Hello, my name is Patricia and I have been doing readings for people for over 20 years now. I am self taught with help and guidance from Spirit (and probably remember a little from my past lives, too, ha!), and started off reading for friends and family as a teenager. I am a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium and empath, and I am claircognizant, clairsentient, clairaudient, clairalient and clairgustant. I am self-taught from a young age in Tarot, reading tea leaves, Palmistry, and Astrology, and this is how I started doing readings for other people. But now I much prefer to do pure psychic mediumship readings without any tools, and just relay the messages from Spirit that are given to me. Even when I am using tools though, I am always using my intuition, as well.

I can connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels in order to receive information about you and your past, current life situation, Past Lives, probable and possible future trajectories (we have FREE WILL!), relationships, career, and life path. I can also connect with family members, friends, and animals that have passed to the Other Side (athough I can’t control who comes through, or what order they come through, and that is the case for any medium). You can learn more about the kinds of messages I receive from Spirit and the kinds of information that come through in readings here and here. I also read your energy field and can get a sense of your physical health, and pick up information on those close to you.

I focus on the positive and the client’s free will in my readings because I want to empower my clients and make them realize the power they have to manifest good in their lives, rather than scare them or create a negative self-fulfilling prophecy situation. I will still bring up any messages that can be considered negative, after all it is YOUR message and something Spirit wants to communicate to you, but I will be very sensitive with the message, and Spirit will always have ideas about how to cope with things, ease difficult situations, prevent bad things from happening, and how to steer things in the direction that you want that will be more beneficial for your life. They want the best for us, and for us to reach our full potential in this life. They are very big on reminding people that we have free will, and that the future is not set in stone. I will always highlight the free will aspect when future comes up in your reading, and Spirit will always have ideas for you to change or manifest things.

I knew from a very young age that I had “senses” other than the five physical senses, but I did not have any guidance in developing them further until I was older. My parents and other older family members have told me stories about me “talking to” (starting with baby language) and pointing and looking at “invisible beings” since before I could even walk. I also remember being very confused about death as a young child, and I didn’t believe it when adults tried to explain to me that people were just gone for good. I could still FEEL them and communicate with them (although I had no one to teach me confidence that it was real). I could feel that their Spirit was still around us. We were Catholic, and so I was aware of the idea of the Afterlife and Heaven, but I still could not grasp the concept that people could suddenly be “away” from here and from us. I always had a strong interest in the occult and spirits since a young child, and as soon as my allowance was big enough that I could afford my own books, I started collecting books about spirituality and the occult, starting around the age of 12.

I did my very first readings as a young teenager during breaks at school, after I had been studying tarot, astrology, palmistry, and tea leaves for a couple of years. At the time I still relied heavily on the traditional meanings of the symbology of it all. I was getting flashes of psychic information at the time, too, but I wasn’t yet confident enough in my psychic abilities, nor was I yet consciously aware that I am a medium. It wasn’t until my early twenties that I started to feel confident that I am indeed intuitive and empathic. I continued doing readings for family members, friends, and their friends, but only “for fun” and not on a regular basis. It was around this time that I also learned for the first time that there were a lot of gifted psychics and healers on my Mother’s side of the family, and some psychic ability on my Father’s side, as well (they couldn’t tell me earlier? ha!).

Then in 2007 I had a major spiritual awakening, one of several in my life, and eventually went through what I believe is what is known as a Kundalini Crisis. 2007 was the year that I finally accepted that I am a medium, and that I am clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and claircognizant. All of a sudden I could strongly sense spirits trying to convey messages to me, when before I had only fleeting experiences with that feeling and had always ignored it. Strange things starting happening around my home. I could suddenly talk to Faeries and Angels, and family members that had passed on to the Spirit World. My mother confirmed with me the details I was getting about family members who had passed years earlier, and sometimes before I was even born. The details I was getting from the family spirits that were coming through to me at the time were details that I could not have known otherwise, as I come from a family that never spoke much about the past, if they ever did at all. I suddenly knew things that were going to happen before they happened. I would get messages about world events weeks, and sometimes months, before they even happened. I told family members and my spouse at the time the messages I was getting, and everything was confirmed later on by them when these things would actually happen. Animal messengers started coming to me all of the time, too.

