Sample Personalized Horoscope Year Ahead

Below is an excerpt of a Personalized Horoscope, the Year Ahead Astrological Forecast of transits (free with any hour-long email reading, or can be ordered along with your Natal Chart and Natal Chart Report, or a Synastry Report, for $10, see the Booking a Reading page for more details). The forecast is usually sixty to over a hundered pages long and is individual to each person’s birth chart and transits.

Transit MARS square natal Saturn

Apr 15 through Apr 15, 2015

The difficulties and delays you encounter during this period are likely to be caused by lack of preparation, planning, and organization–either on your part or that of others. The maddening thing is that even if you are the most careful individual, you are apt to be caught just when things are in disarray, or, just when you need something, it cannot be located in time. Bad timing is, in fact, one of the biggest obstacles to progress. Under this influence others may physically resist or even threaten your seniority or position of authority– nor are you likely to take it graciously when they do. The best part of the present circumstances is the potential that you will eventually succeed, even if it is because maturity and experience dictates that you keep on going until everything goes as it should.

Transit SATURN square natal Uranus

Apr 15 through Apr 30

Things may become frustrating during this period, especially when dealing with older people. You’ll be in trouble if you are too liberal, and yet stymied by taking a too conservative approach. In the broad circumstances you may encounter under this influence, too much emphasis on the future with no consideration for tradition and past experience is apt to be as unsuccessful as being stuck in the past unable to consider the future. Stand back and let things settle of their own accord to a level that seems comfortable for everyone.

Transit MARS trine natal Mercury

Apr 15 through Apr 17

A surge of physical energy and enthusiasm may prompt you to turn thoughts or ideas into actions–the results of which can be very successful. Sales, installation and repair of machinery or equipment are highly favored. Sales of any kind are likely to be more energetic and successful. This also applies to travel, activities and meetings, and the physical dissemination of information. Work that is done or business that is owned or operated by you and/or your siblings is likely to flourish at this time, especially if the job or business is in your neighborhood. Under this influence good fortune or good news comes through the mail or by telephone. This is an auspicious period for writing, designing, buying a car or other motorized vehicles, or developing your mechanical or computer skills.

Transit SUN trine natal Mars

Apr 15 through Apr 16

The positive energy and vitality that accompanies this influence favors all your physical efforts, the only drawback being that it also promotes a tendency for laziness. Lacking sufficient aggressiveness or the competitive spirit, you may see no necessity for taking advantage of favorable circumstances that are at hand. Avoiding the potential for indolence or a too passive attitude will net ample dividends. Superiors are impressed with your work. Male relationships and dealing with men or masculine products are favored. An excellent time to get a hair cut, attend or participate in sporting events, engage in open confrontation. If other factors do not negate the fortunate influence of this period, this is the best time to undergo surgery or dental work.

Transit VENUS square natal Uranus

Apr 15 through Apr 17, exact on Apr 16

Interactions of all kinds; romantic, social, business, friendships and even fleeting encounters with such people as salesclerks or bank tellers– can have a way of putting you in touch with the values and social mores of your own generation rather than what is currently fashionable. It can work in many different ways and on many different levels. You may, for instance, be wearing a certain style of clothing and find yourself among those dressed in fashions that differ strikingly from your own. Your interactions with others may also differ strikingly enough to make social events somewhat awkward. Any of these potential circumstances can end up being pleasant experiences, even if they are initially uncomfortable. Others are apt to eventually come around to finding you attractive and interesting, and you are able to succeed at something because of your uniqueness not in spite of it. Coordinating group activities is apt to be frustrating but if you rise to the challenge, your efforts may produce viable results.

Transit PLUTO sextile natal Venus

Apr 15 through Jun 17, station on Apr 17

The influence surrounding you during this period is not strong or dynamic enough to cause much change unless it is supplemented by the occurrence of other factors and circumstances that encourage its energy and particular focus. The energy of the influence is favorable however, and is represented by an opportunity to gain power or control, to revitalize or renovate something that has been lost, or to make a new start. Knowing there is a certain amount of favorable energy available, it is then up to you to be on the lookout for possibilities that may come along, and to take advantage of them when they do. You can also use the people and circumstances you encounter to create your own opportunities. All that has just been described relates during this period to partnership (business or marriage) and other alliances, romantic attachments, female relationships in general, your ability to cooperate and interact well with others, legal matters, and joint ventures– and to situations that will eventually lead to your participation or success in these areas.

