What to Expect From a Psychic Medium Reading With Me

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Whether you are getting an in-person, email, phone, or chat reading with me, the information I receive all comes from the same place – Spirit. I really feel that validation of Spirit and proof of something beyond our day-to-day physical reality is one of the main purposes of my readings. It is the main fulfillment for me in doing readings, and it gives me the greatest satisfaction. I don’t usually get messages about winning lottery numbers, which sports teams are going to win, or which stocks to buy, not only because I have no interest in these things myself (and thus I can’t be receptive to that type of information), but also because Spirit doesn’t care about these types of things, either, and that is where I get my information from. The purpose of having this ability of being able to access “hidden” information about people, our world, the afterlife, other dimensions, other worlds, and spirits, isn’t necessarily about helping people profit materially (although it might sometimes help people gain more confidence in their abilities, and help them make better decisions, thereby having the latent effect of helping them be more successful, in general). It is about connecting people with and helping people spiritually, and giving validation of Spirit and spiritual experiences, that I could not know about from any material means.

Generally, people who I see in person first just ask me to tell them whatever I see, rather than come with a bunch of set questions. Later on, as the reading progresses, and perhaps when they are reminded of some of the things they thought of asking me when they booked an appointment with me, or perhaps after they feel more comfortable, they start to ask specific questions. I do have people who come with a list of written questions for in-person readings, but it is rare. I do think it is a good idea to have questions prepared to make better use of your time, but they are not needed. As I start to communicate what I see around them during the “general” reading stage, they confirm or clarify what I’m getting, and then the reading usually starts to become more specific.

So what kinds of information do I get from Spirit when I am doing a reading? As a claircognizant, clairsentient, clairvoyant, and clairaudient medium, I get messages just by KNOWING things that I could not know by any other means (claircognizance), FEELING physical and emotional sensations (clairsentience), SEEING images and visions (clairvoyance), and HEARING words, sounds, phrases, names, and numbers (clairaudience). At the beginning of a reading, when I am concentrating on tuning into the energy of the client(s), I usually start to get clairsentient and claircognizant information about their personality, life history, and their state of health (in body, mind, spirit). Then I usually start to get clairvoyant and claircognizant information of recent events, probable and possible events to come (the future is not set in stone, we all have free will), and information about their career path and relationships, and I will have a sense of some of the more specific reasons why they came to see me in the first place (and maybe are afraid to ask). I rely heavily on my clairvoyance during readings, on the pictures and movies I see, and what Spirit shows me, and so that is why I prefer to be called a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, or Clairvoyant Medium.

As information comes to me, I communicate and confirm everything with the client, who usually ends up surprised and even shocked by what I can know, without them telling me any information or giving me “hints” beforehand. In fact, I do not like it when a client tells me anything without me telling them what I see first. The only time I like it when the client gives me information is in the form of confirmation or clarity of the messages I get for them, because after all, that is the whole purpose of the reading in the first place, CONFIRMATION. And because it is the first time I am hearing this information from Spirit for you, and sometimes it is even the first time I am meeting you, I need confirmation and validation about the details that came through from you as well, so I can better interpret what the Spirits mean, and so I can make sure that I am tapping into the right persons energy or situation.

As a third person, who usually has no “earthly” knowledge about a client or their life beforehand (other than their email address, phone number, and sometimes only their first name, unless I am reading for a repeat client, or the rare time when I am reading for someone that I already know), none of the messages that I get have any meaning for me personally, and so the client has to clarify the information for me. A perfect example of this is when I get information about what a client does for a living. In one reading, I had a clairvoyant vision of the client being tied to a desk, with their face in papers, and a calculator beside them and numbers. She nodded as I reiterated the information, and I asked her if she worked at a bank. She said “well, I don’t work at a bank, but I am an accountant” as clarification. During another reading, I could see the client working with a lot of papers as well, but these papers weren’t filled with numbers, they were people’s medical history, and she was wearing a medical-type uniform, and I could see her interviewing people, stamping and writing on these papers, and taking the people into rooms. I told her what I saw, and she told me that she worked as a nurse and laughed, saying she actually feels sometimes like she works with papers more than she works with patients.

