The Metaphysical Properties of Crystals, Gemstones, Metals, and Rocks

As Spirit is everywhere (Spirit being pure energy) and is the force behind all of creation and evolution, and the force behind divine natural design, there is indeed a Spirit within Mother Earth, and within all of the individual living creatures, animal AND plant, and within the elements of nature as well. Spirit is the driving force behind the qualities of natural things – it IS the ENERGY of things after all, including crystals, rocks, and gemstones. Crystals, gemstones, and rocks are a part of earth energy and are energy themselves, and as my Spirit Guides tell me, their individual qualities encompass the spiritual force that drove the evolution of that particular class of crystal or stone, that drove the symbiotic relationship between it and the other elements of nature into a symbiotic whole, and gave it it’s physical and metaphysical characteristics. This is how crystals and gemstones and rocks have metaphysical  “powers”, and how they “work”.*

They are not just pretty to look at, and they are not just used in jewelry in the modern world. Science and technology use crystals and gemstones every day. They are amplifiers and transmitters of energy, and have been used in sound technology for decades. Quartz crystals have many practical applications in technology. They can be used as recorders, and have also been used in watches for decades.

I personally use crystals every day, and during readings, as well! I find that they help me to focus, and they are great amplifiers of energy. I also use them for sleep and even for physical pain (yes, when I place them on area where I am feeling pain, as I have a severe autoimmune disease, they help immensely. This has not been scientifically proven, though, I am not a medical professional, and this is just for entertainment purposes only, haha). I use some for giving me a boost of energy, and some for when I need to sleep and stay asleep, or when I want to lucid dream. I wear some for psychic protection and to draw peaceful and loving energies. I use some to enhance my physical health and healing. And I have some around my house for the same things. They are also so beautiful to look at and to hold, and make people look beautiful when they wear them. But I do seriously use them for their energetic qualities all of the time, as well, and even use them when I am giving someone an energy cleansing or healing session. I would say that they enhance my life and have helped me tremendously.

They should be energetically cleansed on a regular basis, with sage, cedar, or sweetgrass smudging, moonlight, placing them in sea salt for a few days to a week (if they are not soft minerals), or running spring water over them with the intent of energetically cleansing them, etc., as they are collectors and amplifiers of energy. They also need to be charged occasionally, either under the full moonlight, or under a pyramid, by resting it on a crystal cluster, or with energy work. They can be programmed as well, and this enhances their metaphysical qualities because it helps direct the energy to a specific purpose. Simply place the crystal in your dominant hand and state what you would like the crystal to help you with, either out loud, or in your head, and this will help direct the Spirit (the energy) behind the crystal. There is a lot more information online about cleansing, charging, and programming crystals, this is just a brief explanation.

The energy of crystals and rocks can be amplified and directed in a particular direction(s), depending on it’s natural shape or whether it was carved into a geometric shape. The energy of crystal points, whether natural or carved, is directed in the direction of the point. The energy of crystal spheres emanates outward in all directions, while the energy of a crystal cluster that has many points, is powerfully directed upward, and this is why it is good for charging objects. Crystals carved into sacred geometric shapes are very powerful, as they carry the energy of the crystal or rock, as well as the energy of the sacred geometric shape. Crystal pyramids can be used to charge and cleanse other crystals and objects. The different sacred geometry shapes all have different metaphysical properties, and energy is directed in a specific way related to each shape. They are very powerful in healing.

_igp7485copyright-0In general, you can use the colours of crystals as a guideline for general uses, for knowing their general metaphysical qualities, and for knowing which chakra they are associated with. Red and black crystals are generally good for protection and grounding and are associated with the root chakra. Red crystals can bring strength, stamina, and endurance. They can help us achieve our goals and be productive in the physical world. Black crystals are very very protective, and can absorb or reflect negative energy depending on the crystal and whether it is programmed. Sometimes they can create a protective bubble around the aura of a person, and they are very good for protection against psychic attack. Orange crystals are generally good for enhancing personal expression, either creatively, emotionally, or sexually, and for bringing forth joyful and bright feelings. Orange can help one to appreciate the little things in life again, and bring one in touch with their inner child again, bringing the ability to be enthusiastic about life.

Yellow and gold crystals are associated with the solar plexus and are good for enhancing one’s sense of personal power, confidence, trust in oneself as well as others, and gives a sense of energy, strength, stimulation, and vitality. Actually all three of the lower chakra colours can bring vitality, energy, and strength to the physical body. Yellow and gold are very very stimulating though. Sometimes it can be a good idea to use purple or blue (purple being the opposite colour on the colour spectrum from yellow) to balance out and calm down the solar plexus if it becomes overactive, for which the symptoms are fear, anxiety, and control issues.


