Tea Leaf Reading Example

The following is a real tea leaf reading that I did for a real client in 2013 through email. All I knew was their email address and name, and they wrote me back to tell me how accurate it was for what was going on in their life at the time, and for what they had planned in the near future:
The first thing that I see is a lot of physical activity. I am seeing that you have a definite need for outdoor activity and physical activity, more pronounced than with other people. And you have a real need for play these days, as stress and overwork has been getting to you. These symbols are reminding you to take some time for yourself doing fun things instead of focusing on work all the time.

I see galloping horses at the top, and this means a lot of changes coming up in the near future. Things will be developing very fast (the galloping), and you may feel a lack of control about it at times, so it’s good to be prepared for that. A lot of new and good opportunities coming up as well. A important trip coming up soon (I see the ocean!). And a big move, maybe that is the ocean I see?

I also see a dog. This means loyal friends around you, and friends helping you out, friends that can get you good opportunities. They will be helping you with the move. I see that you have felt like you’ve been neglecting some of your friendships recently, but your social life will probably be busier in the coming months.

A rabbit, this means success in a new endeavor. Schooling coming up?

A hammer means that you have some work to do though in order to achieve that success. And some of these things are mundane, boring tasks, but I see you being able to accomplish what you set out to do. Are you also building a blog or website?

I see a lot of indecisiveness with you, apprehension about making decisions.

I see another trip coming up soon, as well, a very busy one. In fact, I see a lot of travel for you in the coming years. There are a lot of lines midway, which means that this is in the future.

I also see an increase in money in the coming months, also. More cash flow.

I see a woman carrying a burden. This means a disappointing affair. It’s at the top so this is recent or going to happen soon. I can feel though that you are quite good at bouncing back from relationship problems, and I don’t see this being something that will bother you for very long. It’ll be a minor setback. I am getting the letter B for a first initial, does that fit?

I see hearts lower down in the cup, and a woman, this means happiness in love and pleasure in life, in general. A happy relationship is coming in the next while, which will help you get over the last one. Love and romance blossoming.

There is a man, that means to expect a visitor soon. I think this is an old friend from school?

A lion at the bottom, this is a very fortunate symbol. It signifies good prospects, good money, happiness in career, and good opportunities through influential people. A very good sign. There is also a boot beside the lion, which means the same thing as a lion, so it’s even a stronger indicator of future success with business and career. Spirit is giving you confirmation that the plans you are setting right now are going to be quite successful and rewarding for you in the future! . . .

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