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“I recently had a reading by Patricia. This wasn’t my first one either. I met her a year ago on an all ladies mountain retreat. She was amazing then and equally as amazing this time. The suggestions, guidance and advice in a span of a 45min call has touched my heart and put me where I needed to be regarding my health. She’s amazing, simply amazing and I truly understand why others go back to see her. Talk soon Patricia.” (From an In-Person and Psychic Medium Phone Reading for A.M., 2015 and 2016).

“Thank you so much. The reading was much more that I expected. Loved hearing from my son.
You have a wonderful gift.” (From a recent In-Person Reading, she asked me not use her name or initials, 2018).

“You were amazing, one of the best psychic-mediums I have ever met. You are very blessed and thank you for sharing your gift with me. I can’t wait to see you again. I would highly recommend you. Thank you so much.” (From an In-Person Reading for R.W., 2016).

“Thank you so much for connecting me with my Dad. You described him perfectly and I’m still amazed by what came through!” (From a Psychic Medium Phone reading for T., 2015).

“My daughter and I saw you ……you were spot on with everything that is happening in our lives and thank you so much I will be a return customer and send many your way as well thank you for the reading.” (from an In-Person Reading for J. and R., 2015, original comment here).

“I am very grateful for your help, your words, for the things you told me and taught me. You are truly blessed! Thank you so much!” (from an In-Person and Email reading for L., 2014).

“My partner and I saw you yesterday and you’re an amazing woman!! Cannot wait to come and see you again! Patricia has such a beautiful gift, and if you need confirmation or to be put at ease…see her!” (from an In-Person Reading for D., 2014, original comment here).

“I go to psychics all the time and you’re the best one I’ve ever seen!” (from an In-Person Reading for T.D., 2013).

“Thanks so much! You’re wonderful! And it did help – I think you likely hit it dead-on!” (from an Email Reading for A, 2013).

“Great session – learnt a lot about myself and incredible how right on you were !”, (from an In-Person Reading for M.G., 2013).

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Greetings weary travellers! Welcome to my Sign Up Page!

BEFORE SIGNING UP FOR A READING with me (using the SIGN UP/CONTACT FORM towards the bottom of this page, NOT using the public comment section at the very bottom), please read my RULES and GENERAL INFORMATION below, and the information that applies to the type of reading you would like, under the headings Types of Readings and Prices, Payment and Fees, etc., and follow the instructions in bold above the SIGN UP FORM. I know that this page seems lengthy, but it is all pertinent information for booking. It is easy to just skip the information that doesn’t apply to your particular reading, as it is well-organized.

There are only a few SIMPLE STEPS FOR SIGNING UP FOR A READING with me – know what type of reading you want (they are listed and described below), know how long of a reading you want, look up the price under the type of reading you want, let me know what days and times work best for you, and which times will not, and put this information in the Sign Up Form below, by writing a brief message and/or checking the box(es) that apply to the reading you would like to book in the form, and READ MY VERY SIMPLE AND REASONABLE RULES BELOW, and be ready to pay by eTransfer. Thank you.  

And please keep in mind that I have a very blunt and sarcastic sense of humour, and I am very logical and it drives me bonkers when something is not, so that is why my tone is that way in certain parts of my website, and if you can’t handle it, or if my abrupt communication style and straightforwardness here on my Booking a Reading page ‘scares’ you, my answer is ‘oh well’, haha (and you should probably go see someone else, ha). And if you already know what reading you want, whether I even do the reading you want in the format you want (see the descriptions of readings below), how to pay, how long you want, the cost, what days and times work for you, and are ready to pay, etc. and are ready to sign up with this information, you can ignore my lengthy (but still funny) explanations for my rules and booking protocol and proceed right to the Sign Up Form (I am still strict about my rules, however, and you still MUST answer the simple Sign Up Form Questions and/or check the box(es) that apply to the type of reading you want in the form). The repeated and lengthy explanations for my protocol are here as warnings for difficult people to not even try to be difficult with me or waste my time, ha! (and believe me, it is working, ha!). And you can blame people who do not bother to read important stuff on here before booking with me for the length of this page, for things being repeated, and for the reason why I do not put my Sign Up Form at the top or in an easy to find place. No matter how in-depth I get in my explanations, how many times I repeat myself, or how organized this page is, I still get questions and assumptions that waste my time because the information is right here on this page for people to read without expecting me to be available at all times to answer their questions that again are answered right here on this very page that they messaged me from, haha!



Please NEVER tell me anything about yourself, like why you are booking a reading with me, or any of the issues you would like to discuss in your reading, when signing up for a reading, save it for your actual reading time. This is to maintain the integrity of the reading for both you and me, and so I do not get influenced when I am not in my meditative psychic mode. Please also do not send me any pictures, dates, or names unless I specifically ask, which I most likely won’t anyways. One of the main purposes of my readings is to give clients confirmation from and validation of Spirit, and so if you’re telling me things ahead of time, it takes away from that purpose. Merci.

Please do not ask me things that are clearly written on this page (prices, payment, etc.), as you will be directed right back to this page (do you really want me to email you huge jpeg files of this whole page? haha, probably not, so just read the information that applies to the reading you want, please and thank you). Be aware of my prices and the delivery method available for each reading (listed below under Types of Readings and Prices), methods of payment, and booking policies (described on this page), etc., before signing up for a reading using the Sign-Up Form below. Again, this page is well organized by headings, and important stuff is in bold and repeated in more than one area, so it should be quite easy to find the information you are looking for. I do not have the time to, and will not answer multiple messages asking me things clearly explained and written on here (you may confirm and clarify things written on here, though). I am not a secretary or receptionist, and I do not have either, and I simply do not have time or the energy to spend hours a day acting as a secretary, so please put all the pertinent information, like how long you want, when, etc.  (described above the Sign Up/Contact Form on this page below), in your VERY FIRST MESSAGE when signing up for a reading, and/or check the box(es) that apply to the type of reading you want, in order to save time playing email or text tag with each other. Please understand that I want as little contact and communication with you as possible before your reading, so that I do not pick up your energy too much beforehand, and for efficiency – and that is why I am strict with my booking process in requiring you to just sign up rather than us chatting back and forth and you telling me stuff ahead of time that you are not supposed to. We can save social niceties and chit chat for the reading time and our wrap-up at the end after the reading.

You must be at least 18 years old to sign up for a reading with me, although I prefer to read for people over 24 years of age. If you are under 18, you must have a guardian present for the reading, and be at least 16 years of age. You must be mature and realize that we all have free will, and that you are ultimately responsible for your own decisions and actions and life path, and realize that I have no control over what comes through, it comes from Spirit (although I can ask them to go in whatever direction you want, but their messages I cannot control). If you are fatalistic, you are not a good candidate for a reading (WE HAVE FREE WILL!). Please see What to Expect From a Psychic Medium Reading With Me for more information about what comes through in a Psychic Medium Reading.

I do not record my readings or take notes, but I encourage clients to do so, as some things will not make sense until later (no one, however, is allowed to take a video, or copy or distribute or publish any recordings of my readings, as it is my work and I own the copyright to it). If you are taking notes, you must take accurate notes or else they will not make sense later, and the original meaning will be lost. You must be a good listener and not expect me to be a ‘tell you what you want to hear machine’, either.

You cannot be driving, traveling, at work, concentrating on something else, or busy with childcare when I am reading for you – you must be able to be relaxed, be still, and concentrate on your reading. Babies and children in the same room are very distracting to me, and I can feel when clients are distracted by them, so please book your appointment for a time when you have childcare.

No one else can be present for Phone or In Person Readings unless they are booked for me also at that time. If I sense that someone else is present for a phone reading, I will kick them out of the room, haha, and yes I am serious about this. Yes, pets can be present as long as they are not distracting and not barking. The amount of people intent and concentrating on me and staring at me matters – if people want to stare at me and listen to me and be intent on me at the same time as your reading, because it adds to the energy I have to deal with, then they have to pay as well, haha.