Green crystals in general are good for opening up and balancing the heart chakra, and allowing yourself to accept love and friendship. It can help bring forth unconditional love and patience for others, and can be healing to the physical heart and circulatory system. Pink crystals are associated with the upper heart chakra and the thymus gland, and therefore may help stimulate, balance, and nourish the energy of thymus gland (good for autoimmunity). They can also promote unconditional love and healing of the emotional heart. They can help enhance empathy. They also promote self-love, erase shame and guilt, and may help with self-esteem and body issues. Blue crystals in general can help balance the throat chakra and thyroid gland. They can help facilitate communication, both speaking and listening, and make one feel more at ease with speaking and presenting. They help promote logic over emotionalism, and can promote peace, calm, tranquility, and diplomacy. They can also be helpful for sleep (the calming effect). They can sometimes be helpful for clairaudience (communication with spirit by sound).

Indigo and bluish/purply crystals (is that a word? probably not, ha!) can balance the third eye chakra and enhance psychic ability and the connection to spirit and the Akashic Records. Indigo crystals are usually useful for sleep and dreams, and astral travel. They purportedly can help balance the energy of the pituitary gland as well. And finally purple crystals are associated with the crown chakra and can open and balance the crown chakra and help connect one to Spirit. Purple crystals may help one to think more clearly, may calm paranoia, and clear delusional thoughts. They are also useful for sleep and dreams, and for calming anxiety. They can help facilitate telepathy and messages from Spirit and the Universe.

Below is a very brief list of some of my favourite crystals and gemstones, and a few metals, and their purported metaphysical qualities and therapeutic benefits (some of what is commonly known about each crystal, as well as what my Guides have to add about them). Believe me, there are huge crystal bibles out there, so this is just a VERY SHORT list for beginners (and it is very incomplete compared to what I want to eventually put on here – I will continue to add to it occasionally). These are only some of my personal favourites and the ones that I use more often. Enjoy! :

_igp7485copyright-0ABALONE: although not technically a rock or crystal, but the shell of a once living creature, it still has great metaphysical properties. Associated with the element of water, it is good for balancing the emotions and helping one be more in tune with their emotions. Can be calming and soothing, and cleansing, much like water. Abalone is a very good protector for travelling over water. It can help facilitate connection with the Spirit World, and can promote psychic ability. It can enhance the dream state and bring psychic information in your dreams when placed next to the bedside. Promotes beauty and harmony within oneself when worn. My Spirit Guides say that the inside of the shell has reflective qualities, and this makes it good for reflective protection, and as the shell itself was the protector of the creature inside, this also makes it good for protection. Great for the skeletal structure, and connective tissue, and my Guides say the thymus gland.

AGATE: associated with bravery, strength, protection, traditionally used as a talisman. Great for gardening, has a close association with plant energies. Very grounding. My Guides say it is good for strengthening the heart. Very protective, protects against envy. Different varieties have further different metaphysical qualities. One of my favourites is Blue Lace Agate, it is very calming and grounding at the same time, is great for peaceful and calm feelings, and so it helps put me to sleep when I put it under my neck in bed.

AMBER: great energy amplifier, and balances the solar plexus. Gives a boost of energy, helps give confidence and a feeling of lightness, happiness, brightness. Said to enhance beauty, great for the skin. Said to be helpful for nervous and central nervous system conditions. Great for circulation. Protection. Great for mental stimulation. Good for the eye health.

AMETHYST: promotes a good sleep, promotes psychic and lucid dreams, peaceful and tranquil feelings. Soothing. Works great for psychic protection and is also great for calming inflammation. Helps calm fear and anxiety. Apparently good for breaking bad habits, and for quitting smoking and drinking, and other vices. Great for PTSD.

APACHE TEAR: a form of translucent black obsidian. Protection. Has strong fire and earth energy in it. Helps to heal emotional wounds and feelings of betrayal, thus good for PTSD. Helps during mourning. Very grounding, but also uplifting. Helps one to gain clarity from past hurtful situations and abuse, and remain strong despite difficulties.

AQUAMARINE: promotes psychic ability, communication skills, can be used for psychic cleansing. Soothes and calms anxiety and over-emotionality. Brings feelings of peace, joy, and being able to be tranquil in the moment, thus good for anxiety and PTSD. Good for dental health and pain, Protection while travelling over water. Associated with the water element in general.

