Booking a Reading Form for Pairs and Groups


Hi there! If you are planning a pair or group reading reading, please still have a look over my Booking a Reading page here, that you were directed from, for My Rules and for any other information on prices, travel, deposits, payment procedure, and more that is not listed here. Please visit my About page for more information about my history and experiences as a clairvoyant psychic medium, and How Does a Psychic Medium Reading Work and What Are the Benefits of Receiving a Reading? for more information about how my readings work and what kinds of information comes through in readings.

And again, before proceeding with information on booking a reading, I need to get something very important out of the way. Please never send me any of your questions or let me know in any way the situation(s) you’d like to explore while inquiring about booking your psychic medium reading. This is to maintain the integrity of the reading for both you and me. Please also do not send me any pictures, dates, or names unless I specifically ask, which I most likely won’t anyways. One of the main purposes of my readings is to give clients confirmation of Spirit, and so if you’re telling me things ahead of time, it takes away from that purpose. Merci. You can bring pictures if you want, but do not show them to me until after, and hold them down please. My gift does not really work that way anyway, with relying on psychometry, but I CAN psychometry if you want me to! There are always interesting things that come forward. . .

I also will not do any more surprise group readings, sorry. Some people are afraid of psychics and mediumship, and I do not want them to feel uncomfortable, or to be upset, and to be put on the spot (it has happened a few times now). So everyone in the group must know ahead of time what I do, and that I am there to do Psychic Medium readings for the group.


Occasionally I am available for same day in-person group readings (and usually available daily by phone), with at least a couple of hours notice, so it’s worth a try just to ask. I have had people ask me at 1 PM and I am starting the reading by 3 PM, or that evening, so do not be afraid to ask. You will still need to pay the travel fees and deposit in advance, if applicable, or full fees in advance if you would like to pay entirely by eTransfer rather than the balance in cash for in person readings.

For In Person readings (yes that would include group readings), I only do Psychic Mediumship, where I rely heavily on my clairvoyance, and the other clairs, and do not use any tools. So no, sorry, I cannot lug my Tarot cards around for a group reading when I am way beyond that ability now anyways, haha. If Spirit wants to show me a Tarot card, they will show it to me clairvoyantly (and yes that does happen sometimes). You can read more about what to expect from a Psychic Medium reading with me here, and see examples of real readings I have done for real clients in the past here.

In a group reading, the same as individual readings, we can talk about personal issues, or focus on mediumship, past lives, etc., or just have a general reading, it is ultimately your time, and we can do the readings in front of the rest of the group, or privately and individually if you have the space – these are things that are up to each client individually, and we can decide at the time of the reading.

Please note, I DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS. An eTransfer deposit is required to book in person, group, and weekend readings.

You must be at least 18 years old to book a reading, although I prefer to read for people over 24 years of age. If you are under 18, you must have a guardian present for the reading, and be at least 16 years of age. Please see What to Expect From a Psychic Medium Reading With Me for more information about what comes through in a Psychic Medium Reading.

Please never ask me my schedule, it is a complete waste of time (haha) as people are more likely to keep appointments that fit for them, therefore it is better if you tell me yours. Tell me if you want the reading soon, or if you want to book for a later date – give me dates/time ranges that will work, and time frames that will not work on the day(s) that you are interested in booking.


For in-person and group readings, I do not do readings at my home, I will come to yours or to your room, or we can book a table at a restaurant. If you want, we can book a table in a private room at the library, but it would have to be at your cost as I have no problem reading over the phone.


I can also go to Banff, Calgary, Red Deer or Edmonton, or a major center in southern Alberta if my travel costs are paid for in advance. I do not drive, so please note that my travel cost would be cab, bus, and shuttle fare, plus $20/hr. for travel time, and accommodation, if applicable, which does add up. My travel fees are $35 round trip cab fare for readings in Canmore (plus extra for readings far from downtown), $65 cab fare, shuttle, and travel time for readings in downtown Banff, plus $15-$25 cab fare elsewhere for readings elsewhere in Banff, and $75 round trip cab fare for readings in Deadmans Flats from west of Canmore where I live, and due in advance. If you want me to go to Kananaskis, it is at least $120 one way in cab fare, plus my travel time at $20/hour (because of my autoimmune disease I am not jumping on shuttles and waiting in between just to go there). I do not make extra money off of travel (I just charge for travel time) and the travel fees include a reasonable, approximate 15% tip for the driver. Usually only groups book me to travel, as the travel cost can be easily split between everyone in the group. I do go to Cochrane and Banff very, very occasionally on my own, but usually only at the last minute. Sometimes clients give me a ride (pick me up and drive me home) instead of paying the travel fee, and I am open to that as long as you are a good driver and not driving under the influence of course, ha! Just mention in your booking form that you would like to offer me a ride instead of paying the travel fee (however, I still charge $20/hour for travel time, for distances that will take longer than 30 minutes of travel).

