Spirit Photographs

Spirit will sometimes show up in photographs.  Below is a photograph that I took with my digital Pentax camera on 08/08/08.  I was attempting to take a photo of a crazy storm outside, and when I looked at the picture to see if it turned out, I saw the man’s face in the reflection on the left of the window immediately.  My sister was present in the room and saw the man’s face right after I took it, as well. Later we noticed the face of the Elemental spirit just over my left shoulder in the reflection, and also the shadow figures and orbs.  I added the black and white version, as well as some zoomed copies, and some copies where I have outlined the spirits in the photograph just to make it easier to see where they are in the original photograph.

Eventually I would like to have a “mirror” made that is translucent so that I can take photographs of people standing in front of it and see if any spirits around them show up in the reflection in the photographs.


Spirit Photograph, taken 08/08/08! And yes I think the date is significant. Can you see the man’s face reflected in the window on the left? Or the Elemental Spirit reflection just over my left shoulder? There are also shadow figures towards the upper center and orbs.


The black and white version.

The black and white version.



The black and white version with the Spirits outlined.



A close-up of the man’s face.



A close-up of the Elemental Spirit (on the right) and shadow figures center and left.




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