights are most definitely a sign from Spirit.

Shooting stars can also be another sign. Seeing one right when you happen to be thinking about a problem you have or important decision you have to make in your life is Spirit giving you reassurance. Sometimes our loved ones on the Other Side will send a shooting star to us as well to give us a sign that they’re still around.

There are so many ways that Spirit communicates with us and gives us signs, and these are just some of the more common ones or easily recognizable ones. We get signs from Spirit all of the time in our daily lives, it’s just a matter of recognizing them, appreciating them, and realizing what they mean, even if at the time they simply mean that Spirit is just saying “hi”. They give us a sense of purpose, determination, restore our hope and faith, give us clarity, let us know that our loved ones and Angels and Guides are with us all the time, and connect us to Creator.  A sudden sense of tremendous peace will usually wash over us when we recognize a sign from Spirit, and that is the best way to know that you are indeed receiving a sign, that recognition and sudden feeling of peace and clarity that everything is going to be okay.


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My name is Patricia and I am a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium with over 20 years of reading experience. For more information about my history as a Psychic Medium, please visit the About page. To book a Past life, Tarot, Spirit Animal, or Psychic Medium reading with me, read testimonials, and to see real examples of real readings I have done for real clients in the past, please visit the Booking a Reading page.







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16 thoughts on “Signs From the Spirit World

    • I always get messages from the sprits and angels I have captured images of them in different forms they have written letters across my face and body and on my land
      They have shine lights down upon me in different colors and forms along with the orbs Not just on Sad days but a lot of days I really needed them yesterday laying my Dog to rest I know they did bring a calming to me while I hugged her and the last pictures I took of her 5 days before she had all the strength to swim laps in the swimming pool image of came to the end of it there was in four different pictures a English lab sitting at the side of the pool as a shadow just waiting for Mary I knew it was time in that gave me so much comfort when I saw those pictures
      I hope other people all the time as a Remote viewer and Healer runs in my children even my grandson I was happy to explain things to him at 4 taking all his fears away understanding Taught him that he was seeing his Guardian angel he has 3 how to get his name there’s so much of connection I wish I had someone to of helped me at that age
      So look for the signs they are there listen to your children Many Blessings

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  5. Thanks for this beautiful explanation. I came searching for meaning behind shooting stars. I’ve very rarely seen on! Sunday morning I had to leave the house by 5:45 to go to my son’s swim meet. Before we left I took the dog out for a very short trip to the mail box. I usually just take her out back, but needed to start the car. I’m going through a lot of personal reflection and change right not and it’s all good stuff, but can be pretty uncomfortable. As I stood at the mailbox as she sniffed the ground I started an inner dialogue about how I know the universe has some really amazing things about to take place and that I’m so open and ready for them. I looked up as I talked and prayed. Then I just got silent and a shooting star streaked across the sky. It almost seemed too perfect, like out of a movie! I truly believe that was spirits way of saying “I’m here. I’m listening and you are right there are amazing things taking shape for you.”

  6. I’m having a hard time trying to find the meaning of my dream, I know I just have to ask the right person is all. My Beloved Grandmother doesn’t have long left, just an intuition that we both have. I dreamt earlier this morning that she was being Creamated (her wish) and I had asked if her brain where apart of that. I then saw an image of a Brain with four Yellow stars, not in a line. Maybe this means she wishes her mind to be intact and the stars are a representation of how heavenly she is to me? Her name is Patricia❤

  7. My cousin comes as a hummingbird. She passed of heroin overdose. My cousin Lizzy found her daughter and did CPR. There were multiple overdoes that evening. Her father David asked for a sign a hummingbird. The next day sis Kelly saw one in the front yard everyone saw but my dear Lizzy. Finally she asked Angie please send one of your friends since she hadn’t came n sat with her. I see them all the time I have multiple photos n videos. Listen to the story of the hummingbird on Utube Angel Wings For Angie

  8. I recently moved into a house that was built in the year 1856. I now get goose bumps all the time and experience wonderful feelings through out my entire body at random times throughout the day. My ears ring more now then they have at any other point in my life. Could spirits that I never knew in life be communicating with me? If so, why? If it is not strangers then why are my loved ones just now choosing to communicating with me and not before?

    • Hi Chris! Yes for sure it can be spirits that you never physically knew in this life, or your Angels and spirit guides, or loved ones that have passed over, for many reasons. They usually just want to give us confirmation that they are around us for protection and guidance, and just to come visit. And they may have been trying to communicate with you before, but maybe you never paid attention, or were not receptive to it at the time .

  9. Thank You!! This artical is amazing and answered alot of questions. I lost the love of my life last Thursday and he was the most spiritual person you could meet. I have very strong faith, but as he was so special to me and the first person Ive lost, I wanted his presence around me. I asked for it and about 20 times a day I get the warm sensation all through my body. Its pretty powerfull and will hopefully help me to move on.

    • I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your love, you must be heartbroken. But at the same time I am happy to hear that you have been receiving signs from him. Know that that is him telling you that he is okay and around you all of the time. I am sure you will be receiving many more signs from him, as he knows that you are listening and watching for them.

  10. Excellent blog/article, I am also a Psychic and clairvoyant I love the whole spiritual psychic world and the paranormal. I will follow your blog as love reading similar articles to mine.

  11. So fat the best one I ever read relating to signs .I have come across things like mentioned in this bt couldn’t share with others as they might simply brush it off.I needed answers and after reading this I definitely feel not everything is just coincidence … somethings r definitely signs.


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