And sorry, no, I cannot let you know when I will be in your area, but if you subscribe to my blog by clicking on the “Follow” button under Follow Blog Via Email in the sidebar or down below on mobile, you should get an email any time I am doing readings in another place. If I am in Cochrane or Banff and available for readings, I will announce it on my blog, so again, anyone that follows my blog will get an email notification when I am there.


Individually Focused Group Reading – (in-person, private or in front of the rest of the group, 2-8 people. By phone, with a 3 person limit, you can just put me on speaker phone. No, there is no 3 person limit for in-person groups, just for phone readings). Psychic reading and mediumship. Mediumship takes a long time, so be aware that a 20 minute reading in a group may not be long enough to do mediumship or get in depth. Ideally I would read only up to 6-8 people in one day, or up to 4.5 hours total, and I cannot do that much every single day, just occasionally. I also do not do readings at my home. I will come to your home or hotel room, or we can book a quiet table somewhere. For groups of 3 or more, or for booking up to an hour and a half of time, there is a non-refundable $50 deposit due at the time of booking, or a $75 deposit for booking more than an hour and a half of time, which will go towards the cost of your readings. And no, sorry, I do not do group discounts, so please do not ask. Groups are very tiring for me, and I always have to book extra time off around them, so everyone pays full price, haha. If you are booking for a group, please have the rest of your group read over my website for any questions they may have about my readings, booking, prices, etc. – For group in person readings, the prices are: $50 per person (for 20 minutes each, 5 person minimum, up to 8 people total), $75 per person (for a half hour each, 2-6 people), and $95 per person (for 45 minutes each, 2-4 people), and $120 each per person (for 1 hour each, up to 3 people) plus travel fees at least 24 hours in advance. The group phone reading prices, for up to 3 people, are: $45 each (for 20 minutes each), $63 each (for 30 minutes each), and $85 each (for 45 minutes each), and $110 each (for one hour each).

Seance or Group Mediumship Reading – (in-person only, 8-25 people. If you would like a seance style reading for a smaller group or pair, then the prices are the same for individually focused group readings above). Not private. The reading can last from 2-2.5 hours (depending on how many of you there are), and will be focused on mediumship rather than personal issues (although they may still be brought up by Spirit) and whoever comes through at the time (I can never control which Spirits come through, although we can try to contact specific Spirits towards the end if they haven’t come through yet). And again, I do not do group readings at my home. I will come to your home or hotel room, or we can book a quiet table somewhere at a restaurant. There is a non-refundable $50 deposit due at the time of booking for booking up to an hour and a half of time, or a $75 deposit due at the time of booking for booking more than an hour and a half of time, which will go towards the cost of your readings. And no, sorry, I do not do group discounts, so please do not ask. Groups are very tiring for me, and I always have to book extra time off around them, so everyone pays full price, haha. If you are booking for a group, please have the rest of your group read over my website for any questions they may have about my readings, booking, prices, etc. – $25 each (for 21 people or more), $30 each (for groups of 16-20), $35 each (for groups of 11-15), $40 per person (for groups of 8-10), plus travel fees at least 24 hours in advance.


I am already booked January 20th and 27th, March 30th, April 11th, May 9th, 10th, and 11th, and August 4th, September 26th, October 13th, 16th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 27th, and 31st, November 16th, 27th, 28th, and December 3rd, December 10th evening, 11th, and 31st., 2018, and March 2nd, 2019. Subject to change without notice.


All prices and fees are non-negotiable.


I can accept cash (for in-person readings) and eTransfers (for distance readings, the travel fees, and deposits) only. If you want to pay for an in-person appointment by eTransfer, you must do so at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise you MUST bring cash instead. Travel fees are due at least 24 hours in advance and your deposit can not be used towards the travel fee. I am not the bank so if you do not have online banking, please ask them how to set it up for you, and direct any technical questions about etransfers to them.

