Spring Cleaning for Your Spirit

imageWe are not just physical bodies, we are all made up of energy. In fact, everything has an energy field. When we interact with people, spaces, things, and environments, and with Spirit, our energy field is influenced by our contact with them. We pick up ‘psychic debris’ from other people, from things, and from different places, and our own energy makes connections with other people, things, and places, as well. Everyone leaves psychic debris and creates ‘energy cords’ to other people, places, and things.

This psychic debris builds up on our aura, and in our homes and other spaces, and can negatively influence our moods, thoughts, performance, and health on all levels. This is why it is important to energetically and spiritually ‘cleanse’ ourselves on a regular basis – to keep our energy field as intact, grounded, and pure as possible, in order to maintain our energy and our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health.

So since it is spring, and spring is the season of freshness, brightness, and rejuvenation, and of course it’s the time of year that we associate with doing a major cleanse, I thought I’d make a list of things that can be done to “spring clean” our energy fields, objects, and spaces on our own. I will add more to it someday, but for now I think that this is a good basic list of ways to clean out negative energy and psychic debris.

Smudging and Burning Incense and Oils. Smudging is a very powerful way to energetically cleanse and purify auras and spaces. Smudging is the burning of sacred dried plants or fungi to make smoke that cleanses auras and spaces on an energetic level. Sage, sweetgrass, cedar, and diamond willow fungus are all traditional plants burned in this way for smudging. They all have different energies, but they all can be used for cleansing and purifying people, objects, and spaces. When I smudge myself, someone else, an object, or a space, I notice a change in the energy immediately, it just feels brighter, fresher, and more “clean” right away. The smell is amazing and uplifting, as well. Burning incense and gently heating essential oils above a gentle flame (in a safe candle holder built for the purpose) are also powerful cleansers of spaces. Frankincense and myrrh are a couple of my favourites, they are very powerful cleansers, but experiment and see what energy you prefer. You can even “program” incense sticks in order to increase the effect or to ask for a specific kind of energy. Just hold the stick in your dominant hand (the hand you write with) and state, either out loud or in your head, that you’d like the smoke to do a specific thing, for instance if you want to cleanse the area of negative energies, or bring peaceful energy into the space, or bring lively energy into the space, or bring protection to the place, and visualize the intention moving into the stick. Intention and visualization always increase the effect when using plants or tools in healing, cleansing, or other psychic work.

If you want to smudge objects, like crystals (which benefit greatly from smudging), your phone, your computer, or something that you bought second-hand in order to cleanse old energies off of it, just put them through the smoke back and forth until your intuition feels like it’s been cleaned, or smudge around the object. Visualize all of the negative debris being taken up and away by the smoke, this only adds to the power of the ritual. Saying a prayer or statement of intent and giving thanks to and asking for healing from the plant spirit, Mother Earth, the Universe, or any other spiritual entity or figure you feel comfortable working with, also adds to the power of the cleansing effect.

Using a feather to waft the smoke around yourself, people, objects, or spaces is also very powerful, as feathers have very magical properties on their own, and can be used to energetically cleanse as well. They can even be used on their own to cleanse, just simply ‘brush’ upwards on your aura or a space with the feather, visualizing all of the negative psychic debris being ‘brushed’ away. Again, visualization while you are energetically cleansing adds to the powerful effect, and can even be used on it’s own as a method of energy cleaning. You can use a straw broom the same way that you can use a feather to clean out negative energy, by “sweeping” the air above the ground and out the door.

Dried plants for smudging can be found at crystal and rock shops, and I’ve sometimes even seen them at health food stores, although I have never seen diamond willow fungus in any store. It needs to be collected (as always, collect things from nature with respect and honour for Mother Nature, Creator, and the plant spirit. I was taught to put tobacco down before I took anything from Nature, and only to take what I needed, making sure that there was plenty left for it to keep growing).

