Sample Tarot Year Ahead Reading

Below is an excerpt from a real Tarot Year Ahead Email Reading I previously did for a real client. When you order a Tarot Year Ahead or a Tarot 12 Week Forecast Reading from me, I will do a 13 card spread for you, with one card signifying you at present, and the other 12 signifying the themes for each of the next 12 months or weeks. For a 6 Month Tarot Forecast, the spread is 7 cards, with one card signifying you at present, and the other 6 signifying the themes for each of the next 6 months. As usual, I will be tuning into your energy and the particular topics and themes that I pick up on that I feel you and your Guides are most concerned about while I am shuffling and dealing the cards for YOU. Then I will send you your report, with my prepared written description of the traditional meanings for each card in your reading, and also any psychic impressions I got specifically for you while I was reading the cards.  I don’t need any information from you for the reading, unless you want to tell me about a particular theme, situation, or topic you are most interested in, and focus on the outcome of that, then you can just let me know. You can order a Tarot Year Ahead Reading through here. Enjoy!!

July – Seven of Swords

There is a feeling of threat looming over your head right now.  You may be feeling attacked.  This feeling doesn’t come as a surprise or shock to you, though.  It may be time to take a step back and see how you might have contributed to the situation yourself.  It’s good to break away from negative behavior patterns coming from your end.  I feel as though this is work-related.  I am getting that there has been a lot of conflict at work for you recently.  I feel that your relationship with your boss has been difficult for some time, and you have been avoiding confronting it because you are afraid of conflict.

August – Eight of Pentacles

You know that you should be treading carefully in terms of doing a good job.  If you continue to concentrate on doing a good job rather than what you can get out of it, you will move along just fine.  You should be experiencing pleasurable feelings of accomplishment lately and enjoyment from your work, even in daily tasks.  I feel that your situation with your boss will start changing for the better around this time because you have started to deal with your difficult work relationship instead of avoiding it.

September – Ace of Wands

You are probably feeling very inspired lately and taking action on this would do you some good.  Doing something creative and fun is probably all you need for your soul this week.  Don’t even think about it, just do it.  Your work situation will have improved considerably around this time.  And this is thanks to your own initiative in healing your relationship with your boss.  You will be receiving more recognition for your hard work around this time, and feeling more inspired in your work, in return. . . .

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