When I am doing a mediumship reading, I get claircognizant, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient messages from the spirits around a client, and I communicate what I’m getting to confirm with them that what I am getting is accurate. This information, again, has no meaning to me as I have no “earthly” relationship to the spirit who has come through, and generally no “earthly” relationship to the client, either, and so again I need to clarify what it means. During one mediumship reading that I did, I got a very clear message from a spirit joking that he told everyone that he didn’t want to be buried in a suit and that it was too fancy for him. This of course made no sense to me, so I asked the client what it could mean. She laughed and told me that her father’s specific instructions for his burial were that he NOT be buried in a suit. So they picked out a nice sweater and pants for him. . . which the funeral home lost. They ended up having to bury him in a suit after all. I then saw him pointing at his wedding ring finger, and he showed me an engagment ring with the stone missing from it. The client shook her head and said she didn’t know what it meant, but her father’s spirit was adamant about the message, so I insisted it had to be something that really happened. Then, after some moments, the client finally remembered that the stone fell out of her mother’s engagement ring years beforehand, and they had to get it replaced.

During a mediumship reading I did for my mother years ago (my mother who lived about a nine hour drive from me at the time), a family spirit came through (who’s identity we confirmed by some details he already gave me earlier in the reading) and said “I like your pretty blue flowers” and “I opened the jar for you”, and I was reluctant to tell her because it made no sense to me whatsoever. She started crying and said that she had just planted blue flowers the day before (which I could NOT have known). He said that he was with her when she planted them. I asked what the jar meant, and she said that a couple days earlier she was trying to open a jar of pickles or jam or something like that, and she couldn’t open it no matter what she used to help open it, trying over and over again for several minutes. She went to go find my father to help her, but she couldn’t find him. She said that she just had a sudden “feeling” to go try one more time, even though a few moments earlier she found it impossible. This time when she tried, she didn’t have to use any force whatsoever, and the jar opened immediately with ease.

It may sound funny, but doing a mediumship reading is kind of like playing a game to me, like Charades or $25000 Pyramid, haha. Again, the Spirits that come through communicate with me through symbols and pictures mostly, and then I have to interpret them right and convey the messages correctly to the client in order to provide validation that we are indeed communicating with certain spirits. They do not usually start off by simply introducing themselves like “Hi Patricia, my name is Ben, and I am Larry’s son, who passed away by cancer when I was 8”, but they will communicate that to me through a process of conveying symbols, with each piece of information coming through one at a time usually. And it is my job to try to interpret what they mean and hopefully properly convey what the spirit is trying to say to the client, who is also part of the interpretation process, letting me know and confirming what the symbols mean.

Spirits will usually come through first showing me, rather than telling me, their gender and age, their physical appearance, they will show me how they are related to the client rather than tell me (by where they stand and/or point, just like in a game of Charades), or I will get a feeling of the energy of their personality first. Sometimes they will step forward and wave at me as a way of introducing themselves (again like playing Charades), or show a vision of themselves shaking my hand, or tap me on the shoulder to get my attention. In the example I used earlier with Ben and Larry, in a reading the spirit Ben might start off by showing Jack holding him when he was a baby (to show that he is his son), or being under him on a family tree, show me his age by showing me his physical appearance, and then show me himself in a hospital gown (to symbolize an illness), and possibly losing his hair, as spirits know that I take it as a symbol of cancer. All of these bits of information would come through one by one, and I would communicate this to the client, whose job it is to confirm the details and let me know whether I have the right spirit.

Spirits will mostly use my clairvoyance (where I can see visions and pictures), clairaudience (where I can pick up words, phrases, sometimes names and months or days), and clairsentience (where I can feel their feelings and physical sensations related to physical conditions they had while they were here, or with how they passed away) as a means of communicating. They show me visions that can be symbolic (again, like playing Charades) or show me movies of actual literal things that happened, as well as say some words, sometimes they will say names, dates, or draw letters and numbers on a chalkboard for me (seriously!). And I also get feelings and a sense of their energy. Sometimes I will taste something, again something like tobacco for a heavy smoker, or sweets for someone who was known for their baking while they were alive. Or I will smell things like perfume, flowers for a gardener, pipe tobacco, etc.

