Things You Can Do To Develop Your Own Psychic Ability

_IGP2921* copy2As spiritual beings, we all have psychic ability. But you don’t have to be a “psychic reader” to use your psychic ability – developing psychic and intuitive ability has practical applications for your daily life. For instance, it can help you to avoid certain people and situations that might be harmful to you (just make sure that you listen!), and it can help you to make better decisions for your long-term health and happiness by guiding you in the direction that would be most beneficial to you. It can help you to know when someone you care about is in trouble or needs your help. It can help you to empathize with others and understand their perspective and experiences better, improving your relationships. These are only some of the ways that practicing your psychic skills can enrich your life here in the physical world.

Below is a list of things you can do to develop your own psychic ability. I will eventually add more to this, including more exercises, but for now I think that this is a good basic list. I do also offer one on one Psychic and Intuitive Development Coaching over the phone or in person.

Here are some steps you can do to help you tune in to your own intuition:

Accept that you are psychic. Everyone has psychic ability and anyone can develop their psychic abilities. The first step in developing your psychic abilities is to accept that you are an intuitive, spiritual being, because how can you develop a “gift” that you’re not even aware that you have? Remember the ways in which your intuition has been right in the past. Have you had dreams or feelings about things or people that later came or proved to be true? Have you had encounters with spirits? Can you sense the emotions of other people and animals? These are all signs of psychic ability.

Gain confidence in your psychic abilities. Without confidence in your own psychic abilities, you will never get very far in developing them. If you get discouraged and tell yourself that you are not psychic, then you most likely will give up on trying to develop your skills and stay out of tune with your intuition by never trusting it.  Keeping a journal of your psychic experiences is one great way to help you gain confidence in your abilities. It helps when you can look back at your previous entries and see how accurate your intuition has been, and to see how much you’ve progressed. Record psychic information that you receive, including the psychic information from your dreams.

Meditation. Meditation is a great way to improve psychic ability. A clear mind is necessary in order to receive accurate psychic information, and meditation helps to clear the mind. The more you practice meditation, the better you will get at achieving the proper mental state to receive accurate psychic information. We have to remove all of our preconceptions in order to trust the information that comes through, otherwise we are just being influenced by our own ideas, biases, and HOPES for the outcome and answers that we desire.

A good way to get started with using meditation to develop psychic abilities is to start by learning how to ground yourself. Grounding meditation is different than other kinds of meditation in that it is a directed visualization rather than about clearing your mind. You can find a grounding meditation here, but there are many others on the internet if you search. Grounding helps us to develop our psychic abilities because it helps us to get used to tuning into our subtle energy bodies, and to learn the sensations of clearing out negative energy and cleansing our energy fields with positive energy.

Tuning into your own energy field. Learning to actually “feel” your own energy field on a psychic level helps to improve psychic ability because it gets you accustomed to feeling energy in general, which is what you are “reading” when you are using your psychic skills. Start again by grounding yourself, and then clear your mind and try to sense your aura.  If it helps you to close your eyes, then that is okay. Try to sense the size and shape of your aura, either through “feeling” or “seeing”, or both. What shape is it? Are there any parts of your aura that somehow feel denser or lighter? Take note of all the sensations you feel. Denser parts of the aura can point to health problems, injuries, and emotional issues. Move your hands around your energy field as well. We have chakras in our hands that can receive energetic information from touch. Try to also see if you can “feel” or clairvoyantly “see” the colours of your aura. Now try to see your aura in a mirror. It is helpful if you are standing in front of a white background. Soften your focus with your eyes, do not stare intently, and look around the outline of your body. This is so you can get used to using your Third Eye instead of relying on your physical eyes. Take note of the shape and colour(s) of your aura. It might take more than once of doing this exercise before you can start to see anything, so keep practicing.  This exercise is very helpful in developing clairvoyance.