CALCITE: enhances connection to Spirit, brings you more in tune with your spiritual side, calming, peace, self-love, tranquility. Known as a money crystal, attracts abundance. Comes in a variety of colours, each with their own metaphysical qualities. Each colour can be used to balance the corresponding chakra. Great for rheumatic conditions and arthritis. I love green calcite for healing and pain, and blue calcite for sleep and promoting feelings of peace. Orange calcite is another of my favourites, it is great for uplifting feelings, energy boosting, and creativity, and can bring sexual confidence, 😉 haha.

CARNELIAN: Great for the sacral chakra. Uplifting, brings happy feelings. Energy booster. Promotes creative energy and sexual energy. Protection. Protects against jealousy and psychic attack. Purportedly protects negative people from invading your energy and reading your thoughts. High vibration crystal, does not collect negative energy. Great for the skin health and digestive health.

COPPER: great energy transmitter and amplifier. Said to be good for rheumatism and arthritic conditions – promotes faster healing in general. Great conductor of energy, helps to connect one with the Spirit world.

DIAMOND: helps one to feel powerful and unconquerable. Brings courage and strength. Diamonds being very resilient and strong themselves, they enhance resilience and strength in the wearer. Promote love and fidelity. Can stimulate creativity and help one to maintain their individuality.

EMERALD: Great for the heart chakra. Opens one up to love, and self-love. Promotes psychic ability, helps one to read people, to see someone with negative intentions. Purportedly good for memory. Good for eye health, and for clear thinking. Attracts money.

FELDSPAR: Great for balancing the energy field and closing up any tears or holes in the aura. Can help one heal from the past and focus on the now, and not be afraid of the future. Can be grounding and help one to focus. Can help one connect spiritually with intergalactic and interdimensional beings. Labradorite is a variety of feldspar, and is good for the throat chakra and balancing the chakras in general.

FLUORITE: promotes mental acuity, logic, and clear-seeing. Promotes psychic ability. Great for the third eye. Also for eye health. Calms strong emotions, helps one to maintain logic over over-emotionality. Energy amplifier, and amplifies the qualities of other stones.

GARNET: grounding, protection, healing. A good stone for exchanging with lovers and loved ones. Brings endurance and vigour, strength. Strengthens the heart. Good for circulation and the blood.

GOLD: stimulates and balances the solar plexus. Very powerful protector and healer. Promotes courage. May enhance self-confidence, attractiveness, and attract wealth and money. Can be helpful for the circulatory system and nervous system. My Guides say that it can stimulate the adrenal glands.

JASPER: a protector stone, and very grounding. Good for the blood, heart, and lungs. Used as a talisman. There are many different varieties, I believe in the hundreds or thousands, and Red Jasper is one of my favourites. It is very protective and grounding. Helps digestion. My Guides say Red Jasper can stimulate the adrenals. They also say Jasper can help one connect with the spirit(s) of the natural world and spirit animals.

JET: protection and helps prevent nightmares. Protection during sleep and astral travel. Enhances psychic ability. Can have an electrical charge, so it is an amplifier. Can absorb energy, so it is good to energetically cleanse it on a regular basis. Can form a protective shield or bubble around a person, place, or object. Can help protect against infections. Good for bone conditions.

LEPIDOLITE: calming and brings feelings of peace. Helps mitigate anger and feelings of hate. Promotes tolerance of others. Helps balance the emotions, can be helpful for bipolar episodes and PTSD and anxiety. Can be helpful for sleep. Good for the third eye and crown chakra. Promotes psychism and helps with psychic journeying.

MOONSTONE: very good for increasing intuition, and increasing psychic ability. Helps one to connect with and embrace their own psychic gifts. Good for balancing hormones, and for women’s health. Helps with menstrual pain and a woman’s cycle. Can help balance the thymus and thyroid gland, as well, calming to the adrenals. Great for sleep and enhances dreams! Psychic protection.

ONYX: onyx is a highly protective stone. It is good for when in one is in combative situations, and when one is feeling attacked. Great protector against negative magic and psychic attack. Can heal negative magic used against you. My Guides say it is a very healing stone as well, and is good protection when scrying or doing spiritual work.

OPAL: were traditionally said to promote invisibility, to keep watchful eyes off, so therefore they are considered a good protector. They promote psychic ability and astral travel. Can enhance inner as well as physical beauty, and make one feel more attractive. And according to my Guides, good for bringing a glow to the skin and eyes.

imgp1132copyrightQUARTZ (shown in the picture, with amber beads): Clear quartz can be programmed to do just about anything. It can be used as a healer, energy amplifier, and can help promote psychic ability. It also stores memories and can be used to connect 2 people together from a distance. It can be used to help with study and retention of knowledge. It can enhance energy and give one a boost, but also can be programmed to help one with sleep and dreams. Can be helpful for astral travel. Useful for pain, and even more powerful when programmed for such. Use different colours of quartz according to each colour of each chakra for a powerful balancing and harmonizing effect on the energy field and chakras.