Usually every spirit shows me their physical appearance – usually how you remember them or think about them. Sometimes they will show me themselves at a younger age, while they were in their prime, to let you know that they are in their prime on the Other Side. Or they will show themselves how they look in a certain picture that you remember them by. I have seen spirits show themselves to me how they looked on their wedding day, or what they were dressed in for their funeral service. Or at a significant event in their life, like a sporting event, graduation, etc.

If a spirit stands on the left side of a client then I know that they are from your Mother’s side of the family, or Mom, or you know them from your Mom. If they stand on the right hand side of a client, then I know that they are from your Father’s side of the family, or your Dad. If they are not related by blood, sometimes they will stand off to the side or in front of you.

If a Spirit stands further away from a person, then I know that they were distant from you somehow while they were here, either you never knew them because they passed away before you were born or when you were young, or they passed away a long time ago. Again they will stand away to let me know that there was distance of some kind.

Sometimes to acknowledge how many children they had, they will hold up a number for me. Or a number can mean a birthday or date of passing, or their lucky number.

If a spirit is adamant about something or will not stop showing me something, then I know it means that we are not getting the message right. Just like in the game Charades, when the actor keeps doing the same thing over and over again, it means that we, the guessers, are on to something but are still not getting it quite right. This does happen sometimes in readings. A spirit will go on and on about something and the client will shake their head and say no, but later on they will ask someone else in the family or a mutual friend, and the message will make sense for that other person, or they will suddenly think of or remember something, but we just couldn’t get it at the time of the reading (another good reason to take notes of a reading, or record it!).

Once I feel that I have enough confirmation myself that I have the right spirit at the time, by confirming facts about them like how they passed away, shared memories with the client, things that the client remembers of them, and things that the spirit remembers about the client, and sees going on in the clients life recently, I am able to move forward and bring forth the messages that the spirit(s) have for the client(s) at the time. It is understandably very common for messages of love to come through, and for spirits to want to express being proud of the client(s), for spirits to let the client(s) know that they still come to visit all the time (and give proof by talking about what is going on recently and coming up in the clients life). It is also common for spirits to come through with regrets they have about their life while they were here, apologies, messages of peace, and they also commonly want to offer messages of hope to client(s), and to let them know that they act as a protector and guardian from the Other Side now, and what signs they have been leaving for their loved ones.

When communicating with symbols, of course there is always the chance of misinterpretation and simply not getting the message at all. So it is important that the client be aware that they are an important and vital part of the mediumship process. It is usually the first time that I am meeting spirits in a reading, and so, just as an example, likely something like a baseball game where someone gets hit in the face with a ball will not make any sense to me whatsoever, but the client would remember right away that their cousin Lenny who is on the Other Side got hit in the face once with a baseball when they were little, and can fill me in on this detail. Or if I get shown a vision of two people having a tug of war and there is papers in the middle, and this doesn’t make sense to me beyond arguing over papers, but it makes sense to the client because two people are fighting over the will, it is important for the client to let me know what they think it means, otherwise reading time will keep going and the spirit will keep showing it to me because we are not getting what they mean.

When it comes to readings where the spirits seem to want to focus more on personal issues and life path, rather than on mediumship, I am still receiving some of my information from your loved ones on the Other Side as well. Even if they do not right away identify themselves (which I am coming to believe that this does not actually happen, more about that in a second), I feel it is your loved ones on the Other Side talking to me about you. I have had it happen more than once where the client just will not say that it very obviously sounds like a particular Spirit is coming through, and it being the first time that I meeting these spirits and thus having a hard time navigating who is who, I cannot say for certain without the client’s confirmation. For instance, I have had it happen more than once where a reading will focus on, and I will keep getting information about a particular person, but the client will wait till the end to tell me that person is passed. Well ya think maybe that was him/her trying to come through this whole time, validating facts about themself? You realize that is how I validate who a Spirit is, with facts about them, their memories, and their personality while there were here? Geez! ha! Spirits joke around too by the way, so it is okay to have a sense of humor in the realm of talking about death. But it does not matter anyway if a client is either not open enough or not paying attention enough to realize that a particular Spirit has been trying to identify themselves, or just does not want to tell me – that Spirit is still usually there, yes, and it always becomes even more clear to me at the end when the client feels more comfortable further filling me in on details that came through, because it always brings me validation about what I saw in the reading.

