Venus Signs

The descriptions of each Venus Sign below are just for fun and interest, as Astrology is much more complicated than a computer interpretation could ever be.  These descriptions were not written by me, but came with my astrology software package.  If you don’t know your Venus Sign, you can get a free natal chart from the internet, or order a natal chart and natal chart computerized interpretation from my blog.  Check my About Page for details.


Venus rules your social attitudes and behavior, and your aesthetic tastes and inclinations. It is female relationships and social interactions at every level. Venus indicates your values. It describes romance, marriage and other partnerships, capacity for humor, and the pursuit of pleasure.


Individuals with natal Venus in Aries rush to enthusiastically embrace relationships of all kinds. They enjoy having fun and some of their pursuits may involve an element of risk. Their passionate eagerness can be inspiring and contagious, but a penchant for undue haste sometimes results in being rude. The combative nature of Aries also means they can be too aggressive in forcing their attentions or affections on others. Their social instincts are friendly and, most of the time, attractively uncomplicated. Unwilling to take the necessary time to make proper evaluations, they are not very discriminating in their values and relationships. This is something, however, that can be overcome with maturity and guidance. They are not likely to seek a peaceful or mundane existence, preferring to be active and among people to find their inspiration.


Though they enjoy social gatherings, individuals with natal Venus in Taurus are not likely to rush around slapping everyone on the back, spouting one-liners or the latest gossip. They are not particularly glib or talkative unless other factors support it. Most of the time they prefer to keep a low but friendly profile. Consciously or subconsciously, they tend to make practical use of their social relationships. They are fond of music, art, food and fine wine, as well as all the other sensual delights of life. They can also become overly influenced by the lure of wealth and status. Warm, charming, and romantic, their affections are deep and long-lasting. When they feel insecure in relationships they can become possessive and jealous.


Individuals with natal Venus in Gemini are some of the most accomplished flirts in the zodiac. It would be a mistake to accuse them of being emotionally shallow because other factors can more accurately account for the depth of their emotional commitment. However, in purely social situations, these individuals are remarkably adept. The influence of Gemini indicates their physical pleasure in relationships is never as great as the intellectual stimulation derived from them. Excellent speakers and ad-libbers, their social instincts are more geared to sharing ideas and picking up all kinds of interesting information than intense physical or emotional encounters. They find inspiration in maintaining a wide variety of relationships with people from different backgrounds and experiences.


The social orientation of individuals with natal Venus in Cancer is very much affected by their emotional state at any given time. Sensitive though not particularly shy, they may be the one to take the initiative in relationships. Unless other factors interfere, they enjoy domestic and family life. Even confirmed bachelors with this Venus position tend to keep cozy, well-managed homes in spite of the lack of a spouse or offspring. They are also responsive to the needs and welfare of parents or siblings. Social attitudes and behavior of these individuals are warm and caring, but they can be too possessive and jealous, driving away the very people for whom they care the most.


The enthusiastic people-oriented qualities associated with Leo make it the most gregarious sign position for Venus. Individuals with Venus in Leo are friendly, outgoing, and magnanimous. They place great value on being sincere and loyal. It must not be forgotten however, that there is sure to be a measure of ego involvement in the establishment of their relationships. They tend to recognize a certain pecking order in social situations, and for the good of everyone around them, they had better not be placed at the bottom. Whatever the social situation happens to be, they like to play a leading role. Many of them possess special talent in art or design. There is a tendency here for exaggeration, and a certain flair for drama is likely to be exhibited in their mannerisms or some other aspect of their personality.


Individuals with Venus in Virgo may be somewhat inhibited when it comes to establishing social relationships. They do however, quickly warm to people who go out of their way to make them feel at ease, those with similar interests, and those with whom they can find some means of personal identification. Even if they are very interested in pursuing a relationship (romantic or otherwise) they are not likely to be the aggressor. When they do go out of their way to form associations, it is usually for practical reasons. Close friendships may be few, but those they do make are treated with care and responsibility. They can miss good times, good friends, and sometimes even romance, because they wait too long for the conditions to be just perfect.


