Correction: The Seance October 24th Starts at 5:30 pm.

The seance on October 24th begins at 5:30 pm. I originally posted 6:30 by mistake, and then had technical difficulties so I couldn’t correct it right away. For information, It is good to always go to my website and read the actual post, as I very often edit my posts after I first post them. Sorry for any confusion! I hope everyone is having a great day!

Join me for an open group Psychic Medium session – a seance – in Canmore, AB., on Wednesday, October 24th, 2018! The open group mediumship reading of…

A Seance in Canmore, AB. with Clairvoyant Medium Patricia on Wednesday, October 24th, 2018!


Tarotscopes for the Week of May 6th to May 12th, 2018!

Here are your Tarotscopes for the Week of May 6th to May 12th, 2018! Enjoy!


You may be feeling that you have been tricked or manipulated by others, or replaying or reliving a situation in your mind that happened in the past where you were deceived. There may be a feeling of defeat and despair, but beware of behaving the same way in reaction, or you will be defeated again. You will feel very sensitive to being deceived or lied to around this time. But try not to blame everyone for the actions of one or a few people, there are still honest people in the world. Beware of trying to get revenge or manipulating those against you, the energy is right for it to backfire at this time. Be strategic in your dealings with manipulative people this week. There may be some gossip going on, or someone doing things behind your back – try not to pay too much attention to it, and try to turn your back to it and be ‘the better person’, but still be aware and work extra hard on psychic protection at this time. Take some time to pause and think, and reflect on your feelings, but do not stall forever – at some point you will move forward and learn from this situation.


Now is a good time to focus on all that you have learned from life experience and realize that you are the sum of your experiences. A period of gaining worldly knowledge and experiences – seeking knowledge from experience rather than through book learning. Material and emotional rewards will come your way if you put what you’ve learned from experience into practice. The World card can mean that you have been examining how past experiences have shaped your meaning of life, and that you have been examining your role in the cycle of life on Earth in general. The Universe is telling you that you have the world at your fingertips right now – use this time to your advantage.     


The theme this week is leadership and being in control. Be authoritative, but remember to be balanced, fair, and grounded as well right now. While it is important to strive for dominance and leadership at times, be aware that being at the top can also be draining and lonely. Dealing with patriarchy, a patriarchal figure, or patriarchal authority may be a theme right now. If your power and authority are currently or have recently been challenged, be sure to stand your ground at this time. There may be a lot of competitive energy around you at this time, or you may be embracing the competitive side of yourself more this week, but just remember that cooperation can sometimes bring better results.


This is a good time for gaining recognition from your employer and material rewards for a job well done. You will start to feel hope again for your financial future, and now is a good time for working on manifesting financial stability and success – just remember to keep your thoughts around money positive. Status is a theme right now. There may be a new home, or redecoration or rearrangement of living circumstances. Cooperation with others brings material rewards and new opportunities. New social and work situations may come into play around this time. The Universe is telling you that now is a good time for networking and meeting new people, and making new friendships.


You are being guided to retreat from the material world and take some much needed alone time right now. This is a good time for introspection and self-discovery. Spiritual development and self-analysis are important themes at this time. You will be drawn to seeking wisdom and inner guidance this week. You will have some much-needed alone time for introspection, so use it. The Universe wants meditation and seeking peace to be your goals around this time. Take some time to recuperate and rest from work. A spiritual journey is under way. It may not be an easy journey and there may be some rough terrain to go through to get anywhere, but the Universe is reminding you that sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.


Social activity and searching for a sense of community will be important around this time. Loyalty in friendship is an important theme right now. Domestic life is harmonious, and now is a good time to work on home projects, especially in cooperation with others. Do not be rigid in your ways or go back to old patterns and habits when dealing with others right now, look outside the box for other solutions. The Universe is also letting you know that rewards for your hard work are coming your way.


There may be some conflict coming into your life around this time. Choose your battles carefully, but don’t give up, either. The Universe is telling you to create action at this time, do not avoid things or situations. There may be more than one conflict. Stand up for yourself, but compromise, as well. This can be a conflict in work and/or personal relationships.


This is a good time to embrace and celebrate generosity. You will be helping others, and others will be helping you. You may receive a gift or inheritance of some kind. You will be rewarded for your previous generosity around this time, as those who you have helped in the past will repay you now. You may be receiving good news about a loan, someone helping you, or someone giving you an opportunity that will lead to material rewards. You will feel rewarded for helping others in the past, and you will be receiving pay backs for previous loans and gifts.


The Magician reminds us that we have the power of manifestation and it is letting you know that you are manifesting at a high rate at this time. You can make your own reality. Now is a good time for manifesting what you want out of your work and relationships. Seeking personal and spiritual growth is an important theme right now, and the energy around you right now will help you reach those goals. The Magician card is a reminder that you are capable of achieving your career goals if you put your mind to it. This card can also be a reminder to focus on the power of the present moment and being in the now. Realize your true potential. This is a period where things seem to fall into place and synchronicity is running high. Pay attention to signs from the Universe at this time.


This may be a difficult time where you will be feeling challenged and defeated by current and past hurts. Realize that some things are beyond your control, but you can still avoid further disappointment, loss, and struggle by accepting past circumstances for what they are, and making a conscious effort to move forward. Accept and allow the Universe to work things out. The feeling of defeat and loss can be from a failed relationship or problems at work, or a struggle with your physical and mental health. Know that this feeling is temporary, and that your faith and motivation to move forward will return.


