Sample Personalized Horoscope – Marilyn Monroe

Below is an excerpt of the transit report (personalized horoscope) for Marilyn Monroe starting on September 9, 1954, the day of her famous street photo shoot where she danced over the subway grate with her white halter dress billowing up, while filming The Seven Year Itch.  This incident, apparently, was the last straw for Joe DiMaggio, and they ended their marriage shortly after.  You can see the dynamics of everything personal and professional going on with her at this time in the transits.  It was a great time professionally for her, but also a stressful time.

Transit JUPITER trine natal Saturn

Sep 9 through Sep 10, 1954

Though this is a very fortunate influence, its impact will necessarily be modified by the appropriateness of your age, maturity, and past experiences and activities. Current circumstances can bring the satisfaction as well as the rewards of your hard work, organization, and careful planning. If you have lacked the willingness or ability to carry these things out in the past, you may find it easier to do so now thereby ensuring your success in the future. There are other possibilities. Benefits may come because of your seniority or authority. Under this influence restrictions and responsibilities can be eased, perhaps even disappear.

Transit MERCURY trine natal Mercury

Sep 11 through Sep 13, exact on Sep 12

Unbiased information and ideas lead the way right now. Devoid of emotional need or egotistical input, the ideas and information you apply and the activities in which you are involved make rapid progress. There is an easy exchange of talk and assistance at meeting and discussion groups. Mechanical projects proceed smoothly and so does travel. A good time for running errands, answering correspondence, gathering information, and launching neighborhood activities.

Transit SUN opposed natal Mars

Sep 12 through Sep 16, exact on Sep 14

Under this influence many of your physical efforts may be undone, perhaps through laziness or careless behavior on your part or that of others. The point is that you should not try too hard to accomplish much since it may be a lost cause. Some vital force seems to be missing. Though you may or may not be able to point to exactly what it is, you’ll be frustrated if you try to stir things up to correct the situation. There is no pleasing anybody now, including yourself. Open confrontations are likely to turn into disasters and solve nothing in the bargain. A good time for quiet mental pursuits.

Transit SUN sextile natal Saturn

Sep 12 through Sep 16, exact on Sep 14

Today brings two kinds of opportunity. If you have worked and planned for something, you may be given the chance to move things along. No matter what your particular circumstances, take advantage of any situation to put your hard work or expertise to good use. If you are in a business or profession, it can mean new clients or invitations to be a consultant or guest lecturer. Whether or not others seek out your services, it is a good time to advertise your availability. The second type of opportunity during this period involves the opposite situation. If you have not been a meticulous planner and organizer or worked hard in the past, this is the opportune time to begin. It represents a chance to gain wisdom, maturity or experience that will ultimately lead to being more productive and successful. Under this influence you can find more creative ways to accomplish mundane responsibilities.

Transit MERCURY trine natal Sun

Sep 13 through Sep 16, exact on Sep 14

Either the news and information you receive, or the way that you are able to make use of it can greatly enhance your personal image and reputation during this period. Others will tend to look very favorably on your accomplishments as well as your opinions. Your approval of their endeavors will no doubt also be sought. Under this influence there is a successful meshing of ideas and methods, the potential results of which include an advancement in your social or professional position and an invitation to become the leading spokesperson of a group. This is an excellent time for you to launch a writing or communications project, engage in business transactions, and begin a journey.

Transit MERCURY square natal Pluto

Sep 15 through Sep 18, exact on Sep 16

Under this influence you may take some things too seriously. Don’t try to read between the lines when there is really nothing to find. Don’t waste time looking for hidden motives in what others are doing when their actions may be perfectly innocent. You may tend to become too intense or place too much importance on what in reality may be a relatively innocuous idea or piece of information. The reverse may also be true when others take your ideas or actions far more seriously than you had intended. Valuable time can be lost or you can jeopardize a position of personal power or control you enjoy if you manipulate a situation or the information and ideas you get from others to your own advantage. This is also true if you allow others to behave in such a manner. In spite of frustrating obstacles that can turn up during this period, much progress can be gained if you maintain a patient, reasonable attitude.

Transit MERCURY trine natal Moon

Sep 19 through Sep 22, exact on Sep 20

Everything should flow smoothly and successfully. Everyone in your world is where they are supposed to be, doing what they are supposed to be doing. Machinery hums along, your body functions well, and your mind is free from annoying distractions. Under this fortunate influence meetings and discussions are not likely to be disrupted by dissension. Business transactions that involve your home or real estate property as well as domestic items are favored. Requests that you make are likely to be granted, and there is also likely to be personal advantage in granting others what they request of you. Teaching as well as learning is highly beneficial. An excellent time to contact or visit relatives. News and information you read or hear is apt to be emotionally satisfying in one way or another.

