Beginner’s Course on Developing Psychic and Intuitive Ability


I am now offering an Online Beginner’s Course (mostly through email, with the option of one 20 minute phone lesson per student) on Developing your own Psychic and Intuitive Ability. It will focus on practice, individually and within pairs and groups online, using the methods that I still use for my own psychic development and in my readings today. I already do Psychic coaching one on one, but most people can’t afford the one on one time, and I have had so much interest in lessons that I decided to offer online courses and lessons at a cheaper group rate so people who can’t afford the one on one time can still get lessons.

The email part of the course will be at your own pace and will cover general information about psychic ability and developing it, psychic protection, and information on and the steps to developing your clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairaudience, and will include 3 Lessons and many practice exercises, delivered weekly through email (usually on Wednesdays or Thursdays), with me and/or with other current students (you will never know each other’s full names in practices). To participate in pair or group practices online, you must complete the first lesson, and you must be willing to be read by other students – again they will only know your first name (or whatever they pick up on psychically about you during practice, ha!) – and you will be expected to give feedback to your partner or group that week (at your own pace, of course).

I anticipate that the first Beginners course will take about a month for the average person to absorb and get enough practice on that they will start to notice a definite improvement in their own psychic abilities and confidence in their intuition, and perhaps start to be able to see visions using their clairvoyance and hear using their clairaudience. I can’t guarantee that every student will get to the point of seeing visions or hearing Spirit after their first course with me, because it ultimately depends on how much work each person puts into it and their own confidence, but I can say that you will be much much more in tune with your intuitive and psychic side after you have completed the course.

The first available date for the course is Monday, November 21st, 2016. I can only take up to 5-6 students at a time for the pair and group exercises. There will be no official class times (unless you get the 20 minute phone lesson option, which will be at an agreed upon time), every student works at their own pace. New students can join later at any time, only sometimes you may have to wait before I can involve you in any pair or group practical exercises if I have more than 6 students, but you can get the email portion of the course at any time.

The Beginner’s Course in Developing your own Psychic Ability by Email is $36, and includes at least 3 hours of instruction and practical exercises by email, including 3 pair or group practice sessions with me or other students online (usually on Wednesdays or Thursdays, the first of which will be on November 30th, 2016). If you would like to add the 20 minute phone lesson option, which is done at an agreed upon time after you complete your email booklet, and within a month of first ordering your course, let me know, and just add $27 to your course fee.

To book a space for the Beginner’s Course in Developing your own Psychic Ability, message me through the following contact form. I look forward to hearing from you, and I look forward to our first practice lesson!!!


What is Grounding and Why it is Important

_IGP8997copyrAs spiritual, intuitive, and psychic beings, we are all susceptible to collecting negative energy from other people and our environment.  As we go about our days, especially in this modern, electronic world, our auras collect psychic debris and our energy fields and chakras can become unbalanced and blocked.  This can make us lose focus and interfere with our daily functioning, both on a spiritual and physical level. Spiritual and physical grounding connects us to Mother Earth energy, which is very healing and therapeutic to our physical and spiritual bodies.  The practice of grounding helps to balance and clear blockages from our energy centers and chakras, especially the root chakra, which is associated with daily, mundane functioning, our physical survival, work (including the ability to make money), our sense of “roots” to our home and family, and stability.

A person who is not grounded will feel spacey and have a very hard time making decisions.  Their intuition will be “off”.  Whenever I psychically see someone that is not grounded, I can feel their energy field as depleted and blocked in areas, and they are not centered.  Not being grounded affects a person’s whole energy field, resulting in an imbalance and/or blockages in the other chakras besides the root chakra, as one chakra being unbalanced or blocked will throw the other chakras out of whack.  It will affect one’s power center, allowing others (including negative entities) to “suck” one’s energy and power away from them.  It can result in one becoming an “energy sucker” themselves (on a subconscious level), as the individual who is not grounded subconsciously takes in other’s energy in order to compensate for their own energy imbalances and blockages.