Obviously information about past, present, and likely and possible futures will come up in a reading as well, and for that reason I prefer to read for mature people who realize that they have free will and who realize that they are ultimately the creators and authors of their own lives, and that destiny does not rule them (we have brain plasticity!). When receiving information from Spirit, we still have to be open to the fact that many things can change in life, especially after getting a different perspective/second opinion from Spirit, and that when Spirit sees things in the future, these are doorways that can be opened, or closed.  I will not read for people who get upset at ME if Spirit sees something different than what they want to hear about, and only for people who realize that I am NOT a tell you what you want to hear machine EVER, and get that I am simply a messenger and I have no control over what comes through ever. My record for clients not believing something at first in a reading, but then later the same clients coming back and telling me that I was right after all, is incredible, haha (yes, because they prove to me over and over again that they are right, I believe what my spirits show and tell me over a stranger, ha!). I am not a “fortune teller” giving people predictions – Spirit will communicate to me and show you the likely future from where you are at now, and other probable and possible futures if you make a different decision, so that you can be strategic and make the best decisions in your life based on what they already see about the past, present, and probable future(s) from where you are at now. Ultimately a reading should be about empowering you to be the best that you can be, and help you make the best choices with what you have, and help you to reach your full potential – that is exactly what Spirit wants for you, too. So you have some leeway with the messages about future that come through. Keep in mind though that we are talking about a force and/or forces that created this Universe and would of course be able to calculate the likely outcome of events from where we are at now (we as ‘flawed’ beings can build supercomputers that can compute ridiculous crazy things in a nanosecond, but the force that created us cannot calculate the likely outcome of a collection of decisions and events? haha! right!). But it is important to remember during a reading that we do all have free will. It is like in the story ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens, where Spirit shows him a likely future of dying a lonely bitter death, but seeing that, he decides he doesn’t want a future like that, and decides to change it, and successfully does. What is he going to do after that, tell the Ghost of Christmas Future that they were WAYYY off? hahaha! Well if they didn’t warn him that if he kept going the way that he was going that he would end up lonely and bitter, he wouldn’t have made any changes, and he would have ended up dying a lonely bitter death, does that make sense? In a reading you have the power to change what comes up about future, although most of my clients say that the stuff about future has been very accurate and that is one of the reasons why they become repeat clients.

I can sense and feel spirit and spirits everywhere, but mostly I choose to try to tune it out a lot, just so I can function on a day to day basis in the solid world, and take care of daily needs without always focusing on brain-racking deep philosophical questions, death, suffering, and other heavy things all of the time. It would drive a person crazy to constantly talk and connect with every spirit they sense everywhere (or at least it does to me). I also never want to be too intrusive and nosy, I wait for people to approach me about a reading rather than bombard them with all the spirits around them at that time. I feel very strongly about boundaries. I am however, in constant contact with my Guides – I am never alone, even when there isn’t conversation going on somewhere in there with them, whether they are trying to help me with something, joking about something, or I am bitching to them about something, ha, I can still always sense them.

As you can see by the examples that I have given of what types of information comes to me when I am doing a reading, getting a reading from me will most likely not make you richer or more powerful in a direct “earthly” sense, but it can enrich your life in other ways. It can help you to see situations more clearly, and can give insight into the probable outcomes of past, present, and future decisions. But even though I have the ability to access “hidden” information and knowledge without learning through physical means, I am not all-knowing, nor do I want to be, and nor could I be. Getting a reading from me can, however, help you reconnect spiritually, and remind you and confirm for you that there is Spirit everywhere, and our loved ones, including pets, watch over us from the Other Side. I believe that everyone on some level, KNOWS that they are a SOUL first, and that Spirit is everywhere, but sometimes because of the hectic and crazy world we live in, and sometimes because some of us have forgotten what we knew on the Other Side before we came here, it is nice to get a reminder and validation now and again.



I am a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium with over 20 years of reading experience, available for in person readings in Canmore, AB, and phone and email readings. Please visit my Booking a Reading page to see more information on prices, types of readings available, see links to examples of real readings I have done for real clients in the past, and and to read testimonials. To learn more about my history as a Clairvoyant Medium, please visit the About page. Please visit the Menu above for more articles on spirituality, astrology, Tarotscopes, and more!


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