Signs That You Have Already Known Someone in a Past Life

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We have all lived many lives on this Earth plane and we have known many of the people that we met or meet in this lifetime in our previous lives. When I do readings for people, I always see tens and tens, if not hundreds, of past lives for each of them just on this Earth plane alone (yes I do believe, and Spirit tells me, that we have had previous lives in other dimensions and other planets as well). The people that we meet or know in this life could have been our family members, friends, lovers, spouses, enemies, or colleagues in a previous life. We also switch relationship roles from life to life. Your sister may have been your best friend in a previous life, and you may have been your Mother’s Grandmother in a previous life. An important teacher to you in this life might have been your student in a previous life.

So how do you know if you knew someone from this life in a previous life? The chances that you have are actually fairly high, because we have had so many past lives, and Spirit tells me that we often reincarnate around the same time as the rest of our generation into the same era (generation is used loosely here and includes the decades before and after your birth). But it is still nice to get some confirmation that we have known someone in a past life, whether it’s someone that we have a healthy or difficult relationship right now in this life. Knowing that you have had past life experiences with someone you have a difficult relationship with in this life can help you to understand the current dynamics of the relationship, especially if you can learn from a reading, your own psychic abilities, or from hypnosis the actual relationship and dynamics of the past life relationship.

Below is a list of some signs that you have already met or known someone from this life in a past life. I may add more later as it comes to me, but for now I think this is a good list:

1. They already seem familiar to you when you first meet them. This is your soul recognizing the soul of the other person. Even though your physical appearances have changed from your previous life, your souls can still recognize each other. The feeling of familiarity can be so strong that you might find yourself staring at the other person, as your conscious mind tries desperately to try to remember where you know this person from.

2. You get a sign from Spirit around the time that you meet the person. You may get goosebumps, or what I call the “warm shivers”, or some other kind of physical sensation or rush of energy at the time of meeting the person. You may even get a shock when first shaking their hand. You may get an Animal messenger during or after meeting this person.

3. You have a strong emotional reaction to the person upon meeting them. You may feel extremely drawn to the person, you may even already feel affection towards them, you may feel scared or intimidated by this person, or you may utterly despise the person when first meeting them for no apparent logical reason. Your subconscious mind remembers the past family relationships, friendships, lovers, rivalries, and enemies that you’ve had in previous lives.

4. You have visions or dreams of other eras and places in which the other person appears. You may even have flashes of past life memories of this person. You may see certain scenarios playing out with them in these visions and dreams, or get a sense of the type of relationship you had together in that life, whether you were family, friends, lovers, or enemies.

5. You just “know” that you’ve known each other in a previous life, or lives. This is your claircognizance working, when you just “know” something without learning it in any physical way, or without using your other psychic senses. You may even have a sense of the type of relationship you had with this person in that life. You may feel very nurturing or take on a “Mother” role towards a friend, sibling, or even parent that was your child in a previous life.

6. The person keeps entering your life, even if you don’t want contact with them anymore. You “run” into each other, you may meet the same people, or you both keep going back to each other. The familiarity of the person is a hard thing to escape, even if they are not healthy for you in this life.

7. You easily jump into certain strict roles and instantly feel comfortable in these roles with a “new” lover. It feels like a reunion rather than a first-meeting. It seems like you have known each other for years. The relationship may move faster than other relationships because you so readily feel comfortable jumping into certain roles. It feels comfortable and “natural” because your subconscious mind is remembering your previous roles. Just be careful that this person is healthy for you in this life. Just because you have had a past life with someone, does not mean that it is going to be a healthy, happy, or fulfilling relationship for you this time around, or that you will even be together in this life ever, or again. That is when this person is best taken as a lesson, rather than as a soulmate.


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3 thoughts on “Signs That You Have Already Known Someone in a Past Life

  1. This has happened to me, very strongly with someone who i met at work, I instantly ‘knew’ him and we got on really well and had long conversations about anything and everything when nearly everyone else thought he was a miserable devil. If you have not read’Green Darkness’ by Anya Seton I recommend it most heartily as it is a novel dealing with this very subject.

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