For booking pair readings for up to an hour of time, there is a non-refundable $50 deposit due at the time of booking, which will go towards the cost of your readings. For groups of 3 or more, or for booking a 1.5 hour time slot or more, there is a non-refundable $75 deposit due at the time of booking, which will go towards the cost of your readings. If something goes awry on my end and I have to cancel, you will receive your deposit back. If you give me at least 3 weeks notice of a necessary schedule change or a necessary cancellation, then you will most likely receive your deposit back. If the reason for the cancellation is the weather and road conditions, then I can do phone readings for your booked appointment instead, which the deposit will count towards and therefore you will not lose it. If you cannot physically make your in-person appointment and do not want to lose your deposit or time slot, I can do a phone reading instead, or you can purchase a gift certificate instead so as not to lose your deposit, just let me know ahead of time (and no, there is no difference in effectiveness or accuracy of a reading over the phone, the only difference is that you can’t stare at me while I am reading you, haha. Click here for more information on phone readings).

You will not have a booked group, weekend, or in-person appointment without paying the deposit, so be prepared to pay it when inquiring, not days or weeks after. Do not bother asking ahead of time for a weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), in person, or group booking for a specific date unless you plan to pay the deposit at the time of booking. You will not have a right on that spot anyway without a deposit, and I will have wasted my time writing you back and forth for nothing when the time comes along and your spot is no longer available. Don’t do it, lol. Again, wait till the day you want, and then ask if I have any same-day appointments instead. You will still need a deposit though, because it is the weekend, so it makes better sense to just pay the deposit in advance to guarantee the spot, unless waiting to pay the same day of your appointment and not having a guaranteed spot is important to you.

Please note that pricing and policies can change at any time without notice. Readings are non-refundable (as you are paying for my time). There is plenty of information on my website, including my history as a psychic medium, how my readings work, what information comes through in a reading, real testimonials, and real examples of real readings for real clients, for someone to make an informed decision about booking a reading with me and to know what to expect.


I hope that this was all clear and informative. Using the contact form below, please let me know if you have further questions (that are NOT already answered on this site), if you want to confirm or clarify information from the site, or if you’d like to book a reading!! I absolutely love doing readings, and I look forward to hearing from you!! For general questions about spirituality, mediumship, psychic ability, etc. there is Google, and there are plenty of books out there, lol, and some articles on my blog, as well. Sorry, but I do not have time to answer a bunch of general questions for people. Please click on the Menu above for spirituality articles by me, astrology, my Tarotscopes, and more!

Please note that I WILL ONLY BOOK READINGS IN WRITING. Never phone me without an appointment. Once you message to book a group or pair booking, you will then receive a response with the payment by eTransfer instructions for the deposit to book the time that you request, and for paying for the reading by eTransfer if you do not want to pay in cash at the time of the readings, but want to pay in advance. Again payment for distance readings and deposits for weekend and group readings are due upon time of booking. There will be no further correspondence about a particular date without a deposit to book it.

NO, YOU CANNOT PHONE ME to ask me anything UNLESS YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT. No you cannot phone me just because you wanted to hear my voice (haha, seriously happened more than once before, and no it will not happen again, sorry. One of the points of doing readings, for me anyway, is to know things about you in a reading without previous contact, so no. Plus I just do not have time, I find it intrusive energetically, and I do need time off of work, so please understand, and thank-you). If you are deadset on talking on the phone with me just to book, you have the option of paying me an administrative fee ahead of time, for which we would have to make an appointment anyway, haha ;-). I understand that booking groups can be complicated though, so sometimes I will allow a client to call me to talk about a group booking we have already been arranging over email, but only by appointment.

Again, do not even inquire about dates for group, in person, or weekend appointments (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays) without being prepared to pay the deposit at the time of booking, which is also clearly mentioned under the heading “Payment” on the Booking a Reading page. If you are not prepared to pay the deposit that day to keep a date booked, please do not make me waste my time corresponding with you about that date. It is not your space until it is paid, and I will not answer multiple questions about one date without a deposit.

For group bookings make sure the whole group is aware of my prices, policies, fees, etc., as mentioned on this page, before inquiring about booking or dates.

Also, for phone readings, please figure out the time conversion yourself if you are in another time zone, thank-you! (I am in AB., MST).


To book a pair or group reading, use the Copy and Paste form here,
 OR USE THE CONTACT FORM BELOW, checking the boxes that apply and answering the following questions in your very first message (or text the answers to the following questions to 403-493-0604, TEXT ONLY, NEVER PHONE WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT, Thank-you!!): 