***Do not lie to me or try to mislead me in anyway when booking (yes, lying to me about something stupid like that you read my website but can’t find a piece of repeated information is considered lying to me, and it is extremely annoying, so DON’T DO IT!! haha. I will never accomodate you, you will be told to go look again). And it is especially important to not lie during your reading. Yes, I pick up on it, and it just annoys me and confuses me when someone lies or is in denial, and Spirit is telling me something different (I have learned over and over again from my repeat clients, and most of my clients become repeat clients, that my Guides are always right!). Lying and misleading, as well as denial, will obviously negatively affect your reading, and you are just wasting your own time that you paid for, because I will go on and on when something does not seem right to me and Spirit tells me the same. DO NOT TELL ME ‘NO’ WHEN IT IS A ‘YES’, AND DO NOT TELL ME ‘YES’ WHEN IT IS A ‘NO’. And do not tell me ‘Nope! Nope!’ or shake your head when I am actually on to something, and I find out later in your reading I was actually bang on. DO NOT WITHHOLD INFORMATION THAT I ASK YOU EITHER, to me that is misleading and lying. I write this here and people still do it, don’t do it! Be truthful and honest. I understand that the topic of relationships can be a trigger for some people, and some immature people cannot handle it when I pick up something not-so-great about certain relationships, or when I do not see a relationship lasting, but one of my other rules is that my clients MUST be mature. I am not responsible for the events of your life or for your choices, and realize you can still change your present and your future.

Readings can be very heavy emotionally, and it is perfectly okay and normal to get emotional during a reading, I do as well, especially since I am an empath. I cry with my clients in a lot of my readings. Just let me know and be communicative about anything important, it is perfectly fine – but I need to know if I am doing too much, so please let me know if you need to stop or move on to something else. It is your time, so that is allowed.

And just to be clear, DISTANCE READINGS ARE NO LESS EFFECTIVE THAN IN-PERSON READINGS, I get great feedback from all of my clients. Please see Are Phone Readings Less Accurate than In Person Readings? for more informationMy eyes are closed most of the time when I am doing readings anyway, so no I do not need to see your face or physical appearance to get information from Spirit. I do not use my physical eyes to read people. And it says a lot when even my clients who are psychics and mediums themselves have no problem booking a phone reading with me because they live away, or because an in person reading won’t work for some reason. I have never had one psychic, energy worker or healer, or client who is also a medium, insist on seeing me in person, and it is because they know how Spirit works. Remember, spirits are not limited by space and time, and so that is how you not being physically present for a reading can work. Energy is all connected. And I do not suddenly lose my clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, mediumship, or other psychic abilities just because I am talking on the phone with someone rather than in person, haha! Clients are the only ones who are picky about seeing me in person – Spirit and I do not care, lol. I care about the accuracy of my readings, and based on my experience and client feedback, phone and email readings are just as accurate, and just as powerful of experiences as In-Person readings. Think about it this way, can someone tell you something on the phone or not, or does it HAVE to be in person? No, I am pretty sure that you can hear a message over the phone just the same way that you can in person, unless there are problems with the connection, and if there are problems with our phone connection, all you have to do is phone me back, lol.

I only book appointments in writing, so to sign up for a reading you must use the Sign-up/Contact Form or text me at the number below, being specific about what type of reading you would like, how long, what days and times work for you, etc. in your VERY FIRST MESSAGE. Never phone me without an appointment.

Please note that my pricing has changed since June 2017.

FOR BOOKING PAIR AND GROUP READINGS, PLEASE ALSO READ THE INFORMATION AND USE THE BOOKING FORM ON THIS PAGE instead by clicking HERE. DO NOT USE THE FORM ON THIS PAGE FOR BOOKING PAIRS OR GROUPS, it will not make sense and be inefficient (which I hate, lol). But still please read about my Availability, Rules, Payment, Travel Fees, Location, etc. and other important information on this page as well.



BY PHONE: For Psychic Medium, Past Life, Spirit Animal readings, and Tarot Forecast Readings, I am available almost daily by phone (and please know that phone readings are just as accurate as in person readings, I do not need to physically see you, nor you to see me, to be able to read you!). I am in Alberta, Canada, MST time zone, and for phone readings the client phones me. I prefer to read in the afternoons and evenings. Many times I am able to do your phone reading the same day, as long as I am not already booked up for that day, which does happen, and in which case you should be able to get your reading within a few days. About a third or a half of my appointments are same-day or next-day appointments, so don’t feel discouraged from trying for one because you think I am busy. Yes I am busy, but again, with a lot of same-day appointments, so you just need to get in early! For same day phone appointments, please note that you will still have a deadline for me to receive the payment by eTransfer, well ahead of your reading, as clearly noted below under the heading ”Payment”, or else we have to reschedule.

IN PERSON: I am also available for Psychic Medium and Past Life Readings in person in downtown Canmore, if you do not mind seeing me at a private table in a public space (I do not do Tarot readings in person as I do not lug my Tarot cards around!). I can no longer do in person readings at my home. Until I find another space, I can only do in person readings in Canmore at yours, or at a restaurant, or when I happen to be in Cochrane (please note that I am in NO hurry to find a private space right now, as I prefer phone anyways, just in case you are waiting to book for when I have a private space). I apologize for any inconvenience. So temporarily, until I find a space, I will waive the travel fee for individual and pair readings in or close to downtown Canmore, but I will not waive them for groups, or for readings far from downtown, as I never did groups at my home previously anyway. I can still do a reading easily and be amazing at what I do in a public space because I focus on you, and no one else is focused on us and adding their energy to it, and if they are, we can tell them to mind their own business, haha. Yes, the amount of people intent and concentrating on me and staring at me matters – if they want to stare at me and listen to me and be intent on me at the same time, because it adds to the energy I have to deal with, then they have to pay as well, haha. But if you are that adamant about booking a private in person reading with me in Canmore, there is the option of renting a room at the library ($15 an hour – they are not always strict about having someone pay for the room), but it would have to be at your cost as I have no problem myself reading in a public space or on the phone. If having a totally private reading is important to you, it is very simple, book a phone reading instead! The reason me doing a reading in public makes no difference to my abilities is because the other people around are not intent on me and not adding their energy to the reading.

I am NOT available by Skype or Facetime for readings as I do not trust people not to take a video, and I HATE being on camera, haha – I would be too distracted and annoyed to be able to read for someone on a webcam. My internet also cuts out a lot as I am in the boonies. And I also do not see the point at all of being on webcam with you when my eyes are closed most of the time when I’m doing readings anyway, it just doesn’t make sense! haha! I have no idea why people have the urge to look at me so badly with my eyes closed, lol. At some point in the far far future I may offer this option, not because I want to, but just because so many people for some weird reason in their own heads INSIST on looking at me, lol. If they can’t look at me in person, they MUST look at me on Facetime or Skype, talking on the phone just won’t do, hahaha!

I no longer do email readings. I am backlogged with Psychic Email and Tarot Email readings, so I will be phasing them out once again. They just take too much out of me and I do not have time. I keep these categories up for the people still waiting for their backlogged email readings. 

Readings are by appointment only, and payment for phone readings is always due well in advance of the reading. For in person readings, I do need more notice.

Occasionally I am also available for same day in-person and group readings, with at least a couple hours notice, so it’s worth a try just to ask. You will still need to pay the travel and deposit in advance by etransfer, if applicable. For more information on group readings, see the Booking Page for Pairs and Groups here.



Canmore. But as previously mentioned, I no longer have a private space for in person readings. Until I find another space, I can only do in person readings in Canmore in town at yours, or at a restaurant, or when I happen to be in Cochrane (please note that I am in NO hurry to find a private space right now, as I prefer phone anyways, just in case you are waiting to book for when I have a private space). I apologize for any inconvenience. If you are that adamant about booking a private in person reading with me in Canmore, there is the option of renting a room at the library ($15 an hour), but it would have to be at your cost as I have no problem myself reading in a public space or on the phone. I prefer reading on the phone anyways, and a reading does not need to be in person to be effective. Phone readings are just as accurate as in person readings – and in fact I actually think phone readings give more confirmation and validation because I can’t see your expressions or be influenced by your physical appearance (which I never consciously pay attention to anyway, but I would think that it would give the client more confirmation knowing that I cannot see them).