Chakra meditation. Chakra meditation and visualization also help to get you used to feeling the subtle energy of your field. Chakras are part of our energy fields and correspond to different glands and organ systems in our physical bodies. Learn about the 7 major chakras, their corresponding colours, and what they represent. For the chakra meditation, again, ground yourself first, and then visualize your root chakra, located at the base of the spine and in the genital area, opening up like a red flower, and a white light moving into it and lighting it up. Keep focusing and you can even try to see which direction the chakra is spinning (chakras spin like discs). Move the white light to your sacral chakra, located below the belly button and above the root chakra, and do the same thing except imagine that it is an orange flower opening up this time. Take note of any sensations you feel, including which direction it is spinning, if you can indeed feel it. Now move the white light to your solar plexus, which is yellow and located just below the breast bone and above the navel. Imagine it opening up like a yellow flower.  Repeat this process all the way up through the major chakras. The next chakra is the heart chakra, located on top of the physical heart between the breasts, and it is green. I also always include the upper heart chakra, which is pink and located on top of the thymus gland. The throat chakra (which is located at the base of the throat and blue) is next, followed by the third-eye chakra, which is indigo and just above and between the physical eyes, and lastly the crown chakra, which is purple and located on the top of the head. I usually like to pass the white light back down through the chakras and up again, just because it helps to balance, align, and cleanse them. Let your intuition guide you on how long you should spend focusing on each chakra. If you feel like you need to spend more time on one chakra, there may be a blockage there.

Practice. Developing your psychic abilities takes practice, as with anything else. You have to exercise your psychic “muscles” in order to develop them. Using tools is a good way to practice. For example, get a deck of cards, shuffle them, and face them down. Ground and center yourself first, clear your mind and put yourself aside, like you do when you meditate. Now try to see if you can intuit what colour, suit, and/or number the first card is. DO NOT FORCE anything, just empty your mind and allow what comes to you to come. If your intuition tells you that it would be helpful for you to touch the card, or separate it from the top of the deck (without looking at it, of course), or close your eyes, then do so. This is a also a good way to test your psychic abilities, to see how many cards that you get right. Again, write down your results so that you can compare them with future sessions and see your improvement.

If you’d like to develop your intuition about people, then you will need to practice psychically tuning into other people. A good way to start practicing this is to practice with a friend or group of friends. This is a great way to develop your empathic skill, which is the ability to “feel” other’s feelings, and which in my experience is the most well-developed psychic skill for most people. First, everyone in the group should ground themselves, and creating sacred space by smudging or another method will only help the process, as well. Take turns tuning into another volunteer’s energy, and see what information comes up. You might get a sense of their emotional and physical state, you might get visions of things going on in their lives at the time or in the past and future, you might even “hear” a message about them if you are clairaudient, and you may even get sudden sensations like smells and tastes (for instance, the smell or taste of tobacco for a smoker). You may even “feel” any physical pain they might be experiencing.

Tools. Another good way to develop psychic abilities is to learn how to use psychic tools such as Tarot cards, tea leaves, and palmistry. Learning these tools helps you to learn universal symbols from the Collective Unconscious, where psychic information comes from. It also teaches you to focus on the energy of the person you are reading, which is what being psychic is all about, reading energy. I started off doing my first readings using nothing but tools, but eventually I realized that I did not need them anymore (and maybe not even in the first place). It helped me gain confidence in my psychic abilities, and as I mentioned before, having confidence in your psychic abilities is necessary in order to develop and use them. Now I choose not to use tools unless a client specifically asks me to.



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5 thoughts on “Things You Can Do To Develop Your Own Psychic Ability

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  2. A great and excellent article, I love the whole area of the paranormal and psychic spiritual world. You write great content on the issues related. I am also a clairvoyant and improving your clairvoyant abilities can be easy but only through meditation, visualization and dedication. You are right about the practice, takes time but some progress quicker than others.

  3. really enjoyed reading this as a psychic my self, the best for is what you spoke about. Meditation and visualisation, these are the top ways but also patience and dedication.


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