What Does the Colour of Your Aura Say About You?

When I see auras around people, I always see a mix of colours and different layers of colour, and these colours always change according to their moods and current life stage. But I always see one or two dominant colours, and our dominant colour(s) signify our spiritual purpose for being here (our “life path”), show us our strengths and our gifts, our basic outlook on life and relationships, and point to what we’re drawn to here in this life, amongst many other things. Below is a brief list of the basic colours that I commonly see as a dominant colour in auras and what the colours signify to me. This list doesn’t get into what the different shades of every colour mean, but I can say that if the colour is murky or cloudy, that points to something amiss in that person’s life with what that colour represents.

Another thing I should mention is that I very rarely see red, orange, or yellow as a dominant colour in someone’s aura (maybe I’ve seen it a few times out of hundreds or thousands, and when I do, they’re always mixed with one of the upper chakra colours). I’ve asked Spirit why this is, and the answer they gave me is that it would be an unnatural state to maintain that energy constantly, as those colours are related to the lower chakras, which are related to our base drives and needs. Apparently when I see yellow, orange, or red as a dominant colour around someone, it points either to a temporary state, or an imbalance. But honestly, I had a hard time for a while wondering why mostly everyone had shades of green, pink, blue, indigo, purple, or white as a dominant colour, and not shades of the other basic colours. I thought maybe I was just being prejudiced against the lower chakra colours, ha! But talking to Spirit and other intuitive people taught me that this is “normal” (if you can even use the word “normal” when talking about any of this stuff!). If there are any other clairvoyants out there who have a different take on this, I’m curious to hear what you have to say about it :-).

But below are the basic colours that I see in auras and what they signify to me when I’m reading someone, along with what careers are compatible for each dominant colour, enjoy!! You can probably make a good guess what your dominant colour(s) are just by reading the description of each colour below (if you can’t see your aura yourself, yet. . .). But if you believe you can’t see auras because you can’t see them with your physical eyes, it doesn’t mean that you can’t “see” auras, it just means that you haven’t learned to “see” clairvoyantly yet, or you didn’t learn to trust your clairvoyance yet (I can see auras both physically and clairvoyantly so I can read auras during distance readings, yes).  If you would like me to read your aura, you can book a reading through my Booking a Reading page here.

PURPLE – Very spiritually oriented or going through a spiritual awakening.  A spiritual seeker.  Bold personality.  Usually have a regal quality about them.  Proud.  Highly intuitive and clairvoyant ability. Very open-minded.  Can have a difficult time being grounded at times, focusing on the material world to get things accomplished in it, and completing tasks.  Purple is a mix of red and blue so it’s a good idea to read the descriptions for both those colours as well.

Compatible Careers for PURPLE – Writer, Intellectual, Scholar, Life-long student, Spiritual Advisor, Mentor, Life Coach, Teacher, Shaman, Speaker.  Anything with a spiritual bend.

INDIGO – Very clairvoyant.  “Lost in the clouds”.  Very idealistic and dreamy.  Always feels different than everyone else.  Able to see things from different perspectives.  Seeks truth and wisdom but looks beyond “facts”.  Strong inner “knowing”.  Can also have a hard time being grounded in the material world, always wants to dream.  Can be prone to depression and periods of mania.

Compatible Careers for INDIGO – Shaman.  Spiritual healer.  Artist/Writer/Performer.  Student/Teacher. A nything technological, my Guides say that Indigos can grasp technology very easily.  Court Jester (seriously, only an Indigo will get that, ha).

BLUE – Intellectually curious.  Interested in truth, the law, fairness, speaking, communication. Messenger.  Very communication oriented.  Logical.  Matter of fact, but can be blunt to a fault.  Usually have writing ability.  Strong interest in music, and sometimes musical talent.  Lover of facts! Blue people know everything (I have a lot of blue in me as well, haha).  Can be prone to depression and periods of listlessness.

Compatible Careers for BLUE – Law, Media, Public Relations, Communications, Speaker, Advocate, Messenger (any career where you educate and inform people, and it can be in any field), Artist, Singer, Performer, Writer, Teacher, Design and Architecture.

GREEN – a Healer, drawn to healing in some aspect in this life, whether it is physical or emotional healing, but usually interest in physical healing is stronger with green people than with pink people, who are also healers.  A mix of compassion and a very scientific mind, always oscillating between the two. Usually go through more than one healing crisis in their life, possibly suffer from a chronic illness or illnesses.  Green is related to the heart chakra, but I find that green people are able to be more detached and have more of a scientific and intellectual orientation than pink people do (pink having to do with the upper heart chakra).  Strong interest in health.  Very earthy and nature-oriented.

Compatible Careers for GREEN – very drawn to the medical field, even if they don’t work in the health field or never did, they seriously considered it at some point, or want to be in the health field in the future.  Medicine, health, nutrition, energy healer, any career related to the body.  Sports and Fitness (more in a healing aspect rather than with actually being a sports “performer”).

PINK – strongly empathic and compassionate.  A strong desire to help and serve people and animals. Usually drawn to service in some capacity, anything that makes people feel good.  Wants to motivate and encourage people.  Drawn to beauty, aesthetics, romance, and love.  Very heart-centered, emotionally oriented, very sensitive.  An emotional healer.

Compatible Careers for PINK – Counselling, Psychologist, Social Worker, Caretaker, Medical Assistant, anything service-related, Beauty industry, Design (I’ve seen a few Interior Designers with strong pink, it’s the urge to make the world better or nicer for people), Community Service (I’ve also seen police officers with strong pink), anything to do with helping or caring for animals, children, the elderly, or anyone that can’t take care of themselves.

YELLOW – Detail-oriented.  Skeptical.  Strong scientific mind.  Lots of physical energy, but always has to find a direction for it.  Busy-body, does not feel right if they’re not busy all of the time.  If the yellow is not well-balanced with any other colours it can point to high anxiety, or being in a fearful or panicked state, control issues, rigid thinking, and being critical and judgemental.

Compatible Careers for YELLOW – Scientist, Teacher, Corrections, Police, Management, Auditing, anything to do with rules and enforcing rules, Leader, anything detail-oriented, anything to do with technology, anything to do with evaluating.

ORANGE – enthusiastic, creative, expressive, child-like.  Lots of physical energy that doesn’t always have a direction, haha.  Can also be prone to anxiety, or are currently in an anxious state.  Have a hard time sitting still.  Can also be naive.

Compatible Careers for ORANGE- Artist, Performer, anything to do with sports, motivating people (especially in the arts and with physical activity), getting people active, working with children.

RED – Bold, strong, risk-taker, proud, very physically oriented (more physically oriented than mentally or emotionally oriented, or going through a period in life where you are more focused on physicality). Passionate emotions.  Can have a bad temper, prone to anger.  Can be a bully, domineering.  Attracted to leadership.

Compatible Careers for RED – Leader, Management, managing money, anything to do with physical labour and physical strength, Daredevil, anything risky, Police, Corrections, Firefighting, working with the Earth (farming, mining, etc.), Sports, Performer (but usually a bold performer, of course, or someone who is known for taking risks).



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