I can also go to Banff, Calgary, Red Deer or Edmonton, or a major center in southern Alberta if my travel costs are paid for in advance. I do not drive, so please note that my travel cost would be cab, bus, and shuttle fare, plus $15/hr. for travel time, and accommodation, if applicable, which does add up. My travel fees are $30 round trip cab fare for readings in Canmore (I am temporarily waiving travel fees for individual and pair readings in downtown Canmore as I currently do not have a space), $55 cab fare, shuttle, and travel time for readings in downtown Banff, plus $15-$20 cab fare elsewhere for readings elsewhere in Banff, and $70 round trip cab fare for readings in Deadmans Flats from west of Canmore where I live, and due in advance. I do not make money off of travel and the travel fees include tip for the driver. Usually only groups book me to travel, as the travel cost can be easily split between everyone in the group. I do go to Cochrane and Banff occasionally on my own, but usually only at the last minute.

And sorry, no, I cannot let you know when I will be in your area, but if you subscribe to my blog by clicking on the “Follow” button under Follow Blog Via Email in the sidebar or down below on mobile,  you should get an email any time I am doing readings in another place. If I am in Cochrane or Banff and available for readings, I will announce it on my blog, so again, anyone that follows my blog will get an email notification when I am there.



Below are the types of readings I do and the prices. Click on the type to see an example or learn more. PLEASE NOTE THAT MY PRICING HAS CHANGED – the price for In Person readings has now gone up as phone readings are much more convenient for me, and therefore take less out of me. Beside each type of reading is listed what format(s) I do them in, a description of the reading, and the cost for each reading. Prices are non-negotiable. Please have a look at the descriptions to decide what type of reading would suit you better, most people choose a Psychic Medium Reading, and how long of a reading you’d like. You will notice that some of the amounts seem like strange amounts, but I can’t help it as I have a thing for numbers. . . to say the least, ha (I have a number 9 thing, so things have to add up to 9, and I have a thing for 3s, too, lol)! I now also offer psychic development coaching, in-person (in Canmore or Banff), or over the phone. And I do have Gift Certificates available, so if you need to shop for someone who already has everything, a reading makes the perfect unique gift!

Psychic Medium Reading :

(by PHONE, or in person in downtown Canmore, or elsewhere if travel costs are paid, see the heading Travel Fees above). I require a minimum of a 20 minute booking for phone readings, and 45 minute booking for individual in-person readings.

A Psychic Medium Reading can range in subject matter, so please do not think that you can’t ask about Past Lives or your Animal Guides, or look into astrology, etc. just because I offer those as specific readings, as well. You can see examples of real Psychic Email Readings that I have done before for real clients here, learn more about the kind of information and messages that come through in my readings here, and read about Signs from Spirit here.

How long of a reading should you sign up for? As much as you want and can afford. When deciding how long of a reading you would like to sign up for, think about how many issues you would like to explore, and whether you want mediumship. For a reading where you just have one or two personal issues to explore, and if you have questions ready, shorter time is just fine. But if you want to do mediumship (as it is a lengthy process – I need to confirm details about the Spirit from them with you before I will get into their messages, and each piece of information comes through bit by bit), and get more in-depth with past/present/future, spirituality and your spiritual path, life path, career, relationships, past lives, Animal Guides, etc., or get a general reading, more time is absolutely necessary (once again, do not tell me anything about the topics you want to explore in a reading during booking – please wait until the reading begins). If you can’t afford a long reading but still really want to do mediumship to contact a specific spirit, just let me know at the beginning of your reading (not before) that you want mediumship, without telling me who you want to talk to or any details about them yet, and we can try to contact that specific spirit right at the beginning of the reading to save time (you have to tell me you want mediumship during your reading because I don’t always go right into identifying the spirits around everyone in every reading, sometimes the Spirits just want to talk about you or your personal life, especially when someone signs up for a short amount of time). There are also at least a million interesting things Spirit could talk about with one person, and with limited time, it is impossible for me to talk about EVERYTHING that can possibly come up. So in order to prevent running out of YOUR time to talk about what you really want to hear from Spirit about, GET TO THE POINT (again without telling me everything). If you have limited time, and DO NOT WANT A GENERAL READING, DO NOT ASK FOR ONE, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOU WILL GET.

Please understand that I pause a lot during my readings, as I need time to listen to, feel, and see what the Spirits are showing me, and I need quiet for this.

Please note that there is a deposit required for weekend (Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays), morning, group, and In Person readings, as mentioned below under the heading Payment and Fees.

As mentioned under the heading My Rules above, no one else can be present during your reading unless they are also getting a reading at the same time. Do not ask.

PSYCHIC MEDIUM READING PRICES: The PRICES for each length of Psychic Medium reading are:

20 minutes – $45 per person for a phone reading (available by phone only, not in-person, unless you are a group of 5 or more, in which case it is $50 per person). I require a minimum of a 45 minute booking for individual in-person readings. I will not do a 20 minute in-person reading unless it is for a group of 5 or more. No, this does not mean that I have a 20 minute phone reading limit, keep reading to see the prices for the other times. . .

30 minutes – $63 per person (available by phone only, not in-person, unless you are a pair or more booking at least 30 minutes each, in which case it is $72 per person (for in person). Please note that I can no longer do in person readings at my home. Please see above, under the heading Location for more information. ‘

45 minutes – $85 per person (for a phone reading), and $95 per person (for an in person reading).

60 minutes – $110 per person (for a phone reading), and $120 per person (for an in person reading).

75 minutes – $135 per person (for a phone reading), and $145 per person (for an in person reading).

90 minutes – $160 per person (for a phone reading), and $170 per person (for an in person reading). This has to be done in one reading, it cannot be divided into more than one reading.

Past Lives and Past Life Issues :

(by  phone, or in-person in downtown Canmore, or elsewhere if travel costs are paid, see Travel Fees above). I will explore 2-3 past lives (1-2 for 30 minutes). Click on the link here, or hereto see real examples.

30 minutes – $63 per person (for a phone reading), and $72 per person (for in person). 

45 minutes – $85 per person (for a phone reading), and $95 per person (for an in person reading).

60 minutes – $110 per person (for a phone reading), and $120 per person (for an in person reading).

Psychic Tarot Forecast Readings – Tarot Year Ahead, or Tarot 12 Week Forecast, Tarot 6 Month or 6 Week Forecast :

(BY PHONE ONLY – not available for in person readings as I do not lug my Tarot Cards around with me). 13 card spread for the year ahead (7 cards for a 6 Month Forecast), with one card representing the client, and the other cards representing each of the coming months, or the next 6 or 12 weeks, depending on what spread you order. I do not just use the traditional meaning of the card, I also use my clairvoyance and other psychic abilities to get psychic impressions specific to you during the spread. Click here to see a real example of an email Tarot reading by me. – $63 for Tarot 6 Month or 6 Week Forecast (takes about 25-30 minutes),  $110 for Tarot Year Ahead or 12 Week Forecast (takes about 50-60 minutes).

Spirit Animal Reading :

(by phone only. You can get a Spirit Animal reading in person as part of a Psychic Medium reading, see the prices above for in person Psychic Medium readings). I will spend 20 or 30 minutes exploring at least 2 Spirit Animals or Guides that I see around you and describe in-depth what messages they have for you and what they want you to focus on and learn from them. Please do not order this more than once for yourself because the same animal(s) will usually come through since they stay with you, and the description I send will be similar as the first, just different wording. Click on the link here to see a real example – $45 for 20 minutes, $63 per 30 minutes.

*NOW AVAILABLE! – Psychic Astrology and Psychic Numerology:

(by phone only, but I will also email my notes and your computer chart and transits if you ordered the astrology reading). I will use my intuition and mediumship, as well as traditional astrology to interpret your birth chart plus your transits for the year ahead and/or synastry (astrological compatibility), or interpret your numerology influences. This reading is specific to YOU and YOUR unique numerological influences or your UNIQUE birth chart – to the specific date, time, and place you were born, not just you as one of the 12 signs. The actual phone reading time will last about 30 – 45 minutes, and the rest of the time is my calculations and typing my notes to prepare for our phone time. $135 for a Psychic Numerology phone reading. $135 for a Psychic Astrology phone reading including transits or synastry. $185 for a reading including both transits and synastry (this reading will take longer).