  • Is this for an in-person pair or group reading, or for a pair or 3-person group phone reading (where you would call me and put me on speaker phone)? (I still charge per person – prices are the same per person for individuals and groups)
  • how many of you are there? (for group bookings please have the rest of your group read over my website for any questions they may have about my readings, booking, prices, etc., they cannot phone me without an appointment either. I had one situation where another person in a group decided to go over the planner’s head and called me to question me about the price and travel fees, which are clearly displayed on my blog and the appointment had already been booked at those rates, and I will not have that again. It is a waste of my time, and theirs, for someone to call me to try to haggle me. All prices and fees are non-negotiable, and I do not make a profit off of travel.)
  • how long would you like each? (I can read up to 4-4.5 hours at one time in one day, 20 minutes minimum each. Prices, as mentioned above, are $45 per person for 20 minutes each for phone group readings, $50 per person for 20 minutes each for in person group readings (only available by phone or for groups of 5 or more), $63 per person for 30 minutes each for phone group readings, $75 per person for 30 minutes each for in person group readings, $85 per person for 45 minutes each for phone group readings, $95 per person for 45 minutes each for in person group readings (only available for groups of 4 or less), $110 per person for 60 minutes each for phone group readings, or $120 per person for 60 minutes each for in person group readings (only available for groups of 3 or less), and $125 per person for 75 minutes each for phone pair readings, and $135 per person for 75 minutes each for in person pair readings (only available for 2 or less people),
  • where you are staying? (as I do not do readings at my home. Be aware that I also charge for travel to and from your room, which is equivalent to cab fare, plus shuttle to and from Banff, if applicable, and a reasonable cab tip, as mentioned previously under the heading TRAVEL FEES),
  • What day(s)/timeframe(s) are you hoping to book for? (especially if you are only in town for a short period of time. If you are only here for the day, tell me what time you are leaving town so I can see if I can accomodate you). I prefer to read in the afternoon and early evenings. I will not do mornings unless there is a very good reason for it, haha.
  •             And you must give me a second and third option or time frame in case your first choice is already booked. If you are only in town for a short period, please let me know the date range and what days/times will not work because of other booked plans,
  •             If you want a phone reading or are in town permanently and want an in-person group reading, what days/evenings/times normally work best for all of you? (in case I am already booked for the day/times you originally requested),
  • What is your cell phone number? (so we can text in case something goes awry around the appointment time. Please do not ever bother giving me a landline, I most likely will never call you, haha).
  • And are you prepared to pay immediately in full by eTransfer to keep a phone booking, or to pay the $50 or $75 (for booking 1 and a half hours of time or more) non-refundable deposit by etransfer for group bookings that will go towards the cost of your reading(s), as clearly mentioned above under the heading Payment? Once I send you the payment information, once again as previously mentioned on my website, I expect our next correspondence to be confirmation of an etransfer sent, thank-you, not any questions that can be answered by looking over my page.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS CORRECTLY and that it actually works, otherwise I obviously will not be able to reply to you! And believe me this still happens even though I put this clear reminder here, so please DOUBLE-CHECK THAT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS CORRECT AND THAT IT WORKS!! haha.

To contact me for a booking, again, YOU MUST ANSWER THE BULLETED QUESTIONS ABOVE IN BOLD IN THE COMMENT SECTION below, or use a copy and paste form here. Basically get to the point in your first message – how many of you, how long each, when (and give more than one option for when), and when not? When you are NOT AVAILABLE is very important in your first message, as well.

Before you click send, once again make sure you are not asking me anything that is clearly written on here or my Booking a Reading page, just don’t do it!! (including prices, YES THE PRICES ARE CLEARLY written up there under Types of Readings and Prices). I have almost never had anyone ask me anything that can’t be answered by looking it up themselves on this page, so go look again please (confirming information is okay). After booking, please read below the contact form on the Booking a Reading page here under the heading PREPARING FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT AND HOW TO GET A BETTER READING 🙂 . And for people who think they still want to ask me things clearly answered on here if they took the time to look properly, please see the bottom paragraph of that page as well, hahahaha!!


Occasionally clients will bring me gifts, and while I appreciate the thought tremendously (I really do!), they almost never give me anything I can use or want, haha. I am food sensitive and food intolerant to a lot of things, so it is best just not to try. I do not eat sweets (including fruit, unless it is fermented, ha!), and I am sensitive to grains, beans, legumes, anything carby, and chocolate, etc., and I almost never ever drink coffee or tea (unless it is an herbal medicine, and for that I definitely have to pick it out myself, haha), and I cannot keep nor do I have space for plants here, and so please do not bring me any of these things anymore, haha. I hate things to go to waste or for you to spend time or even a little bit of money on something that I cannot use anyway. I have received gifts of crystals, rocks, books, cheese, wine, cosmetics, and music though, and I do very much and appreciate and use and love those gifts (just for your information, in case you are deadset on bringing me something, but you most definitely do not have to, haha). But thank-you everyone for the thought!