Crystals. Crystals are another great way to not only cleanse your energy field, but they are great for protection, as well (you can read more about the metaphysical properties of crystals by clicking here). Wearing them can cleanse and balance your chakras and auras, but laying them over the body also works. Crystals are particularly effective at cleansing and balancing the aura and chakras if a crystal of the same colour as each chakra is placed on each chakra of the corresponding colour while laying down for a period of time. I usually feel it starting to work right away, but I usually like to let them lay on each chakra and do their work for at least 10 or 15 minutes. Pointed crystals can be used to remove negative energy by pointing the crystal so that the point points outwards from the person or area you want to cleanse. Doing this helps to draw away and transmute the negative energy. Placing crystals in a room, and even arranging several crystals in different formations (creating grids) is also very powerful for spaces, as it moves energy in the direction(s) that you arrange them in. For instance, placing crystals in each corner of a room will help to cleanse and protect that room and using pointed crystals pointing outwards from a space is very effective as well.

Crystals also need to be cleansed themselves, though, as they also collect energy from people and the environment.  The more you use them for cleansing, healing, or protection, the more they will need to be cleansed. You can clean them by smudging them, but burying them in the earth, or the hardier ones that won’t corrode in sea salt, for a few days to a week are also good for cleansing them of energetic debris. You can also put them in running water.  Again, visualizing the debris running off of them while doing so will add to the effect. I find swirling a bowl of them in spring water counter-clockwise for a couple of minutes, so that the water flows over them in that direction, to be very effective, as well, in cleansing negative energy. Swirling the water clockwise helps to re-energize them, so start by cleaning them counter-clockwise to remove energetic debris, and then swirl clockwise to recharge them. They can also be cleansed and recharged by placing them on top of a crystal cluster, or by being placed under a pyramid for at least a day or two, or by slowly passing them over the top point of a pyramid. Another method is visualization with a strong intent. Ground yourself, and then visualize a white beam going from your third-eye to the crystal and cleansing it, and all of the negative energy being transmuted.

Candles. Lighting candles is also very energetically cleansing (as long as they are not full of harmful toxins – research which candles are safe to use and use them responsibly, never leaving them unattended, and only burning them in safe containers away from flammables). Candles represent the cleansing power of the element of Fire. Beeswax candles also actually create negative ions, which cleanse spaces and transmute negative energy into positive energy. Negative ions create very high vibration places and are very healing. Placing your intention into the candle before you light it, while holding it in your dominant hand and using the power of thought and visualization, and asking that it cleanse the space and or bring in positive energy, will add to the cleansing power of the candle. Using different colours for different intentions is also very powerful. Blue brings in peace and truth and harmonious and open communication, and pink brings in unconditional love and self-love, which can attract love from others, and white encompasses all of the colours, so it is very cleansing and purifying.

Grounding. Grounding is another way to cleanse your aura of negative debris. You can also cleanse and ground crystals in this way by holding them while you ground yourself. Here is a description of grounding and a basic grounding meditation:  https://rockymountainmedium.wordpress.com/what-is-grounding-and-why-it-is-important.  There are many other grounding methods, just research different methods and see which method you prefer.

Nature and Mother Earth Energy. Nature is very healing and cleansing, and creates negative ions (which are actually the “positive” kind), and having things from nature like crystals, wood, and plants in a home helps to cleanse and re-energize the space. I always love the feeling I get when I walk into someone’s home who has a lot of plants, the energy is just so amazing. There is a brightness and flow to it, no stagnation, and that is because negative energy is constantly being transmuted by them. And the soil helps too! Mother Earth energy is the reason why grounding has such a powerful cleansing and healing effect. You are literally tapping into Mother Earth energy when you ground yourself.

Waterfalls, streams, waves, and flowing water in general, is very cleansing, and not just on a physical level, either (yes I know that water washes things, duh, ha!). Flowing water creates negative ions, which again are the “positive” kind of ions. This is why the energy around a waterfall is so powerful and has that cleansing effect on your energy, it’s creating negative ions. I love grounding myself beside a stream or waterfall, the energy feels different than when I ground myself elsewhere. Water from a shower or bath cleanses your energy field as well, especially if you put that intention into it and visualize your aura being cleansed as well while you are physically bathing. Just visualize all of the negative psychic debris being washed off your energy field while the water runs over you.         