*NOW AVAILABLE!! Mixed Phone Reading – includes Psychic Mediumship, Tarot, Oracle Cards, Astrology, Numerology, Pendulum, Rune Reading:

(By phone only, as I do not carry my cards or runes or computer around with me. It is absolutely not available in person, so please do not ask). I will have ready and available to consult for this phone call my astrology software to calculate charts (make sure you have accurate birth times), all of my Tarot decks on hand, including Oracle Decks (Faerie Cards, Animal Cards, and Celtic Deck), runes, crystals, my pendulum, and my knowledge of numerology. As the call moves on, we can use any of the above tools I have available as they would apply and be helpful for certain questions and situations, just use your intuition about what you want to consult, as will I (but my favourite is my clairvoyance and psychic mediumship, so I will naturally gravitate towards that – I will still be heavily using my channeling and clairvoyance and psychic mediumship during this call. – $85 for 45 minutes by phone per person, $110 for one hour by phone per person, $135 for 75 minutes by phone per person, $160 for 90 minutes by phone per person.

Combination Mini-Reading Report :

(By email only, this is the only email reading I have still available, as it is a report. It is ABSOLUTELY NOT available by phone or in person – so don’t ask!) If you read the description, see that a big portion of the reading is an astrology print out report, and see the word Mini in the title, you will clearly see why it is offered by email only, as I also require a minimum of 20 minutes for phone readings, and 45 minutes for individual in person readings. Please note that there is a wait of up to several days for this report. This is a report that features astrology, and a brief description of a Spirit Animal, a Spirit Guide, or a past life. With this report, you will receive a computerized Astrology Natal Chart Wheel, your computerized Natal Chart Report, or a computerized Synastry Chart Report (Astrological Romantic Compatibility, must have an accurate birth time and place for both of you), and a computerized Personalized Horoscope for the next year (specific to YOUR birth chart, not just for your sun sign). I will also see what one of your Spirit Animals is, who one of your Spirit Guides is, or see what one of your past lives was (let me know which option you would like. This will be just a very brief description, I do not go into a deep description of each, for that you must sign up for a full length reading) – $27 per person.

Psychic Development Coaching:

(in-person or over the phone) – a 1/2 hour session is $63 by phone and $72 in person, and a 1 hour session is $110 over the phone, and $120 in person.

NEW!! Distance Energy Cleansing and Balancing*:

(by phone. For entertainment purposes only, and is not a substitute for any professional medical or mental health treatments or advice) – Distance energy healing works because Spirit is not limited by space or time, and I can also journey spiritually. For this session the client is on speaker phone or headphones with me (in a comfortable position, sitting or lying down) while I do the energy work with the help from Spirit. During the session we remove any foreign energies, cords, entities, and blockages, etc. that hinder the flow of the client’s energy field and negatively affect the client’s mental and physical health, and bring any lost or stolen energy back to the client’s field, and connect the client to earth and cosmic energy, which brings a sense of wholeness and balance. I can also energetically cleanse spaces, distantly or in person, please inbox me for more information. $63 for 30 minutes per person and $85 for 45 minutes per person. $120 per hour for space cleansing (plus supplies and cost of travel for in person space cleansing).

Astrology Report (by email only. Must have an accurate birth time and place). Astrology Natal Chart Wheel, Natal Chart Report or Synastry Chart Report (Astrological Romantic Compatibility, must have an accurate birth time and place for both of you), and a Personalized Horoscope for the next year (specific to YOUR birth chart, not just for your sun sign) – $12.

Psychic Email Reading(NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE, and I am phasing them out, as I am VERY backlogged and not finding enough time to catch up. I keep these categories on here for the people still waiting for their backlogged email readings). I will use primarily my clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience for this reading, and see what your Spirit Guides want to communicate to you about the past, present, and future, relationships, health, career, people around you, etc. The subject matter will obviously range quite a bit from reading to reading. And, as usual, because I could not possibly be able to communicate everything about a person in 20 or 30 minutes, not everything you want to hear about will come through, even important stuff. It just means that more time is needed to get more information. For that, I suggest a Psychic Medium reading by phone or in person where you can ask questions and direct your time where you want to explore. For the Psychic Email Reading, you have the option of getting a more future oriented reading, which will be a report of anything that comes up to me psychically about the near future (next 6 months-year) and occasionally far future stuff, or an individually-focused general reading, which will be a report about you, that can include a variety of topics such as your health, life path, aura, gifts, talents, spiritual path, etc., rather than focusing on timing of events. When booking please let me know if you would like a Future Forecast Psychic Email Reading (an email report where I describe any clairvoyant visions and other psychic impressions I get about you for the next 6 months to a year, and occasionally stuff about the far future may come through, as well) or an Individual-Focused General Psychic Email Reading (an email report where I will focus on you as a person). – $45 per 20 minutes per person, $63 per half hour per person.

Psychic Tea Leaf Reading (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE, as I am very backlogged. By email only.  I keep these categories on here for the people still waiting for their backlogged email readings) – For this reading I will do a tea leaf reading for you, which you will receive by email. You do not need to be physically present for a reading to work. I will be tapping into your energy and speaking with your Guides about the symbols and messages in the leaves, distance makes no difference – $63 per half hour per person.

Relationship Past Lives and Karmic Issues Reading – (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE, as I am very backlogged. I keep these categories on here for the people still waiting for their backlogged email readings). I use psychic mediumship (with the added option of astrology) for this, exploring whether you have had past lives together and the issues that have passed on to this life from your past lives, karmic issues, and with the astrology option, your compatibility by looking at your birth charts and your synastry. If you want me to explore your synastry, you MUST have an accurate birth time for both of you. This can be a reading for a romantic relationship, friendship, or for family members. You must let me know what your relationship with this person is in this life, and if it is a romantic relationship (whether it is an official relationship or not), friendship, or a family member. – $99 for Past Lives, or $135 with a combination of astrology.


Psychic Tarot Relationship Past/Present/Future Reading – (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE, as I am very backlogged. By email only. I keep these categories on here for the people still waiting for their backlogged email readings) – Click link for a description and example – 3 cards $27, 5 cards $45.

Past Relationship / Unrequited Love Psychic Tarot Spread – (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE, as I am very backlogged. By email only. I keep these categories on here for the people still waiting for their backlogged email readings) – Click link for a description and example – 10 cards $72.


Gift Certificates Available!



Please never ask me my schedule – it is a complete waste of time (haha) as I do not have regular set days and times that I work, I do not have time to play email or text tag with people when messages can be efficient and to-the-point with my booking system, and people are more likely to keep appointments that fit for them anyway – so you tell me yours. Yes, you really can be that abrupt with me in your first message. As I mentioned previously, I prefer to have as little contact with you beforehand anyway, and we can save social niceties and chit chat for our actual meeting in person or on the phone. If you ask me when I have space, I will ask you right back when YOU have time, so don’t bother, lol. (I found that this way works the best for me and it is much more efficient. I have had many instances of people asking me when I have space, and when I tell them, they say something like “that won’t work, could this time work instead?” making me roll my eyes because why the hell didn’t you just ask me for that time in the first place? haha). To sign up for a reading with me, in YOUR VERY FIRST MESSAGE, tell me if you are hoping to sign up for a same day or next day appointment, or if you want to book for a later date, and what time ranges work on those days, and I will see where I can fit you. Again, ALWAYS, in your very first message, give me dates and time ranges that will work for you, and time frames that will NOT work for you (very important) on the day(s) that you are interested in booking. For instance, if you request an appointment for the next afternoon and you know that you have to pick up your kids from school the next day at 3:30 PM, tell me in your very first text or email that you are unavailable between 3 and 4 PM! lol. Or if you want an appointment on Monday but you work between 3 and 9 PM, just tell me that is when you are unavailable in your very first message, it really is that easy, haha.

I am already booked January 20th and 27th, May 9th, 10th, and 11th, and August 4th, 2018. Subject to change without notice. See Walk-In hours here.