Many amazing things happened to me at that time, but eventually I was getting so much information so fast, and I was still yet inexperienced in protecting myself from negative entities and energies, that I had a bit of a breakdown, which was when I believe I began to go through the Kundalini Crisis. I sought out other psychics and mediums in the community I lived in at the time, and this helped me get through that time tremendously. I saw a few healers at that time, as well, and it helped me to accept and embrace my “gift” instead of being fearful of it. My confidence in my abilities only grew from there, and now I have been doing readings for complete strangers for over 5 years now (although I would occasionally read for strangers in the past, now I do it almost every day).

I love doing readings for people because it gives them (and me!!) confirmation that Spirit is real, that there is something more to us and our world than meets the physical eye. The messages that I get are so specific, and I could not know the things that I can know without some sort of supernatural or spiritual explanation. I feel so blessed that I am able to share this with other people, and help them to connect with the Spirit World.

While I am an easy-going, fun-loving person, and I have a great time doing readings for people, I still take what I do very seriously. I clear myself and meditate and make sure that I am grounded before every reading. Aside from the time I spend working with clients, I do psychic exercises and meditate every day. I do everything I can to make sure that every client gets a good solid reading from me and I always get great feedback from all of my clients.

In terms of what to expect from a reading with me, besides the kind of information that comes through, I am friendly, and I have a very straight-forward, casual approach. I am not a very formal or conservative person at all. I also always focus on the positive, but if I do see anything during a reading that can be considered “negative”, again, I am very careful how I word it and very sensitive with the message I got. I am NOT a “Tell You Want to Hear Machine”, so if that is what you are looking for, please look elsewhere. I will only say what I see, feel, and hear from Spirit, which no one can force, as much as they want to try. I am very blunt, but I am still very compassionate and understanding. I am very flexible about what we talk about, and we can go in whatever direction you would like. I am very open and non-judgemental. Most people want to start off the reading without asking me anything, and that is just fine because the messages I get seem to go in the direction of what clients tell me they would have asked me on their own anyway. I am, after all, getting the information from your Guides and Angels who know everything about you.

Also, everything we talk about is confidential, and no one will know that you came to see me unless you tell them yourself. I may occasionally speak or write about amazing things that have come through or happened during readings, but I never reveal the identity of the person having the reading or give away any personal details.

I have had a few people ask me if I ever go snoop online about people before a reading, and NEVER EVER EVER!! First of all, to be completely blunt, how boring (people have to pay me to use my ability to be interested in their life, haha, not to go waste my time trying to find crumbs online about someone), and not to mention time consuming (and I do not have time for that). If you are paying for 30 minutes of my time, that is all you are getting, ha! I am not going to waste any more of my time trying to find out more about you when I can just ask the spirits during your reading. That would kind of defeat the purpose for both of us, would it not? I 100% just do the reading during the actual reading time – I do not even snoop energetically beforehand (although I will accidentally dream about a client, or spirits will come tell me who is coming to see me on their own ahead of time, without me asking). And I consult Spirit(s) about your life path, NOT social media, or your friends or family who are still alive. Again, I also simply would not have anywhere near the time to do that, and it would be so boring anyway compared to the amazing things I can do just with my psychic abilities, haha. Realize I get something out of this too, and I need validation as well for me to do this. And lot of what comes through are personal things that would not show up anywhere online anyway. And no, I am not going to spend an hour or more of my precious time doing research on someone online just for a measly $60 bucks when I can just ask Spirit about them and do it in only 30 minutes, BOOM, just like that, haha!