Transit SUN trine natal Sun

Apr 15 through Apr 19, exact on Apr 17

Under this influence you may have a more positive sense of your own uniqueness, an inner contentment perhaps. If troubling circumstances do occur under this fortunate influence, you may escape at least some of the disappointment, anger, or dislocation you might otherwise have had to endure. If, on the other hand, current circumstances are good, your increased self-confidence and vitality make them even better. A good time to enjoy the world and your place in it.

Transit MARS trine natal Pluto

Apr 15 through Apr 19, exact on Apr 17

Research and investigation flourish during this period. You can really get to the bottom of things with the help of the intense, focused energy that surrounds you. Psychological analysis, assessment of property, and financial investments are infused with a physical focus that gives keener perception to the intellectual efforts involved in these matters. Under this influence you have all the control you need if you do not take it for granted, and you recognize how to apply its subtle but deadly accurate force. Your recuperative powers, should you need them, are at a high level.

Transit MERCURY trine natal Uranus

Apr 16 through Apr 18, exact on Apr 17

Information, ideas, and activities you encounter during this period are apt to deal with larger societal issues that have nothing much to do with your personal affairs. However, since this is a favorable influence, you may be able to turn such otherwise impersonal ideas or situations to some personal advantage. It is an excellent time, for example, to attend meetings or organizational activities. Unexpected personal benefits may be gained either through the information you pick up, or as a result of the people you impress with your knowledge or ideas. Discuss hopes and aspirations, join organizations, and expand your circle of friends. You may be successful at this time if you are involved with scientific and technical projects, computers, travel by air, international finances, and sociological issues.

Transit VENUS square natal Jupiter

Apr 15 through Apr 19, exact on Apr 17

Capacity for enjoyment increases but keeping things manageable or in proper perspective can be difficult. Under this influence you may be tempted to overstate your sentiments or overdo generosity. Shameless social climbing is a potential to avoid. Social gatherings can bring those who admire your spirituality, knowledge, or sophistication. Let them. Don’t ruin their image of you by immodestly agreeing with their flattering assessment. Pursuing the good life may be irresistible and restraint is needed somewhere along the line. During this period you may be of a mind to purchase shoes you do not need, lose money at the races, or settle for less than satisfactory theater tickets just so you can tell others that you saw the show. This is a good time to apply yourself to the sometimes tricky issue of reconciling the law with actual justice. It would be bad timing to take relationships for granted or to dismiss the values of others as unimportant.

Transit MERCURY sextile natal Jupiter

Apr 17 through Apr 19, exact on Apr 18

Letters, phone calls, and other communications during this period are apt to contain opportunities related to your association with those of another culture or race, higher education, long distance travel, religious or political activities, or cultural events. Circumstances may lead to hearing from or receiving news about relatives, in particular your father or your in-laws. Under this influence other opportunities can be found by placing or responding to advertisements or direct-mail promotions.

Transit VENUS trine natal Saturn

Apr 17 through Apr 20, exact on Apr 19

You have a wonderful chance to succeed if you seek to establish solid, long-lasting relationships during this period. Romance as well as friendships are based on mutual commitment and responsibility along with love and affection. Others are attracted to your maturity and accomplishment. Endeavors that involve formal agreements, diplomacy, contracts, and other legal matters are likely to produce long-lasting, successful results. Your efforts to bring organization and stability to social groups will not go unrewarded. Should you happen to be seeking a position of greater authority at this time, others will favor your promotion.

Transit MERCURY square natal Saturn

Apr 18 through Apr 20, exact on Apr 19

You may not know exactly what to do with the information, ideas, or methods you encounter during this period. A particular item may seem very interesting and even valuable but trying to use or apply it, you run into difficulties or restrictions of one kind or another. It may simply be a case of not being able to put the idea or method to practical use for the time being, perhaps even for a long period of time, but someday it will come in handy. Under this influence attempts at organization and planning may be hampered, either by too much perfectionism or lack of time. Even if you are usually very efficient and organized, the very document, book, or other item you need cannot be located. You may be required to redo or complete a task you thought was finished. Eventually everything will get straightened out and you will have some progress to show for your efforts.

Transit MERCURY trine natal Mercury

Apr 18 through Apr 20, exact on Apr 19

Unbiased information and ideas lead the way right now. Devoid of emotional need or egotistical input, the ideas and information you apply and the activities in which you are involved make rapid progress. There is an easy exchange of talk and assistance at meeting and discussion groups. Mechanical projects proceed smoothly and so does travel. A good time for running errands, answering correspondence, gathering information, and launching neighborhood activities.