I prefer to read in the afternoon and evenings. I will only do morning readings, and only by phone, if that really really is the only time you can do it (please explain), as I have a severe autoimmune disease and this time of day is the most painful for me. I will not make an appointment at this time for nothing, and I will not do an in person in the morning, sorry. I can do later night readings by phone, sometimes even in person, just ask. I only book weekends (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays), In Person readings, and holidays with a deposit, and the payment for phone readings is always due at the time of booking, or by the very latest the afternoon the day ahead of the reading. See more under the heading Payment and Fees.



All prices and fees are non-negotiable.

PLEASE NOTE, I DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS. If a credit card really is the only way you can pay, or you do not use etransfer, I sometimes consider allowing a client to pay with Paypal, but there is a wait of at least a week after you send it for me to receive the payment and before you can have your reading. And you must ask if you can even use Paypal. You are responsible for any Paypal fees I incur booking with you.

I can accept cash (for in-person readings) and Interac eTransfers (for phone readings, travel fees, and deposits) only. I do not accept Tangerine Email Money transfers, unless you pay at least 3 days ahead of your reading. If you want to pay for an in-person appointment by eTransfer, you must do so at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment, otherwise you MUST bring cash instead.

Occasionally I have accepted Paypal for people who live outside of Canada, but please note that there is a delay of about a week after you send the payment before you can be booked for your reading.

Full payment for phone readings is due at the time of booking, once we agree on a day and time for the booking (due within 2 hours of agreeing on a time for same day appointments, or by 24 hours in advance of the appointment for later appointments, although you do not technically have a booking until you pay. If someone else pays before you for a spot, they will have that spot). I always give a deadline for the client to send in the eTransfer, and if the deadline is missed, we always reschedule (and yes I am very strict on this). Because eTransfers are almost never instant, the timing of receiving them is never guaranteed, and often there can be quite some hassle with them, I NEVER even attempt to try to do etransfers right before a reading ever (so don’t ask me to) and I require payment at least hours in advance, to keep my reading time peaceful, and to make sure that I am ready and in meditative mode. The advanced payment prevents any hassles with eTransfer from ruining the appointment time, allows me to arrange my schedule, and keeps my administrative duties and readings separate, and allows me to focus on being in peaceful and meditative mode for my readings. If things do go awry with an eTransfer, which does happen enough for me to mention it in detail – if one is delayed or something goes wrong on your end with a mistake from your bank or you, it is out of my control and I can do nothing but tell you there is a problem and leave it to you to deal with your bank or to figure out what went wrong (sometimes people forget to click the final submit button, me included when I have been the sender, and sometimes it is a bank taking too much time to email the link). In the meantime, I am sorry but we do not have an appointment anymore, even if you send me a picture or something you think is confirmation of sending it, because I still cannot click on your confirmation picture and receive the etransfer, haha, or go to my own bank and use that picture. If I did not receive it, there is nothing I can do but perhaps give some suggestions as to why there is a problem, as I have certain scenarios that repeatedly come up, and suggest to cancel and resend (in previous scenarios, once a client cancels and resends an etransfer it works right away, saving both of our time having to track it down and phone our banks). Please never text me an eTransfer unless I ask you to – leave my phone number blank on the form if you can when sending an eTransfer, as it seems to create a hassle. But again, if there is a problem with an eTransfer, no matter what the cause, understand from my end that we do not have an appointment, and the deadline for receiving it has come and gone (payment for distance readings is due at the time of booking), and I will make other arrangements with that time.

I am not the bank so if you do not have online banking, please ask them how to set it up for you, and direct any technical questions about eTransfers to them.

Travel fees are due at least 24 hours in advance and your deposit can not be used towards the travel fee.

Deposits for weekend (Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays), In Person Readings, and group bookings: For individual weekend bookings (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays), and In Person bookings, there is a non-refundable $25 deposit per person due when booking 45 minutes or less of time each, or a $50 deposit per person due for booking an hour or more of time each, due at the time of booking, that will go towards the cost of your reading (to discourage no-shows. It has worked wonderfully!!). If you do not want to pay a deposit for a weekend reading, or for an in person reading, book it on a weekday and over the phone instead, duh (haha), there is no way around it. Although you will have to pay for your phone reading in advance anyway. For groups of 3 or more, or for booking more than an hour of time, there is a non-refundable $50 deposit due at the time of booking, which will go towards the cost of your readings, or a $75 deposit for booking more than 2 hours of time. If something goes awry on my end and I have to cancel, you will receive your deposit back (I have NEVER had this happen). If you give me at least 3 weeks notice of a necessary cancellation, then you will most likely receive your deposit back, or you can use the deposit towards a phone reading instead. If the reason for the cancellation is the weather and road conditions, then again I can do phone readings for your booked appointment instead, which the deposit will count towards and therefore you will not lose it. If you cannot physically make your in-person appointment or something unexpected happens and you do not want to lose your deposit or time slot, I can do a phone reading instead, or you can purchase a gift certificate instead, just let me know ahead of time. You will not have a booked group, In person Reading, or weekend appointment without paying the deposit first, so be prepared to pay it when inquiring, not days or weeks after. If you repeatedly ask about a specific date for booking without paying a deposit, I will not book with you, so again it is best just to pay it when it is due at the time of booking.

By the way, the amount of people who were able to get a reading with me by stalling on their deposit every day since their first inquiry, who wasted my time writing me every day and expected that I waste my time writing back every time, who promised me they were sending their deposit many times in many correspondences (which requires MY time to respond every time), and who stupidly think that I will abandon my own plans on a day they never secured with a deposit, just for them, and still take their appointment the same day after they never paid their deposit, is 0%. IF YOU DO NOT PAY YOUR DEPOSIT YOU DO NOT GET AN APPOINTMENT, AND FURTHERMORE, YOU WILL HAVE BOTHERED ME WRITING YOU FOR NO REASON. DO NOT DO IT!!

Readings are non-refundable (as you are paying for my time). There is plenty of information on my website, including my history as a psychic medium, how my readings work, what information comes through in a reading, real testimonials, and real examples of real readings for real clients, for someone to make an informed decision about booking a reading with me, to know my style, and to know what to expect.

Please note that pricing and policies can change at any time without notice.



For cancellations and re-scheduling, please give at least 24 hours notice, 48 hours is better. For every cancellation within 24 hours of the appointment time, there will be a $15 cancellation fee, which will be deducted from your prepaid payment (if it is for a phone appointment, or if you prepaid by eTransfer), or which will be due before your next appointment (if it was an in-person and you didn’t prepay). If you want to reschedule a Phone or In-Person appointment but give less than 24 hours notice, but still ahead of the appointment time, and I have space that day or the next, or if you purchase a gift certificate instead of cancelling, I likely will not charge the $15 cancellation fee. If you repeatedly cancel, I likely will not book with you again.

If you miss an appointment without letting me know ahead of time, and without proof of an emergency, without making other arrangements with me ahead of time, you still owe me for that time, as I have set that specific time being in meditative and psychic mode aside for you, had to do all of my meditation work beforehand that I do not get paid for, and likely turned down someone else for that time, waited for you, gotten ready for it, and that wasted time for me is now gone. I also cannot just pick up another client immediately or the same day. If you are late, or need to reschedule, just let me know (occasionally I am, too) and it will not be considered a missed appointment. If you are more than 20 minutes late, unless you make other arrangements with me, or contact me ahead of time, it will be considered a missed appointment, which is the cost of your reading. But I will always keep trying to contact a person who is letting themselves miss their appointment, so if you forget, you will still be reminded by me many times. And by the way, yes, of course I always have a feeling if something isn’t going to work out, or I usually get messages about lateness or missed appointments ahead of time, but I cannot control other people. I also don’t want to further feed into anything that I don’t want to happen, and sometimes it is best for someone not to know if I have a feeling like that, for they may push it. For lateness, too, I always think I have time to change it, but that doesn’t always work out because I cannot control other people. There is also this thing in the world called being an adult, and I certainly cannot just start missing appointments myself because I have a ‘feeling’. I still have to get ready and prepare myself, commit to that part of the day, and show up.



NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE, as I am very backlogged. I keep this description on here for the people still waiting for their backlogged email readings. Once I complete the readings I have in queue, I will be phasing email readings out once again as they take too much out of me. Email readings are often more convenient for many of my clients, in more ways than one. Firstly, an email reading can be booked without needing to make an appointment, as I will just send in your reading as soon as I am finished, and the client does not need to be online at the same time as me for the reading to be effective. Secondly, the client receives a permanent copy of their reading for future reference. Please note that only certain types of readings are available by email, as noted beside the types of readings above.