While I have finally learned to accept and embrace my “gift”, I do not consider myself any type of guru or superhuman or anything like that. I am also not a psychologist, counsellor, mediator, lawyer, doctor, or any kind of medical, financial, or legal professional, I am just a MESSENGER. And you have free-will and are always responsible for your own life choices, which Spirit can help you gain clarity on and help you achieve your true potential, but you ultimately have the responsibility to put it into action. Being a psychic medium means that yes, I do have access to knowledge and information that cannot be gained from any traditional physical means, but that does not mean that I am “all-knowing”, not even close, and nor would I ever pretend to be. I am still just a regular person with regular problems and faults just like everyone else. Being a psychic medium does not mean that my life is easy sailing in any way. I still have my own life path to fulfill, and problems and hurdles to overcome, and I am always learning. I have had my share of heartache and tragedy, relationship problems, and financial difficulties. I am far from perfect and I will always be a work in progress. Believe me, being psychic does not work for yourself. Half the time when I do get messages from my guides warning me about something (usually about relationships or money), I don’t listen. It’s like being a kid and your parents telling you not to ride your bike so crazy, did you listen? Me, neither! ha!

Please check out my articles and posts on my blog by clicking on the Menu above, I hope you enjoy them! There will be a lot more to come! Some of my faves are Messages that Come Through During Readings, Signs From The Spirit World, Regret and Apologies From the Other SideSpring Cleaning for Your Spirit, Signs that You Have Already Known Someone in a Past Life. . .If you would like to receive an email inbox every time I post Tarotscopes, my weekly Oracle Spreads, have deals and offers, and when I am available for readings in another location, please click the Follow button under Follow Blog Via Email in the sidebar, or down below if you are on mobile.

And if you need clarity about personal or professional issues in your life, need some guidance from Spirit, would like to discover your Past Lives and how they affect your current life and relationships, or if you would like to connect to the Spirit World, please message me through the Sign Up form on my Booking a Reading page, or text me at the number on there, where you will find information about the types of readings I do, prices, hours, payment, etc. I look forward to hearing from you!

<And for people looking for a free reading, please do not waste your time asking me. I need to eat and pay my rent, can only do so much psychic work in one day without making myself sick or suffering burn out (up to only 2 hours ideally, especially with a severe autoimmune disease), so if I give you a free reading I am losing out on half of my income for that day because I will have to turn down someone else who will pay me so I can have the energy to do a free reading. If you look at my prices you will see that it is impossible for me to be able to be rich off of 1 to 3 people a day, especially with the time off I need as well, so I find it rude that anyone would even ask something like that when they know I have to eat, too. I think it also shows disrespect for what I do (you would never ask someone for a free haircut or to clean your house for free, because you know it is WORK that deserves pay). Also, ALL OF MY CLIENTS have suffered tragedy somehow, lost someone, or have gone through a hard time, and they can still pay me for my work. And what I do is not just a “gift”, I have been WORKING on this my whole life, studying HARD for over 25 years and WORKING and practicing, and this is also what makes me really good at what I do, and I think I deserve respect for that. Merci!>












*for entertainment purposes only.

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. Greetings Patti,
    Today was my second reading with you Patti and I am overwhelmed with the clarity and beauty of your spirit and presence. I leave my meeting with you with the definite connection to the beauty and wisdom of Spirit that come through with such clarity in your presence and readings.
    I look forward to another reading again to keep me Spiritually connected to the good and wonder of our world and my heart is filled with gratitude. I see so much beauty everywhere,.. in the trees, in the seasons, in the beautiful westerly breeze with the sweet mountain air that surrounds us here in the west.
    My sincere appreciation of your time and energy, Patti.
    Slainte, with Many Blessings.,
    Leigh Ryan

  2. Hello, myself and a friend are looking to see you. I had come some time ago and appreciated the clarity you were able to give me on my own state of mind.

    • Yes (by phone or in person in Cochrane where I am currently), but I do not book appointments on the public comment section of my website. Please inbox me using the form on my Booking a Reading page, which is there specifically for booking appointments. I need to know more information – is this for a phone, in person, how long, what time of day works best, when will not work, etc. etc. etc…. . . .

  3. There are 7 of us visiting Canmore who would each like a 30 minutes in person reading Saturday May 26th or early Sunday May 27th before we check out. Can you please get back to us with your availability.


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