You have come out of a hard time, but the Sun card is a reminder that there is still a lot of good around you and a lot of good still to come. This is a reminder to get some much needed fun and rest around this time, as well. The Universe is sending you signals to focus on optimism and keeping a bright enthusiastic attitude, for this will attract more of the same. The more gratitude you feel for the good around you right now, the more the Universe will bring you in the future. Enjoy this time, but make sure that you save for future sunny days, as well. The Universe is guiding you to free yourself from petty, every day worries and to live in the moment and in the now.


This is a great time to visualize, manifest, and initiate your financial and career goals. This can be a time of new beginnings and new phases in your finances and career. Pay attention to health issues at this time, as well. The initiation of goals and events must come from you at this time, if you want anything to happen. Pay attention to new opportunities all around you. New health information arises, and the Universe is telling you that now is a good time for a new approach to health and money issues.


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Tarotscopes for the Week of August 20th, 2017 to August 26th, 2017!

Here are your Tarotscopes for the Week of August 20, 2017 to August 26, 2017! It is a good idea to read the sign that dominates your birth chart, as well as your Sun Sign (you can get your birth chart by searching for free birth charts online, or order your birth chart and interpretation through my Booking a Reading page here).


You may feel the pressure of focusing on material success right now, but it’s good to remember that material success isn’t everything. Try to achieve balance with your material goals and with your family and social life, as well. Financial success is yours but don’t forget about the simple pleasures in life. Too much work can bring health problems and strain.


The focus right now is on a relationship, or the yearning for one, and important friendships. This is a good time to focus on love and one on one friendships. Friendship is important and relationships seem to be working out really well at this time, or there is a concerted effort to make them flow smoother and join forces. Seek compromise and cooperation in relationships, and balance. After a period of what seems like a lot of conflict in your relationships, now things seem to be flowing a lot smoother.


Money is coming your way, but it seems unreachable right now. Worry will not help anything. Take the time to appreciate what you have and reap what you have sown. There are rewards that you haven’t even considered or taken the time to appreciate. Abundance comes in many forms other than with money. Messages about financial help and assistance coming your way.


This is a good time to start new projects. Some exciting news is also coming your way. There will be new opportunities in general. Now is a time for making plans for travel and social activities. This is a time of enthusiasm and spontaneity. Take advantage of this high energy time and keep busy.


Current and past disappointments in love and relationships may be a theme this week. You are realizing that you’ve invested in relationships that are not healthy for you. You may feel like you’re not getting anything in return for how much you give in relationships around this time, and may also feel deceived and betrayed in a relationship or friendship. Take time for yourself to heal from tears and heartache. You may be mourning the loss of a relationship or friendship around this time.


You may be feeling like you have been carrying a heavy load lately, and that you are being tested. Do not do too much at this time, or take on too much, for it can lead to emotional and physical health problems. Do not let feelings of weakness take over around this time. Be careful not to neglect one area in your life right now because of taking on too much in another area. Try to aim for balance.


Now is a time to conquer anxiety and try to overcome it. The future feels so uncertain to you right now, but now is the time to focus on baby steps and getting by day by day instead of stressing about the uncertainty. Things will happen as they come. You will be guided to better times if you focus on day to day rather than the entire future. Uncertainty and fear will attract more of the same. Money issues are concerning you, as well.


Time to visualize, manifest, and initiate your financial and career goals. The beginning of a new phase in terms of your finances and career. Pay attention to health issues at this time, as well. The initiation must come from you at this time. Pay attention to new opportunities all around you. New health information, and time for a new approach to health and money issues.


Try to focus on harmony and balance in relationships at this time. There may be a new relationship or partnership this week, or you will enter into a deeper phase in a relationship. Now is a good time to create closer bonds in partnerships and friendships. This can also signify a time for evaluating an important decision, and needing to choose the path most harmonious to your energy and potential. You must decide what you stand for and what you will align yourself with at this time.


Now is the time to break old habits, addictions, and unhealthy relationships that keep you bound to a life of unhappiness. You have been bound and kept prisoner by an addiction, unhealthy relationship, negative thinking patterns, or a situation where you seemingly lack control, but remember that you can have control if you face your fears and bring death to things and ways of living that do not serve you any longer. This can be a warning about self-destructive and obsessive behaviours and excess. It is a reminder not to become a slave to your dark side, but to confront it and learn from it. Face your fears and overcome them. Your past has taught you that you are a strong person and can overcome anything. You must learn to escape the chains of negative thinking patterns.


A man who is loving and warm may come into play at this time, or will be embracing these qualities in yourself this week. Creative and intuitive ability the focus right now. A period where you are not afraid to show your emotions or express them. You are also going through a period where you feel more loving and warm, and giving of love and affection. Take a leadership role in pursuing romance and creative projects. Focus on those who can give and receive love, not on unhealthy potential partners.


Travel, and new information are coming your way. Now is a good time to make plans for travel or moving. You should be getting recognition for your work around this time and feeling proud of what you have accomplished so far. This is a time of newness and excitement. You may be feeling competitive around this time, and friendly competition may be a theme this week. There may even be an actual competition around this time, or you are gearing up for one. Great career news is coming, as well, or you will be feeling a stronger direction in your career at this time.


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