Sample Past Life Email Reading

Past Life Reading by Email – Sample 1

Past Life Readings are probably one of my favourite types of readings to do for people. To satisfy my own curiosity, because I love the subject of Past Lives, I always end up going online and researching the details that came through, trying to confirm the era that the person lived and how the details all fit together for that era, and I always encourage the client to do the same. It is always so interesting what comes through, and how the themes and issues from Past Lives bleed into the present life.

Sometimes during readings, some details can get mixed up. I don’t have the best memory of history or geography, and so I don’t always know what the visions and words I’m getting mean, and therefore my interpretation of the vision or message can be “off” (you can see what I mean if you look at the second life that came through in the reading below). I will always say if I don’t understand what something means, but still relay the information that I’m getting. But in the end, after we research the information that comes through, the real meaning suddenly makes sense.

After I did this Reading below, both me and the client researched online the eras that she lived in and the details of her Reading to try to pinpoint and confirm them. She sent me pictures and articles about the Mennonite immigration to the American mid-West during the mid-1800’s, in regards to the first past life that came through for her. The picture of the Mennonite woman she sent me from the 1800’s was dressed exactly in the style that my vision of her showed me. She also sent me articles about the Armenian genocide, and so the details of the other Past Life that came through for her fit, as well.

The following Past Life Reading was done through email for a client in late 2014:

The first life that came through is one in which you’re also a woman. You’re in a covered wagon with your husband and children, a pioneer/farming life. Your appearance came through right away, you’re wearing a white bonnet of some kind and a black dress. I don’t think that this is that far away in the past, they just said the 1800’s. I think you had 5 or 6 children, you lost one in childbirth or something like that, or when it was a very young infant. This is geographically in the US, in the mid-West they just said. It was a hard life after you moved into the area, I don’t think your land was very good for farmland. You not only did all the work in the home, but I can see that you were pretty tough because you also worked on the farm and I can see you fixing the wagon and doing hard work on the farm, as well. It’s not all green, there’s dry mountains in the distance and the area is very dry. They just said mid-west again. I think you came from the East, where you lived in a more urban area, and I think you came from a well-to-do family, but once you moved West, things got harder, you actually had to work [Side note: after the client showed me the information about the Mennonite immigration, this part didn’t make sense to me. I think I just mis-interpreted this part, I now think it meant that her life became harder because she was now married and had to take care of a family and farm/ranch]. I think your name was Mary-Anne or Marianna or something like that. You were very devout. You and your husband were together until he passed away before you, at a younger age, you’re going to his grave and bringing flowers. I think maybe that’s what the black dress meant, as well. But I think you got remarried or something because when you’re older you’re with an older gentleman, he is wearing suspenders, a button-up white shirt, and brown trousers. Both of your shoes look very black and clunky (they describe the style of dress so that you can look up styles of eras to figure out when it was). The theme or issue that has carried on from this is one of loss and struggle. I think it’s manifested in this life as an irrational fear of losing someone close to you (which we all have, especially if we’ve lost someone in this life, but it can be more apparent in some people than in others, and be more of a nagging feeling that doesn’t have any seemingly rational basis). They just said religious sect, so maybe see if the style of dress means anything for a particular religion. They also said “be fruitful and multiply” so I think that another issue that has carried on is a suspicion of religion or dogma of any kind (maybe suspicion isn’t the right word, I’m not sure how to word it, but I can feel it). Now I just saw ranching more than farming.

And now to the next life that is coming through. I see what I think is a Middle-Eastern life, but I can’t get much more out of that one. I got Muslim, and it’s also a devout life, as well.

Now I see you in a war-torn area, you live in a tiny place with white-plaster type walls and a large family. You’re a middle-aged lady in the vision, I think you must be the Grandmother, you’re trying to comfort the children. You can hear a battle going on outside and you are all terrified. The kids are screaming and crying, and there’s gunshots and explosions (so again, it can’t be that far away in time). You’re wearing a white covering over your head and a blue robe-type dress. I also see a crucifix, and you praying a lot. They said early 20th century. It’s funny, when I first tapped into this life, I saw Stalin, so I think maybe they’re trying to point to the era, or the place. . . Now I’m thinking maybe it’s Italy or Russia. Things can get mixed up, though. At first I thought the Middle-Eastern life and this one were the same, but now I don’t think so. I first got Middle-East, I was getting a lot of what I call the “warm shivers” when I got it, too, which is confirmation from Spirit that something is right. So I know you had at least one Middle-Eastern life, but then it went into this, which is very Christian. So I’m going to look up if there was a Christian area in a predominantly Muslim area and see if they are indeed the same life and I’m just interpreting it wrong because I’m not knowledgeable enough about the era. At the beginning I also saw a man being taken on a cot in the middle of a battle (in a green uniform), so I think it was a son that was killed in battle. So see who had green uniforms. You’re mourning in this life and praying a lot.

I think the issue that’s came into this life from that one is one of helplessness and loss of control. I think it’s also manifested as a suspicion (again, not sure I’m using the right word) of political and religious systems. A profound need to question political and religious regimes (which makes total sense for you), and a profound need to fight against political and religious oppression, because you were helpless against both in your previous lives.

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