Five Signs You Are An Empath

We are all intuitive, psychic beings, but some people are indeed more “in-tune” with, or more aware of their abilities than others. Being an empath means that you can sense other people’s feelings even if they are not verbalizing them, or not showing them outwardly with their facial expression or body language. Some people are such sensitive empaths that they can intensely feel other people’s feelings as if they are their own, and sometimes it is so strong that they can even sense the physical pain or discomfort of others (sympathy pains).

So how do you know if you are an empath? Below are some signs that you may be an empath (it is by no means a complete list, but for now I think that it’s a good basic list and I will probably add more to it later):

1. The first clue is that you are human. Yes, just being human (i.e. a spiritual being) makes you an empath because once again, EVERYONE has intuitive ability. Even if someone does not believe that there is such a thing, guess what? They are still using their intuition all of the time. I have had a few clients first respond with surprise when I tell them that they are highly sensitive and intuitive, but then go on to say that they do have a strong “gut feeling” about people and situations that helps them in their personal and professional lives. I always laugh because they end up explaining exactly what being intuitive and being an empath means, they just never truly accepted it yet or lack confidence in their abilities.

2. When you’re around other people who are experiencing strong emotions, you begin to feel the same way as well, even if what they’re going through doesn’t directly affect you or your life, or even if they are not showing it with verbalization or body language. If you are around someone very agitated, you may start to feel agitated yourself, even if there is nothing happening to bother you directly at the time. Of course if the person who is agitated acts irritable towards you, or takes it out on you, that would be an obvious reason why you would begin to feel agitated yourself. However, a strong empath will feel the agitation themselves, as if it is their own, even when the irritable person is not directing it at them, or even expressing it outwardly. Another example is when you are around someone who is experiencing depression or loss, you start to feel sad yourself, even if they are hiding it well, and even if there is nothing going on in your own life to make you feel down at the moment. But just realizing you are an empath can help you cope better because then you can learn to separate your feelings from others. Once you realize that you are picking up on someone else, you can separate their emotions from yourself before they get out of hand. This can prevent a “snowball effect” where you start to feel agitated, depressed, or anxious from someone else, and then allow it to consume you until you actually start to become those things yourself, because you did not initially realize that it didn’t start from you.

3. You feel emotionally overloaded in crowds or in public places and feel drained afterwards. Being a strong empath can be very overwhelming, it can feel like a roller coaster of emotion that you seemingly have no control over. Being in crowds or in public places can make an empath feel overloaded and anxious. Empaths need extra alone time and prefer a lot of solitude as a respite from the intensity of picking up on so many different emotions from everyone else all of the time. Empaths can still be very social, but they usually seek long periods of downtime and solitude in order to replenish their energy and feel like themselves again.

4. You have a difficult time hearing about bad things that have happened to people and animals and tend to avoid things like the news because of it. You experience intense emotion anytime that you do hear about something traumatic happening to someone. When someone tells you about something bad that happened to them, you may even become more emotional than the person telling the story. Some empaths are definitely drawn to professions where they help people and animals who are going through or have been through trauma, but some empaths are so sensitive to hearing about the trauma that they can’t handle working in a profession like that. I have heard many empaths say “I could never do a job like that, I couldn’t handle seeing that or hearing about it”, even if they have an extremely strong urge to want to help people and animals and make a difference.

5. You can sense loved ones’ emotions from afar (and unfortunately sometimes the emotions of people you don’t love, ha!). Even when there is physical distance between you and your loved ones, and you haven’t talked to them for a while, you can sense that something emotional is happening with them and that they’re going through something. You may get a feeling that something is going on with them but not know exactly what it is or even know for sure that they are until they phone you and you find out that your feeling was right. You may suddenly start to feel seemingly irrationally worried about them because you are intuitively picking up that they are going through an emotionally hard time, even without the actual knowledge that they are.

While being an empath can be emotionally difficult and draining at times, it does help us in our relationships and in our personal and professional lives. Just learning about being an empath and accepting it can help you to overcome the difficult aspects of being an empath. Learning how to deal with it is just a matter of learning psychic protection and keeping your energy field intact and separate from others, which can be done with visualization and energy work techniques. Energy cleansing and balancing is very important for empaths to do on a regular basis. Taking a break from people is also a good thing. Empaths need alone time to reconnect with themselves and their own feelings, and to feel “whole” again.

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