When booking your email reading, I will give you a time frame that you should be able to expect to receive your reading. It can take several days to a few weeks (as of March 1st., 2017 the wait is approximately 2-3 weeks), and it may take even longer, depending on how many in-person and phone appointments I already have and get after you order the email reading. My phone and in-person readings always take precedence, and I need time off to replenish myself in between. If you do not think you would like waiting, I suggest booking a phone reading instead (available almost daily), where we can cover a wide range of subjects, including subjects covered in the email readings I offer. I also am VERY limited to how many email readings I can do in one week without getting burnt out, so at times there may be a longer wait if other email readings are already in queue. I have had people wait for a month or more when I get inundated with in-person and phone readings – you have been warned! Once your payment is received, you will be put in queue behind the other email readings I have already booked.  I will complete your email reading in the order in which your payment was received, not in the order that you first inquire.

Email readings are a special process for me and entirely different from phone and in person readings where I basically just have to show up, and they require a lot more rest before and after. I am also not a machine and I cannot choose when I am going to do one – it has to be just the right time for one, the energies have to be just right. So please do not email me asking when you will get your email reading (unless it has been more than a month). It will not quicken your reading at all. It will just annoy me to spend 10-15 minutes of my time writing to explain to you once again that there is a wait and that you do not have an appointment and I do not have a deadline, haha. That is 10-15 minutes of time that I can spend doing a reading instead. Plus there is an energy thing going on every time you message me or bug me through the ethers about it, lol. I only want to feel your energy when you are paying me to actively read you. Please do not think you can send me energy to hurry – it will probably slow me down because I cannot read when I am annoyed, either, haha. If you want a quality reading, I am not a machine, you will have to wait. And again, many times it will take longer than the time frame I originally gave you. I need to take days off and holidays, so that can also add to the wait time.

If you have ordered an email reading and get impatient with waiting because I got busy, you can always exhange it for a phone reading instead when I have space available (I can usually be pretty accomodating).

Email readings are my least favourite readings to do (although I always love the AMAZING results and feedback!). They are a completely different process for me, are harder to prepare for (as I usually need a good day or two off before a day of peace and leisurely preparing myself just for one), require me to type instead of just speak (speaking I can obviously do much faster and fit more information in), and take way more energy out of me. I cannot just do them like a machine, or like a phone or in person reading where I just basically have to show up and do a brief meditation beforehand. I am realizing that even just one email reading a week is a lot for me. I can also never finish them back to back, I have learned that the hard way. So ordering an email reading from me requires PATIENCE. Merci.


Visit my About page for more information about my history and experiences as a psychic medium!

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I hope that this was all clear and informative. Using the contact form below, please let me know if you have further questions (that are NOT already answered on this site), if you want to confirm or clarify information from the site, or if you’d like to sign up for a reading!! I absolutely love doing readings, and I look forward to hearing from you!! For general questions about spirituality, mediumship, psychic ability, etc. there is Google, and there are plenty of books out there, lol, and some articles on my blog, as well. Sorry, but I do not have time to answer a bunch of general questions for people. But if you leave a comment on one of my articles on my blog, I most likely will respond to that. Please see the Menu at the top for spirituality articles by me, astrology, and more!

Before signing up for a reading, please be aware of my prices and booking policies as stated above, then answer the bulleted questions below. You will then receive a response for payment by eTransfer instructions to book the time that you request – again payment for distance readings and deposits for weekend and group readings are due on the day of booking. 

Please note again that I WILL ONLY BOOK APPOINTMENTS IN WRITING. Never phone me without an appointment. No you cannot phone me just because you wanted to hear my voice (haha, seriously happened more than once before, and no it will not happen again. One of the points of doing readings, for me anyway, is to know things about you in a reading without previous contact, so no. Plus I just do not have time, I find it intrusive energetically and I do need time off of work, please and thank-you 🙂 ). If you are deadset on talking on the phone with me just to book, you have the option of paying me an administrative fee ahead of time, for which we would have to make an appointment anyway, haha ;-). I understand that booking groups can be complicated though, so sometimes I will allow a client to call me to talk about a group booking we have already been arranging over email, but only by appointment.

I only speak in MST time zone. So for phone readings, please figure out the time conversion yourself if you are in another time zone, thank-you! (I am in AB., MST time zone). And yes, I MEAN IT! haha. You do not have to write me this big thing about what the time difference is, or what you think it is, or where you live (and actually you better not, lol), just GIVE ME THE TIME IN MST, please and thank you, lol. Again, JUST TO BE CLEAR – I do not want to see any other time zone in my inbox but the time you want in MST. If you do not have the time to look it up or figure out the conversion right now, please wait to send me your Sign Up Form to me when you do have time.


Here are the very simple, reasonable, and easy


To SIGN UP for an individual reading,
 YOU MUST ANSWER THE FOLLOWING BULLETED QUESTIONS that apply to your booking in your very first message, without telling me anything else about yourself or why you are signing up for a reading with me, USING THE CONTACT FORM BELOW (or by texting 403-493-0604), and/or check the box(es) that apply to the type of reading you want to book in the form below, or use the Copy and Paste form by clicking here instead :

  • What type of reading would you like? (ie. Psychic MediumSpirit Animal ReadingPast Life, Tarot Forecast, etc). Prices and the format or delivery method available for each reading are CLEARLY listed above in bold, under Types of Readings and Prices, AND PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE READING YOU WANT IS AVAILABLE IN THE FORMAT YOU WANT, SEE AGAIN UNDER TYPES OF READINGS AND PRICES. I DO NOT DO TAROT IN PERSON AS I DO NOT LUG MY TAROT CARDS AROUND!,
  • What format or delivery method would you like for your reading? (i.e. Is this for an In-person or phone reading?) Please note that my pricing has now changed for in person readings, and I no longer have a private space in Canmore for in person readings, so you have to be comfortable meeting in public for an in person reading, see above under the headings Location and Availability, otherwise book a phone reading instead. And please note that I am in NO hurry to find a private space right now, as I prefer phone anyways, just in case you are waiting to book for when I have a private space. AGAIN PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE READING YOU WANT IS AVAILABLE IN THE FORMAT YOU WANT, SEE AGAIN UNDER TYPES OF READINGS AND PRICES. I DO NOT DO TAROT IN PERSON AS I DO NOT LUG MY TAROT CARDS AROUND!,
  • How long of a reading would you like? (prices are clearly marked under Psychic Medium Readings or the Type of Reading above and start from $45 for a 20 minute phone reading). If you only care to ask about 1-3 personal issues and have questions ready, shorter time is just fine, but if you would like a general reading or would like to get more in-depth, do mediumship, get into past lives, Animal Spirits, past/present/future, spirituality, your spiritual path, etc., at least 45 minutes is absolutely necessary. If you order shorter time and have a specific situation you need to explore, then please get to the point right away otherwise you really will get a general reading as I find auras, life path, spiritual path, and spirits very fascinating, and this will likely take up all of your time. Of course, once again, please DO NOT TELL ME WHY YOU ARE BOOKING WITH ME WHEN BOOKING, leave that for your reading. This information is here only for you to decide ON YOUR OWN how long you want, not to tell me what you want to talk about in your reading while booking.
  • What day(s)/timeframe(s) in MST time zone (do not give me any other time zone) are you hoping to book for? (especially if it is for an in person and you are only in town for a short period of time. If you are only here for the day, tell me what time you are leaving town and when you are free so I can see if I can accomodate you). I prefer to read in the afternoon and early evenings. I will only do morning readings if that really is the only time you can do it and only if you pay a $15 non-refundable deposit per person (as mentioned above under the heading Schedule and Hours). I can do later night readings by phone, sometimes even in person, just ask. Weekend readings (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays) require a $25 non-refundable deposit per person to book them.
    • And you MUST give me a second and third option for a time frame in case your first choice is already booked. If you are only in town for a short period, please let me know the date range and what days/times will not work because of other booked plans,
    • If you want a phone reading or are in town permanently and want an In-Person Reading, what days/evenings/times normally work best for you? (in case I am already booked for the day/times you originally requested),
  • What days/evenings/times WILL NOT work for you, in the time frame(s) you provide? For instance, if you request an appointment for Thursday but you know that you have to pick your dog up from the vet at 5 PM, and you go to bed at 8 PM, let me know that between 4:30 and 5:30 PM and after 7 PM will not work for you, it really is that easy, haha,
  • What is your cell phone number? (so we can text in case something goes awry around the appointment time. Please do not ever bother giving me a landline, I most likely will never call you, haha).
  • And are you prepared to pay immediately in full by eTransfer to keep a phone booking, and to pay a non-refundable deposit by etransfer for weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), morning, In Person Readings, and group bookings, that will go towards the cost of your reading, and any applicable travel fees in advance, as clearly mentioned above under the heading Payment? After you inquire about booking a time for a phone reading, and once we agree on a time and I send you the eTransfer payment information, I expect our next correspondence to be confirmation of an eTransfer sent, thank-you, not any questions that can be answered by looking over this page. The final deadline for me to receive payment for phone bookings is at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment (or by the deadline I give if the appointment is booked for the same day), although payment for distance readings is technically due at the time of booking anyway, as mentioned above under Payment.

