Psychic Tarot Relationship Past/Present/Future Reading Example

For this type of Tarot Reading, I will need a little bit of information about the relationship before I can do the reading. I will need to know if you’re actually still together, if you’ve never been officially together, whether the relationship has ended and how long it has been over for, or whether you want to end it, but haven’t yet. I will also need your first name, as well as the first name of the relationship partner (or past partner). I can also answer relationship questions with a psychic mediumship reading, which I prefer, (see my Booking a Reading Page), but I understand that some people are just more drawn to Tarot. With the reading below, you can see how the querent asked about the relationship without giving away too many details.

Below is a sample of the Tarot Relationship Past/Present/Future reading, which was done on the querent June 2015, for a relationship that had ended much prior to the reading. The querent was having some trouble “moving on” from this relationship, and so wanted some confirmation and clarity on whether they should stick to the decision to stay away from the relationship, or whether to pursue it again.

“The Querent’s question was: ‘I broke up with _____ some months ago, and it ended badly. Now I can’t stop thinking about him, and I feel like it’s not completely over, so I am wondering what would happen if I pursued this relationship again’.

Querent at Present – Ten of Cups

Going through a time of peace and harmony right now. Focus on domestic harmony. Now is the time to focus on domestic pursuits and relationships with family and friends.

Relationship Partner (or past relationship partner) at Present – Eight of Cups

Right now he is trying to seek fulfillment in life from other than material needs. His perspective is shifting towards spiritual and emotional fulfillment rather than material fulfillment. Someone who is trying to learn from the past and put his new perspective into action.

Relationship in the Past – Five of Swords

There has been a lot of games and manipulations in the past in this relationship. Even when you have felt like you’ve “won” in a situation, in the end you still felt defeated. A strong need to move on, yet this does not necessarily mean the end. So in the past you decided to move on from being hurt, but you then revisited the relationship.

Relationship in the Present – Ten of Coins

A period of happiness and financial prosperity. Now is the time for both parties to focus on domestic and financial prosperity. Hope for your financial future.

Relationship in the Future – Queen of Swords

You need to be very determined, calculating, and clever about how you go about trying to get this relationship back, or in deciding whether you even want this relationship back in the first place. You have already suffered loss, now is the time to focus on your logic rather than emotions when deciding whether to keep pursuing this relationship. The other person is going to weigh their options using logic rather than emotion.

Final Outcome for the Querent – The World

You have learned a lot from this relationship, and now your knowledge will serve you well in future relationships, and bring happiness and wisdom. The other person in the relationship has learned from you, as well. Regardless of whether you reunite again, what you have learned from this can never be taken away from you. This is a card of opportunities, so I think the Universe is trying to remind you of that, that there is not just one option, so why limit yourself to just one? There are endless possibilities, including going back, but be careful what you wish for. The World is trying to remind you of what you have learned already, so make a decision based on that. You will have the opportunity, but will you still want it? My feeling is saying that I doubt that you will. . .”

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