Transit VENUS trine natal Pluto

Sep 19 through Sep 24, exact on Sep 21

Observing others during this short period, especially in social settings, you will get a clear idea of what is meant by body language. The subtleties of human interactions are readily apparent, and you can use them to your own advantage. Under this influence others will be attracted to you if you exhibit a certain attitude of self-containment, not aloofness or snobbishness mind you, but an aura of self-possession and control. One of the potentials of this period is that you may be able to turn the tables on the past. Though it does not guarantee that you will regain control of something that was lost or change a past failure into success, you may now gain something equally valuable to make up for it.

Transit SUN opposed natal Uranus

Sep 20 through Sep 24, exact on Sep 22

Superiors or those in charge will not be pleased if you attempt to change the schedule, suggest doing something unorthodox or nontraditional, or try to inspire them with a new or unusual idea or method. This is not a favorable time to try to coordinate social events, conduct friendships, attend to children and their activities, and participate in organizational meetings and fund-raising activities. Things are not likely to come together the way they are supposed to or the way you thought they would. Concentrate on what is working instead of what is not.

Transit MERCURY sextile natal Neptune

Sep 21 through Sep 24, exact on Sep 23

You can expand your spiritual awareness, improve artistic sensitivity, and make better use of intuitive skills if you take advantage of the information and ideas that come your way during this period. Other possibilities to watch for include opportunities that may lead to the sale or purchase of footwear, boats and marine equipment, swimming apparel, photographic equipment, or seafood. You may also have the opportunity to travel on or over water. Under this influence you may have the opportunity to go dancing or skating, or to take instructions in these activities.

Transit MARS opposed natal Pluto

Sep 20 through Sep 27, exact on Sep 23

Opposing forces you encounter during this period have a paralyzing effect. A contest of wills is to be avoided at all costs. Efforts to gain control of any kind are apt to produce the opposite effect. This is not a time to change or interfere with the status quo of things. Deliberately engaging the hostility of another is to arouse a formidable opponent you might not otherwise have had to confront. Manipulations are a waste of time which doesn’t leave much except the direct approach, a method with the same potential result. If you realize that the current circumstances are likely to present no means at all to gain the upper hand or maneuver situations to your advantage, you are correct. Act accordingly.

Transit MERCURY trine natal Jupiter

Sep 25 through Sep 28, exact on Sep 26

Information, ideas, and activities you encounter during this period have the potential to enhance your intellectual endeavors and boost your economic or social status in one way or another. You may be in just the right place at the right time with the right information. Ideas may tend toward the dramatic and grandiose, but they have their place in the scheme of things at this time. What should be avoided, however, is overconfidence and being too far out of touch with reality and practicality. Favorable outcomes are possible in such areas as religious or political activities, court decisions, publishing, advertising, long-distance travel, cultural pursuits, and dealings with those of another race or culture.

Transit MERCURY opposed natal Venus

Sep 26 through Sep 29, exact on Sep 28

When it comes to handling interpersonal relations, enhancing the beauty or harmony of an environment, or planning social events this is apt to be an exceedingly difficult period. Things just don’t seem to come together. Everyone has a different opinion than your own. No one is in a mood to be tactful or of a mind to make an effort to please you. Conflict and lack of cooperation arise between you and a partner or other allies. Under this influence disagreement concerning common goals and other matters plague the efforts of joint ventures, business transactions, counseling sessions, contractual negotiations, and legal matters.

Transit VENUS square natal Moon

Sep 26 through Oct 2, exact on Sep 29

Do not expect instant gratification. Satisfaction or success may come, but not immediately or without some difficulty. There are apt to be problems or lack of cooperation connected with household tasks, family-related activities, and social events, especially when such events involve entertaining at home. It is not that your endeavors cannot be accomplished, it is more a matter of having to work harder to achieve the desired result. You may have a tendency to be jealous of others, especially of those who may be more attractive or possess more in the way of material wealth or status. You may also be the one to arouse such feelings in others. It is good to promote the idea that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery because you may be tempted to adopt the tastes or manners of others– though, once again, it is also possible it may be the other way around. Under this influence too much or too little emotional input, most likely on your part, can slow many situations down. You may not have as much confidence in yourself, your physical attractiveness, or your talents. Romance does not proceed smoothly, although trying to overcome the interfering obstacles may actually provide a stimulating challenge.

Transit SUN trine natal Mercury

Sep 28 through Oct 2, exact on Sep 30

This is a favorable time to travel; whether it involves running errands in your own neighborhood or long distance trips for business and pleasure. It is also a good time for the purchase, sale or repair of equipment. Work that involves your mechanical or design skills is favored, as are business transactions, contracts and negotiations. Writing, teaching, study, and communication are other areas of potential success under this influence. Relationships with co-workers, neighbors, and siblings are encouraged. Attending meetings and other group activities gives a chance to exchange ideas and information as well as to make contacts that may later prove very valuable.
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