Sample Tarot Ask a Question Reading

Below is a short sample of a Tarot Ask a Question Reading done in June 2015, including two questions and two answers of the full reading, which is much longer:

Will ____ and I ever get back together?

Knight of Coins. You need to decide whether reuniting with this person is practical and feasible. If you do reunite with them, it won’t be right away, and it will take some “work” for both of you. By then you might not want her back anymore. It will take a lot of slow and steady thinking by both of you and you will need to see actual results before either of you even decides if that is feasible. However, I do think that you will at some point, but not permanently. I feel like it will be a short reunion, if you do.

Will my business be successful?

Yes. You will have a lot of good fortune coming to you in terms of your business. Your generosity in your business will be rewarded with generosity from your clients in return. You will have a lot of help from others while your business is growing. There is great potential for your business to grow.


© 2015

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