Regret and Apologies from the Other Side

During readings spirits will sometimes come through and express regret or sorrow about some of their actions while they were here. Spirits tell me that when we die and go to the Other Side, after we are welcomed by loved ones, guides, and spiritual deities, we are shown the events in our life and how our actions affected others. We gain a new perspective, as we are shown situations from all angles and others’ perspectives. We go through a healing process as well on the Other Side, and come to terms with our life and decisions, and make peace with them, seeing all of the contributing reasons why we acted the way that we did at the time. Spirits have gone through the process of seeing their life and how their actions have affected others, and now see a different perspective. Here are some of the more commonly mentioned regrets that spirits talk about in readings:

1. Spirits often express regret about not living the life that they truly wanted! This has to be one of the most common messages I get from Spirit in readings. They felt trapped by circumstance and societal expectations while they were here and didn’t do what they truly wanted. They set aside their passions and dreams to do things that society and family expected of them, rather than following their dreams. It is a common message from Spirit to tell their loved ones who are still here that by just doing what you really want to do in life, you will be helping the Universe, as everything else around you will fall into place. You will be helping others and the world by being happy within your own path. They also have a great sense of humour, and will joke around with me and clients during readings and say “YOLO” anytime someone is doubting making a leap in their own life or not going after something they truly want, haha.

2. Spirits that were abusive or hurt others while they were here commonly come through in readings and express deep regret about their actions and the effect it has had on their victims. They will also express regret about the snowball effect their actions had on subsequent generations, showing me the threads of negative energy that have come from them and spread to others. They see the results of their abuse and how it has affected the lives of not only their children, but their grandchildren and great-grand children, and so on, as well. It is very common for spirits to come through with apologetic messages to those they have hurt while they were here. They also commonly do things from the Other Side to help the people they have hurt while they were here, as a way to make up for their actions. It is very important for them to apologize in order to help the person heal from their abuse.

3. Spirits often express regret that they didn’t travel enough! Or go to school! Or start their own business, etc. Spirits often encourage their loved ones to travel and explore, and go to school, especially if they didn’t get the chance to do that while they were here themselves. They are very big on their loved ones taking advantage of opportunities that they didn’t have themselves while they were here.

4. Spirits also express regret that they didn’t show enough love in their relationships, didn’t appreciate their loved ones enough, or didn’t get to pursue certain relationships because of societal and familial expectations, class, etc.. Some spirits come through and admit that they didn’t love themselves or others while they were here – that they didn’t allow themselves to open up enough to experience love, and didn’t treat loved ones well or show them the amount of love that they felt or deserved. They regret that they didn’t pursue the love that they truly wanted, or got stuck in relationships that they were not happy in, or were unhealthy. In our society, we honour and celebrate couples who have been together for a long time, but don’t always realize that not all of them were happy. Because of the time that they lived in, it was frowned upon to leave a marriage, and thus some spirits express regret about staying in marriages that didn’t fulfill them, or were damaging, and always say that we should embrace the fact that we have more options today. They also express regret about not pursuing relationships that they desperately desired and encourage their loved ones to always tell people how they truly feel and be authentic in their relationships.

5. That they didn’t spend enough time with their family and true friends. Many spirits come through and express regret about spending all of their energy on work and money, things that they can’t take to the Other Side with them anyway, rather than on their relationships, which is one of the greatest experiences and purposes of life. They regret that they cared about a big house and money but didn’t spend time with their loved ones inside them.

6. They express regret that they cared too much about what other people thought about them while they were here! They wish they didn’t waste time caring about social pressure and what other people thought about them. They wish they would have lived the life they truly wanted without being influenced by social pressure. They want their loved ones to stop caring what other people think as well, and to just be themselves.

7. They sometimes express regret that they didn’t just enjoy the moments of their lives and instead got caught up in what they now consider to be unimportant details of the material world. They regret the times that they allowed stress and worry and fear to govern their daily lives. They want their loved ones who are still here to try to conquer these things and seek peace and harmony in their lives.

8. Sometimes spirits express regret about not trying to reconcile with a loved one they were in a conflict with before they passed away. If they didn’t have the greatest relationship with someone while they were here, many times they will apologize and express regret for their actions that contributed to the conflict or bad energy between them and the other person or people. It is common for them to come through and encourage their loved ones who are still here to mend broken fences with people who matter, because as they always say, time is precious and your life could end at any time, and then it will be too late.

9. Spirits who passed away from something self-inflicted or recklessness will often come through with regret about the pain that their premature passing has caused their loved ones. They want their loved ones to seek peace and to know that they are now in a good place watching over them. They do not want their loved ones to feel guilty or bad for not being there or thinking that they should have prevented it. They usually apologize to their loved ones for making them feel like they did something wrong. They want us to be at peace and to know that they are no longer in pain.

My name is Patricia and I am a clairvoyant psychic medium, based in Canmore, AB., with over 20 years of reading experience. To book a Psychic Medium reading or Energy Cleansing with me, to read testimonials, and to see links to examples of real readings done for real clients in the past, please visit the Booking a Reading page. To learn more about my history as a psychic medium, please visit the About page.  

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