Opening windows and doors. There is a reason why opening your windows and having all the doors open while you are cleaning feels good. The fresh breeze helps to carry away negative energy and keeps energy flowing and brings in the cleansing element of Air. The intent behind it is powerful as well. Just the decision to bring fresh air into a space while you are cleaning is putting your intention out to the Universe to help carry away all of the psychic debris along with the physical dirt you are cleaning.

Sound. Music and sound are also very cleansing to spaces and auras. Tuning forks, chimes, singing bowls, drums, flutes, rattles, chanting, and music in general all affect the energy of a space tremendously. Tuning forks are great for balancing chakras, just hit them and let them resonate over each chakra. Drums and rattles are very powerful, and it is for this reason that they are used in healing. The sound of running water and waves, and the sounds of nature in general, can also be very cleansing to a space because they bring in the cleansing spirit of Mother Earth. There are apps available that can play different sounds and tones for spiritual cleansing and healing.

Actual Cleaning. As much as cleaning can be boring and painful, it does serve it’s purpose, and not just on a physical level. Dirt and dust collect negative psychic debris. It’s also in our mind that a dirty space is unpleasant, so we are adding even more negative energy to the feeling of being in a dirty space because our thoughts create energy, as well. Clutter also interrupts the flow of energy in a space and can create a feeling of stagnation. Getting rid of clutter and cleaning feels so good because the space has not only been physically cleaned, but it has also been cleaned of all the psychic debris that the dirt was collecting, and the clutter that was keeping that negative energy stagnant.

Using vinegar for cleaning enhances the effect of energetic cleansing because of it’s own energetic properties.  If I buy something from a second-hand store, I always wash it in vinegar before I use it to get rid of psychic debris from the previous owner. Another way to use vinegar for energetically cleaning a space is to fill a glass with vinegar and water and place it somewhere in the room. The liquid will absorb negative energy in the space and transmute it as it evaporates. Of course the intention behind doing this is part of the reason why it is so effective. Salt water can be used to clean a space in this way, as well. Sea salt and salt water are powerful energy cleansers. As I mentioned before, you can clean crystals that won’t corrode by putting them in a bowl of salt. Putting a circle of salt around the outside of your home helps to keep negative energy from coming in, so it’s good for keeping spaces clean and protected.

Sea salt or Epsom salt baths are not only physically cleansing, but they are very energetically cleansing as well. That is why they feel so rejuvenating not only to your body, but also to your spirit. Using essential oils in baths (as they have the energetic healing properties of the plant spirit as well), is also very energetically powerful.

Feng Shui and De-cluttering. De-cluttering your living and working spaces and getting rid of anything that no longer serves you is very energetically cleansing. The reason that getting rid of stagnant objects is energetically cleansing is that it opens up space for energy to keep flowing through, releasing negative energy, and allowing room for positive energy to flow through. Feng shui helps to ensure that energy doesn’t remain stagnant in your living and working spaces, and removes energy blocks and allows new positive energy to enter and flow through your spaces.

Visualization. Visualization with strong intent behind it can be used to energetically cleanse your aura and spaces, as well. Ground yourself first, then visualize a white light growing from your heart chakra and enveloping your whole aura in order to cleanse it. Keep up the visualization for as long as your intuition tells you that you need it.  For cleaning a space of negative energy, ground yourself, and then visualize a white light beaming from your third-eye into the center of the room and then expanding until it fills the room and transmutes the energy into positive.  Asking Spirit for assistance in clearing a space is very powerful, as well. You can ask any high vibration spiritual entity you feel comfortable working with for their help in cleansing and blessing your home, they are here to help us. Archangel Michael is very powerful for clearing out negative energies, and when I ask him for assistance in cleaning myself or spaces, the light that fills the room or surrounds my aura is always bright blue.

Visualization of course is so powerful because of the directed intention behind it. Using visualization in all of these methods of energy cleansing, whether you are smudging or using crystals or sound, adds more power to the cleansing effect. When we use directed visualization, we are psychically tapping into the energy of the Universe, and the collective unconscious, and this is why it is such a powerful tool.

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