*Basically please get to the point in your very first message, tell me what type of reading you want, how long you want, when works for you in MST time zone (and give me more than one option for when), and when does not work for you. When you are NOT AVAILABLE is very important in your first message, as well.  

*Before you click send, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and cell number CORRECTLY in the form and that it actually works, otherwise I obviously will not be able to reply to you! And believe me this still happens even though I put this clear reminder here, so please DOUBLE-CHECK THAT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS CORRECT AND THAT IT WORKS!! haha. And please make sure once again that you are not asking me something that can be answered by looking on this page. I have almost never had anyone ask me anything that can’t be answered by looking it up themselves on this page, so go look again please (confirming information is okay)

After booking, please read below the contact form under the heading PREPARING FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT AND HOW TO GET A BETTER READING :-). And for people who think they still want to ask me things clearly answered on here if they took the time to look properly, please see the bottom paragraph of this page, hahahaha!!

***IMPORTANT!!!!! PLEASE NOTE!!! Lately I have had WAY too many people writing me using the Sign Up form without checking the information about booking, prices, payment protocol, payment method, my rules, etc. above first, or who do not answer my simple booking questions, as CLEARLY requested, and who tell me stuff ahead of time when I am clear on here they are not supposed to. NO MORE!! NOT ALLOWED!! hahaha. Again, this is a SIGN UP SHEET, meaning you already know how long you want and know what time frames you can do the reading before writing me, and are ready to tell me this in your first message and ready to pay your fee or the deposit- the Sign Up Form is not a place to ask me questions already answered on this page or my website (there is actually no place for that, just please read, haha). And there is more information on my About Page, at What to Expect From a Psychic Medium Reading with MeSigns From the Spirit World, and the Menu above. Thank you.

And STILL NO ONE HAS ASKED ME ANYTHING THAT CAN’T BE ANSWERED BY LOOKING AT THIS PAGE OR THE REST OF MY WEBSITE, haha, but people keep doing it. . . PLEASE STOP IT!! No, I will not think just you are cute for doing it, when there have been tens too many of you now, lol. If you barely looked at my website and you think you can get away with lying to me about something stupid (which I hate), by pretending to me that the information is not there when it is in multiple places, you are wrong. Take a breath, you are not going to get an instant reading anyway, and go look again please, or use the search function above, or look another day when you have time. Here is a clue – the information is probably under the heading that it applies to, duh, haha. If you convince yourself that you don’t have enough time to look today (but for some reason you have enough time to write me back and forth, expecting me to take 15-30-45 minutes out of my own day just writing you things you could have used that time for reading it on your own), then please wait to write me another day when you do have time. No big deal, but when I get the same thing all of the time when I have asked my clients to book in a certain way, and I am very clear that I am particular about it in more than one place, then it IS a big deal and you will not get a reading, nor a response from me other than to go look again. Thank you.

FOR BOOKING PAIRS AND GROUPS CLICK HERE INSTEAD, DO NOT USE THE FORM ON THIS PAGE, it is for individual readings and not for pairs or groups!!

SIGN UP FORM. To book an INDIVIDUAL reading (NOT A PAIR OR GROUP READING, for that go to the Sign Up Form For Pairs and Groups here instead), use the comment section of this form to answer the Sign Up Form Questions clearly marked above and check the box(es) that apply to the type and length of reading you would like. Thank you!!):



*All of my readings and sessions (including Distance Energy Cleansing and Balancing) are for entertainment purposes only and are not substitutes for medical, legal, health, financial, or other professional advice. By signing up for and receiving a reading or energy cleansing and balancing with me, you acknowledge that you are aware that my services are for entertainment purposes only, and that you are responsible for your own decisions, life path, and physical and mental health.

Once your appointment is booked, please read the following:


Please do not tell me anything beforehand, it ruins the whole point of getting confirmation and validation. I do not need any other information from you besides your real first name and payment information to do a reading for you (unless it is astrology, then I do need birth information). Throughout the reading, I will obviously be getting a lot of information that will be puzzling to me, so I will explain the message or vision and then ask questions so that you can clarify things for me. Do not show me pictures unless I ask you to, or unless you want to show me after the reading. You can bring pictures and objects to an in-person reading if you want, but keep the photo upside down if you want me to hold it. You can also hold objects of significance to loved ones who have passed during a phone reading, it may help (but do not tell me anything, unless I am on to something, or ask you. But in these instances at least tell me you want mediumship at the time, not ahead of time, please).

Also, please never arrive or call early for your appointment (I can no longer do in person readings at my home, so please disregard any information here relating to in person readings at my home). Even if it is only a few minutes early, you will be interrupting my preparation, and yes a few minutes makes a difference (if you interrupt my smudging I have to start all over again, haha). Sometimes I may also be late, but I will usually let you know.

Try to make sure you have time to relax before and during your reading, and that you will not be interrupted. I will not read for you while you are driving or focusing on something else. Meditating before your reading is helpful. Smudging and/or praying is also helpful. Do not be rigid about what you expect to come through, or try to put too much expectation into the messages you want to come through. Forcing does not work, receptivity does. I cannot control what comes through, I am just a messenger and conduit, and I am definitely not a tell you what you want to hear machine. It is up to the Spirits what they want to say and how they want to say it, not me. Many times the message will not make sense till later, as I pick up on future, as well. Also realize that there is absolutely no way that I can possibly pick up and communicate everything about a person or receive EVERY important message for them that can come through in 20-30-45 or even 60 minutes, that is ludicrous. So if things came up in the reading that were accurate, but you wanted to hear about other things instead, it does not mean that I didn’t pick it up or can’t, it just means that we ran out of time and the Spirits wanted to talk about other things at the time. If you give them free reign to talk about what they want, they will, haha. So for important stuff, do not let it wait till the end – I will not give you free time because you did not get to the point. For example, if the Spirits are talking about your personal life, but you want mediumship instead, just say you want mediumship, that way you are still not telling me too much, and you will get the most out of your time. Or, if you wanted to talk about your personal life, but your grandmother is coming through and you are running out of time, you can just tell me to focus on personal life instead (of course only during your reading, NEVER TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO FOCUS ON AHEAD OF YOUR READING OR WHILE BOOKING).

Please DO NOT LIE or purposely try to mislead me during the reading. Do not tell me “Yes” when it really is “No”, and do not tell me “No” when it really is “Yes”. All you will get is a confused look on my face and I will go on and on because I am getting conflicting information from the Spirits and from you. If you want to waste your money looking at my scrunched up, confused face the whole time, go ahead, haha. What do you want me to do? Argue with a complete stranger that they are a liar because a Spirit is telling me different information? (I am still a human who grew up in a society where that would be considered rude, haha. But I will still confront you on it if you do it, I have no qualms about that). When you lie you take the reading off track. I have confronted more than one client on this during their reading, and afterwards, I always get a description from them of how I was actually bang-on. It will not work with me, so do not do it.