These individuals approach relationships with a certain intellectual objectivity. They are not particularly shy, but whether or not they go out of their way to grab the spotlight depends on other factors. Libra is the sign of the strategist, so in spite of their diplomacy and essentially romantic nature, these individuals can also be quite manipulative about selecting those with whom they wish to associate. In social situations as well as relationships, their deeper passions are not likely to surface very often. They enjoy the company of both sexes equally. Social grace and mannerisms in these individuals make them not so flirtatious as to be obvious, but flattering enough to be eagerly sought after by others. There is very likely a talent or at least a great appreciation for music or art.


Social attitudes and behavior of individuals with natal Venus in Scorpio are strongly influenced by their emotional needs. They are not usually shy and, in fact, many of them are quite gregarious. How much attention they seek for themselves is determined by other factors. They have a strong, passionate nature that they must control if they wish to avoid being possessive, obsessive, or jealous. Even those who seem outwardly easy-going will consciously or subconsciously seek to control relationships. They are not ones to mince words or engage in idle flattery. Many of their interactions with others, even fleeting or superficial contacts, are apt to be tinged with a certain intensity. Social instincts can be remarkably keen, and their actions in this regard are direct and purposeful though not always obvious or open.


In social attitudes, behavior, and expressions these individuals tend to exhibit the essential honesty associated with Sagittarius. Their sense of social tact and diplomacy can be sadly missing at times when they blurt out statements that might have been softened by a little more discreet phraseology. However, those who know them well come to accept bluntness as part of their charm and appreciate the honesty with which their statements are intended, rather than the way they are expressed. Friendly, outgoing and idealistic, they want to enjoy a wide variety of acquaintances among an even wider assortment of people from all walks of life and cultures. Uncomplicated friendships are much easier for them to handle than passionate entanglements that, more often than not, leave them feeling hurt and confused.


These individuals are apt to exhibit the restrictive influence of Capricorn in dealing with romantic entanglements. Nor can their social attitudes and behavior be described as very glib or spontaneous. Though it may not be their intention to do so, they may appear brusque or abrupt when dealing with those they do not know well. In spite of this, most of them enjoy social gatherings. A cautious nature makes them feel more comfortable in relationships and social situations that are formal, purposeful, and to some extent, calculated. This type of approach helps remove the possibility of personal rejection which is something they wish to avoid at all costs. No matter how easy-going or strong their outer personality may appear, it is likely that underneath they may feel insecure. Consciously or subconsciously they want to make some practical use of their associations.


These individuals have wide-ranging social attitudes and behavioral patterns. For these egalitarian personalities, a restricted code of social acceptability does not exist. They eagerly accept all types of people into their social circle. Extremely people-oriented, they have no trouble attracting many friends and acquaintances. They would suffer greatly if denied access to a telephone or other means of constant communication. Though they tend to have a less than passionate approach to romance and other close relationships, no one denies their essential loyalty. They tend to become passionate when dealing with humanitarian principles or spiritual development that for many of them (as they get older), transcends mere social contacts or physical romance. Financial as well as people skills make them good fund raisers. They are also excellent at organizing, social services, teaching, and writing.


The social attitudes and behavior of these individuals is profoundly influenced by their emotional state. Though the Piscean influence implies a certain level of shyness, this is not always the case. These individuals love to have other people around, and enjoy being part of the interaction that accompanies many activities and dramatic involvements. However, they are severely hurt if a relationship does not go well, and as a result, they may be very reluctant when it comes to making new associations. Their compassionate nature makes it difficult for them to be harshly judgmental and discriminating in choosing companions. This is unfortunate since they seem to effortlessly attract people who take advantage of them. They may possess uncanny instincts regarding people in other ways however. They may have remarkable skill, for example, when it comes to putting together the right people in the right situations.