Grounding on a regular basis can benefit everyone, but anyone who wishes to develop their psychic and intuitive abilities should ground daily, AND also directly BEFORE and AFTER doing any psychic or intuitive work (and yes, each and every time).  Firstly, it helps to release negative energy that our spiritual bodies have collected, which ensures that there will be less negative “interference” while doing intuitive work.   Secondly, it helps to balance and heal our energy centers, which also prevents negative “interference”. Thirdly, it not only clears and balances our energy fields, but it offers PROTECTION from any negative interference and negative influences while working psychically.  Protection before doing psychic work is extremely important because you are opening yourself up to receiving message from Spirit, which includes negative entities and energies.  With the protection of grounding, negative “interference” will be greatly minimized, if not prevented all together.

So how does one ground themselves? There are several methods of grounding, and the following grounding meditation that was taught to me is a very good one.  It is not only very effective, but has the added bonus of being extremely calming and relaxing.  I not only do it before and after doing any psychic work, but also any time that I feel frazzled or anxious, or when I am having a hard time thinking about a situation clearly or having a hard time making a difficult decision.  It calms me down immediately.  It can be done either standing or sitting.  I prefer to stand because I find it much more effective for myself, but others may find that sitting is more comfortable and effective while doing this exercise.

First, plant your feet firmly on the ground or floor.  Now close your eyes and visualize strong roots growing from the bottom of your feet and moving deep down into Mother Earth, as deep down as your intuition guides you at the time, even to the center of the Earth if that is what you feel you need.  You can also visualize a third root growing from the base of your spine into the Earth at the same time, which connects your root chakra directly to Mother Earth.  Firmly plant the roots into Mother Earth. You can even visualize the roots wrapping around a rock deep into Mother Earth if it makes you feel more anchored.  Your feet, physical body, and energy field should feel very heavy and anchored at this point. Now send all of the negative debris that your energy field has collected down through those roots, and intuitively, or with your voice out loud, ask Mother Earth to take care of the negative debris for you and offer you healing.  Next, visualize light moving up through your planted roots and up into the bottom of your feet (and root chakra if you’ve visualized a root growing from there, as well).  Your intuition will naturally pick a colour (or colours) of the light that moves up through the roots.  Go with whatever colour comes to you for it is what your energy field and physical body especially need at the time.  Let the light move up through you and fill up your whole body, UP through all of your chakras, down your arms to the tips of your fingers, and up to the top of your head or crown chakra.  Now visualize branches growing from the top of your head, your crown chakra, and branching out to the Sun and Moon at the same time. Next, visualize WHITE light from the Sun and Moon moving down through those branches and into your crown chakra, and state, either intuitively or out loud, that you are now being healed and protected by white light.  Move the white light down through your whole body, down through your arms to the tips of your fingers, down through all of your chakras, and down to the bottom of your feet.  Visualize the white light enveloping your whole physical and spiritual body.  You are now grounded! Your feet should feel very heavy and there will be a noticeable difference in the sensation of your energy field.

Visualization and meditation are not the only way to ground oneself, as certain physical activities can also be very grounding.  Also called Earthing, walking BAREFOOT outside right in the grass, soil, or on natural rocks is very grounding and therapeutic.  I have read that studies have even shown therapeutic health benefits of earthing, ranging from decreasing inflammation to lowering blood pressure.  I would suspect that earthing in a natural wilderness area or in sacred areas would be even more beneficial than earthing in an urban area.  Gardening is obviously a very grounding physical exercise.  Being close to animals is also very grounding, as they are close to Mother Earth themselves.  Home cooking, especially with fruits and vegetables, can be a very grounding exercise, as well.  Working with natural materials, such as wood, rock, natural fibers, and natural metals is also grounding.

Even though there are physical activities that can be grounding, however, it is very important to still spiritually ground oneself through visualization on a regular basis.  It not only keeps your energy field flowing smoothly and connected to your own body rather than to everything and everyone else, but protects your energy field from negative influences, as well.  It doesn’t take a long time to do and the benefits to your spiritual and physical body are numerous.

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