Be mature. Realize I am not a tell-you-what-you-want-to-hear machine. Realize the future is not set in stone, and that you have free will.

Do not be set in what you want to come through, it is very important to be receptive to the information that comes through, rather than forcing things (and that is one of the reasons that I am very good at what I do, I never force Spirit to tell me what I want to hear, I take their messages for what they are). Realize that the future has endless possibilities and that our lives change constantly, so be open to future stuff that you do not anticipate now, coming into your life later. Also, I am not a mind reader. Realize also that we have limited time, and so if a topic isn’t coming through that you want, SPEAK UP (without telling me too much, of course). You can just say that you want to change directions and give me a topic like relationships, career, finance, mediumship, etc.

It is also a good idea not to be nosy and ask too much about other people in a reading, as well. It is okay to ask about them in terms of your relationship with them, or to help improve your relationship, but it is not okay to ask about other people just because you are nosy. The reading is for you, and the messages are for you.

Some practical concerns for me: bring cash. If you want to pay for an in-person appointment by eTransfer, you must do so at least 24 hours in advance.

Please do not phone early for your appointment or come early for your appointment. I will be busy preparing right till the time.

Nobody else can sit in on your reading unless they get a reading as well, sorry, I just find it too distracting, and not to mention completely unnecessary and actually kind of annoying. If someone wants to be nosy about your reading or my work, haha, and add to the energy and messages I have to sort through (for free), they will just have to listen to your tape afterwards, look at your notes, or get a reading themselves. The only exception is when the client is under 18 and a guardian has to be present. So the answer to the question of whether someone else can sit on your reading is yes, as long as they get a reading themselves at the same time, as well.

Occasionally clients will bring me gifts, and while I appreciate the thought tremendously (I really do!), they almost never give me anything I can use or want, haha. I am food sensitive and food intolerant to a lot of things, so it is best just not to try. I do not eat sweets (including fruit, unless it is fermented, ha!), and I am sensitive to grains, beans, legumes, anything carby, and chocolate, etc., and I almost never ever drink coffee or tea (unless it is an herbal medicine, and for that I definitely have to pick it out myself, haha), and I cannot keep nor do I have space for plants here, and so please do not bring me any of these things anymore, haha. I hate things to go to waste or for you to spend time or even a little bit of money on something that I cannot use anyway. I have received gifts of crystals, rocks, books, cheese, wine, cosmetics, and music though, and I do very much and appreciate and use and love those gifts (just for your information, in case you are deadset on bringing me something, but you most definitely do not have to, haha). But thank-you everyone for the thought!

And yes you may record the reading (and I actually encourage it) as long as it is not a video and that you do not post it publicly anywhere ever (you are not allowed to publish any of my readings). Recordings of my readings, of my work, are not allowed to be copied, distributed, or published, they are for personal use only. I own the copyright to my work. If you want to take notes, please make sure that you are a good listener and take accurate notes, lol, otherwise they will be useless later on. Recordings and accurate notes are helpful because you most likely will not remember everything and a lot of the stuff will not make sense until later or until it happens, as I do obviously pick up on probable and possible future, as well.







And finally, for people who think they still want to ask me things clearly answered on here if they took the minute to look properly: Be warned that if you keep asking me things that are clearly written and explained on this page simply because you do not want to take a few minutes to look it up yourself (and that is really all it will take!), if you take too many emails and messages just to make one simple booking, and if you lie to or repeatedly annoy me during the booking process (by trying to say you that can’t find something on your own when the Spirits tell me that you are just being lazy, lol), I will most likely refuse to read for you, lol. So just don’t do it!! lol. I do not mind if you write to me confirming information and details from my website to clarify things, but please just don’t ask things without looking it up first, it will not take you long. There is also a search bar at the top of my website on every page, so please use that if you feel that you cannot find something.

“Oh, I didn’t even read/see any of that” is NEVER something to write me. If you don’t want to read about my prices and policies, call a psychic hotline, and honestly don’t bother me, lol. Ideally, I can only read 1-3 people in one day, and need plenty of days off and time for rest, so someone else who gets to the point about making an appointment in their first message and who makes their payment without a delay or hassle will just come along. And that’s how I’ll pay for my groceries and rent that month, from them, instead of wasting time I don’t get paid for corresponding with someone who’s going to be a pain in the butt to me, lol. Don’t think you’re special enough that you can ruin my morning/afternoon/night with your laziness and annoyingness, lol, thanks!! Please respect my time – I simply cannot afford to talk for 20-30-45-60 minutes to several people each a day about things clearly written on here, so don’t assume I’ll do it for you (this still happens occasionally, and in the end because they did not read information properly to book in advance there ends up being no appointment, and therefore no payment to me for wasting my time talking to the person in the first place). Realize that this is a page that I’ve worked tens, if not hundreds of hours on, and it will only take you a few minutes to navigate. I also have a chronic pain condition, so my threshold for dealing with irritating people is probably less than it is for others, lol, and I am also usually typing on my phone with my thumb, and I’m simply not going to type the same thing to everyone!!! Don’t do it!!! Lol. Maybe pretend you’re working on a mini-school assignment where you have to answer the questions “what types of readings does Patricia do, what are her prices, where is she located,  how long can a reading last, what kinds of things come up in readings, how far in advance do I have to book, and what are her procedures and policies to book a reading with her?” using this website as your source of information, and 5-10 minutes later, voila!!! You’ll have your answers!! Lol. Plenty of people book every day in a matter of minutes with no haggles or issues, you can do it too! Or you’ll book with someone else, Thanks! Call a psychic hotline or go find another psychic who wants to spend 20-30-45-60 minutes of their own time with every single potential client just trying to arrange a simple booking and leave me alone! Lol. I mean it! I can’t read for people who get on my nerves anyway, I have to be in peaceful mode. And never bother, after I spend at least 20 minutes of my own time that I don’t get paid for to keep telling you to look for your answers on this page, write me something like “I just wanted a reading”, lol. Well then follow my simple directions for booking and payment (that’ll only take you 5-10 minutes) like everyone else has and does, and you will get a reading. And this page is only long and repeats things because of annoying people – don’t be one of those people and make me add to it, lol, DON’T DO IT!!!





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37 thoughts on “Booking a Reading, Prices, Contact Form

  1. Sorry, we forgot to tell you what we wanted. We both want 1/2 hour of psychic medium and 1/2 hour of past/present/future tarot cards.

  2. Hello I am interested in a meeting face to face. I live in canmore, hopefully that is convenient for you.
    Please call me to discuss how to do this.
    Cell# 403 953-2303

    • Hi Kathy, sorry for the late response but I just saw this now for some reason. I wasn’t in Banff at the time, though, but if you’d like to know when I’m there, just subscribe to my blog, and you’ll get an inbox when I am.

  3. hello Patricia, I have time for an hour reading tonight if you do? Lol preferably phone but email is ok too. Let me know what you have time for.

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  22. Hi there!

    My boyfriend and I are interested in prices for reasonings. We were just wondering if you just do card readings or palm readings as well? Thanks!

    • Hi Desairae, as clearly mentioned on this page you commented on, I only do Tarot through email, and as mentioned on my About page, no I do not do palm readings anymore. Cards and palm reading are something I learned as a teenager, but I do not use either tool anymore (Tarot only through email, and only because people ask for it, otherwise I would drop Tarot as well) because obviously I am way past using tools now and the information I pick up on using tools is not even nearly as specific compared to what I can do in a Psychic Medium reading, and not to mention just plain boring compared to a Psychic Medium reading, haha. And once again, the prices are clearly marked beside each type of reading, as well. Thanks!!!

  23. Hi Patricia,

    I know it’s very short notice, but I was wondering if you would have any openings for readings for 2-4 people Saturday January 7 at any time or Sunday January 8 in the afternoon?

    Thank you

  24. Is there a limit to how many readings I could order?I saw 3 that I liked.I wouldn’t mind waiting any length of time so not worried about that.They were email readings.

    would i be able to pay using PayPal?Iam in the USA….I apologize if I already asked all this but not sure if my comment sent before.

    • For some reason I am just seeing this now. I do not book in the public comment section though anyway, please message me through the Booking a Reading form, if you are still interested in a reading.

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