Transit MARS opposed natal Neptune

Apr 18 through Apr 23, exact on Apr 20

Efforts are apt to come to nothing, or at least not accomplish the purpose for which they were intended. This unfortunate potential should not become an excuse to remain totally idle, since many efforts that are carried out on a daily or routine basis are not necessarily threatened during this period. However, the prospect of erosion chipping away at the available physical energy and enthusiasm would suggest that it is not wise to invest your time and efforts in new activities or vague, disorganized projects. Under this influence charitable acts can be misguided. Work methods are inept, inefficient, or incorrect. Water sports pose the risk of danger, as do fishing trips, ocean cruises, and work that involves photography, gas, oil, and explosive or corrosive chemicals. It is not a favorable time for you to try new medication, take an anesthetic, alcohol, and drugs. Illusion and deception are constant threats. This influence has a strong potential for surprise attack. Be alert but not paranoid.

Transit MERCURY trine natal Pluto

Apr 19 through Apr 21, exact on Apr 20

Investigation and research yield satisfying results during this period. Digging for buried treasure is liable to be rewarded. Lost items may be found and debts or favors repaid. An excellent time that inspires shrewd business decisions, psychological analysis, and property assessment. Under this influence you can learn self-discipline and how to successfully exert personal influence. If you keep in mind that “the pen is mightier than the sword”, you will be able to use this period to great advantage.

Transit VENUS square natal Pluto

Apr 20 through Apr 23, exact on Apr 22

Interactions at this time are apt to trigger more serious responses than the circumstances might indicate. Something that is said or done in an innocent social or light-hearted context may stir up old memories, deep passions, and even deep anger and resentment. Whether you are the one that is aroused or you inspire such reactions in others is not always easy to predict. Being aware of the potential of such an occurrence and staying in control of your reactions at least, are the keys to dealing with whatever comes along. You should not, for instance, deliberately antagonize others or seek to arouse their jealousy, since such a plan would automatically backfire or result in something even worse. If faced with your own internal conflicts set off by innocent (and even not so innocent) gestures on the part of others, much will be gained if you can manage to rise to the challenge by turning such negative energy to some constructive purpose.

Transit MERCURY opposed natal Neptune

Apr 21 through Apr 23, exact on Apr 22

Do not attempt anything that requires logic and clear thinking. Information and ideas may be illusive, intentionally deceptive, or even quite dangerous. Trying to make a wise decision or get at the truth is impossible. This is not a favorable period for travel on water, photography, business transactions (especially those that involve water-, drug-, or oil-related products or property), and spiritual studies or activities. Under this influence there is increased potential to engage in self-pity and despair, or to suffer personal loss or disappointment. Avoid incurring debt or lending money to others. This is definitely a time for careful deliberation and cautious behavior.

Transit MERCURY opposed natal Venus

Apr 22 through Apr 24, exact on Apr 23

When it comes to handling interpersonal relations, enhancing the beauty or harmony of an environment, or planning social events this is apt to be an exceedingly difficult period. Things just don’t seem to come together. Everyone has a different opinion than your own. No one is in a mood to be tactful or of a mind to make an effort to please you. Conflict and lack of cooperation arise between you and a partner or other allies. Under this influence disagreement concerning common goals and other matters plague the efforts of joint ventures, business transactions, counseling sessions, contractual negotiations, and legal matters.

Transit MARS opposed natal Venus

Apr 20 through Apr 26, exact on Apr 23

Romance is not a likely or enjoyable prospect, nor for that matter are social activities or communications with co-workers, a partner, or other allies. This is not an auspicious time for marriage and other alliances or joint ventures– and certainly not a period in which to initiate new ones. During this period everyone is apt to head in opposite directions with no thought of cooperation or willingness to compromise. Under this influence elegance and refined actions are overwhelmed or replaced by bad taste and aggressiveness. Avoid undergoing surgical procedures or beauty treatments to enhance your physical appearance. Do not begin or expect to make progress in redecorating projects or any activities that involve diplomacy, art, or music. If you are traveling, do not expect to encounter amiable company along the way. Your work and other physical efforts are best accomplished alone. Even if you could make more progress with the assistance of others, it may be a case of current circumstances that force you to engage in solitary actions. Energy is wasted on debate, negotiation, legal matters, and counseling. If the potentially negative influence of this period fails to appear or disrupt your routine, count yourself fortunate.

Transit SUN trine natal Uranus

Apr 23 through Apr 27, exact on Apr 25

Trying a different or unique approach to things works to your advantage, in fact, might succeed better than you ever dreamed possible. However, being different just to be different is not likely to work at all. Your plan or idea has to have a solid foundation. Participation in group efforts, organizational or club meetings, fund-raising, and political activities is favored at this time. Under this influence you are also encouraged to socialize with friends and spend time with children and their activities. . . . . . .

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