RHODOCROSITE: balances and stimulates the upper heart chakra. Promotes self-love and forgiveness within oneself, as well as towards others. Can help heal past emotional traumas and abuse. Can enhance empathy and being in tune with the emotions. Self-acceptance. Can help heal heartache and allow oneself to open up to love after heartache. Very calming to the nerves, and great for the circulation and blood, say my Guides.

RHODONITE: can help balance the upper heart and root chakra at the same time, and stimulate flow between them through the joining chakras. Very grounding. Can help one to deal with too much psychic stimulation, and to bring one back down to earth. Very healing of past emotional hurts and abuse. Makes one feel stronger despite past trauma.

RIVER ROCKS: Whenever collecting something from nature, it is always a good idea to offer something first, like tobacco, another herb or sacred plant, the smoke from a sacred herb, or a piece of natural food (or ask Spirit for some other ideas) as a spiritual exchange (it also enhances the spiritual power of what you are taking). Also, do not be greedy when taking anything, just take what you need. But I have found that river rocks are very powerful healers and pain relievers (not scientifically proven, just some of my own spiritual and energetic observations). I simply place them over the area of inflammation and pain, and they work wonders. They are also amazing for grounding and protection.

ROSE QUARTZ: promotes self-love and acceptance. Helps promote unconditional love. Great for balancing the upper heart chakra. Attracts love and peaceful energy. Promotes patience and tolerance and acceptance of others. Enhances romantic feelings and thus is good for enhancing relationships. Helps heal feelings of self-hate and guilt and shame. Purportedly good for weight loss, balancing the thymus gland (autoimmune diseases), skin health, and for enhancing beauty and attractiveness.

SAPPHIRE: Can help stimulate the third eye and create a stronger connection with the subconscious and psychic ability. Can also help stimulate and balance the throat chakra. Can help reflect negative energy back to its source, so for that it is a great protector. It can promote diplomacy, good communication, loyalty, and peace. Can help protect against jealousy. Can help promote loyalty and fidelity between lovers.

SELENITE: helps your cells to rebuild, good for healing, and good for strengthening the skeletal and joint health in general. Good for the thyroid, especially when placed or worn on the throat. Helps protect against degenerative illnesses and decline, as it apparently helps your cells and DNA to “remember” their true form. Great for the spine and aligning the spine. Balances the chakras. Good for the crown chakra and connecting with Spirit. A very high vibration crystal – does not collect negative vibrations.

SILVER: May enhance psychic ability and dreams. Silver enhances the connection to the subconscious and the collective unconscious. Brings forth calm and peace. Silver is also very protective, but as it is receptive it should be energetically cleansed regularly. Silver may enhance the emotions, so if this is not a desired effect at a particular time, wear some gold or a blue crystal to stimulate logic thought to balance it out.

SODALITE: good for the thyroid and throat chakra. Enhances communication and communication skills, diplomacy, peace. Good for sleep (use a separate stone for sleep and one for the day time). Helpful for legal situations as it promotes diplomacy, truth, justice, honesty, and clear communication.

SUNSTONE: Great for balancing and stimulating the sacral plexus. Brings feelings of brightness, joy, contentment, happiness, and enthusiasm. Purportedly good for the digestion, and for stimulating the pancreas, enzymes, and the liver. Can enhance creativity. Used by Native Americans for protection and in ceremonies for hundreds if not thousands of years. Good for energy and vitality. Can enhance sexual arousal.

TIGER’S-EYE: Can enhance your own personal power and strength, and self-confidence. Traditionally associated with wealth and attracting money. Promotes courage. Can help energy flow within the energy field.

TOPAZ: good for digestion, the liver, and stomach. Enhances psychic ability. Brings pride and strength. Good protector. Great for speakers (especially blue topaz). Good for rheumatism, arthritis, gout. Helps protect against envy. Confidence in one’s abilities and path. Purportedly good for weight loss (yellow or golden topaz, blue topaz helps the thyroid, as well).

TURQUOISE: great for the throat and heart chakras. Helps promote friendship and harmony in relationships. A good stone for exchanging with loved ones. Promotes unconditional love. Great protector, especially during travel. Good for the blood, liver, digestion, pancreas, and circulation. Healer stone. Enhances beauty. Considered a good luck charm. Used as a talisman. A long history of use amongst shamans and healers. My Guides say that it is a stone of healers and medicine people.

More coming soon. . . .

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