Psychic Email Readings REAL Examples

Here are some excerpts of some REAL email readings that I have done for clients in the past. I no longer do email readings, but these examples can give you an idea of what kind of information comes through in my readings and my reading and communication style. All I knew about these clients before I did the readings were their email addresses and names (as with all of my email readings), with the exception of the last, who I’ve previously read. All clients wrote me back to thank me and expressed how happy they were with their readings and the accuracy. For the first reading below, the client sent me a list of questions beforehand, while the second reading below was done in a live chat format. The third reading below includes the feedback from the client afterwards. And the fourth example is a Psychic Email Reading without questions, and includes the client feedback.

Psychic Email Reading Example 1:

“In general, I see that you are a very, very strong person and you value self-sufficiency. You so value self-sufficiency, in fact, that I think you may judge yourself harshly when you don’t live up to your own high standards. I think you can be detail-oriented and a perfectionist. You are also very creative, and you can be spontaneous and adventurous as well. People see you as a fun person to be around :-).

1. Show me the meaning of my relationship with *John?

When I asked my guides this question, they said that this a very important relationship for both people in terms of growing as people in your lives. I think that there are a lot of lessons in this relationship. But even though you are generally happy, and things run smoothly quite often here, it’s still not entirely healthy, because I see that there are a lot of control issues in this relationship as well, but that is part of the learning process for both of you. I think that John can tend to play push and pull games (sometimes John is aware of this, and sometimes not). I see that you feel that your hands are tied in this relationship, and that the power rests with John, and you blame yourself for too much that ends up being difficult in this relationship, and you bend more than you should sometimes, and you know this. However, I see this relationship being a long-term influence for some time, and that when you are happy, you’re very happy. I see an engagement and marriage, is that you? or could it possibly be you two in the near future? You are also somewhat nervous about this relationship, but I think it’s a result of some abandonment and commitment issues, both very common issues for a lot of people. You also feel like you take on a parent role, and it’s making you more uncomfortable as time passes. And I think you are aware of these issues, and because you are the type of person to really want to work on yourself, there is a huge potential here for your growth. I think you both feel like you make each other better people, and that is a great quality to have in a relationship. John has very strong feelings for you, as you do to John. I think that if you were to discuss that you feel John plays push/pull games at times, and that you feel like a parent sometimes and you’re uncomfortable with it, that John will be willing to work on it (after getting over the initial stubborness and defensiveness, haha). Working on communication is a current concern, and you’ll both just grow from that, as well.

Show me my most important past life?

There is no such thing as a most important past life, they are all very valuable and make up an equal part of your journey. However, I asked them for one of your recent past lives. They showed me you horse-riding, and it being a very big part of your life. In fact, you were competitive with it. I think that that life was very sheltered, and that you came from a wealthy family with high expectations. In a lot of ways, you were at a loss for who you really were, because you lived what you thought others expected of you. These issues have carried on into this life, and it’s something you still struggle with.”. . . . .

Psychic Email Reading Example 2:

. . . Me: I see a knife in your heart, yes, and a curtain around a bed and I feel like that means you are isolating yourself because of emotional pain. Family secrets haunting you, a history of abuse. I am getting that you need to work on your heart chakra.

Client response: The knife in my heart is true , I feel such sadness and pain at who or what I am. I was abused as a child and I can’t find it in my heart to ever forgive him the best I can do is put it away behind locked doors he is in his 80s now long time dead.

Me: But I can see an egg hatching, and new life for you. Learning and growing.
I also see that you’ve put a lot of focus on taking care of other’s feelings and needs and you’ve neglected yourself. I see that this has taken a toll on your health and you’ve had a lot of health problems.

Client: I have had a lot of illness the last few years yes.

Me: I am getting that you have female health problems, hormonal, and bladder problems.

Client: Ok in the last ten years I have had my gallbladder removed and I’ve had a hysterectomy. With the bladder it has nothing to support it so I need to go a lot can’t hold much water before I need to go again. Hormonal will be the menopause I am going through.

Me: Also, general weakness, headaches, a bunch of wide ranging symptoms that you’re looking around for the cause.

Client: I have to have injections as my boby don’t absorb vit B12. I am also on thyroid tabs for underactive thyroid.

Me: So that would be the hormonal issues, as well. I’m also getting that you need to change something about your thyroid meds. Either the dose is not right, or you need to be on something else for that.

Client: Funny you should say that on meds I had blood test last week I had to speak to Dr. on results she said I need to up the dosage I told her as in truth I had not been taking them every day as I am forgetfull she scolded me told me I was to start and retest before xmas.

Me: I’m also getting digestive issues, an inability to absorb nutrients.

Client: Also I have had pancreatitis bad and doctor told me I have a fatty liver I never ever drink never took to it.

Me: I am getting that you’ve had food sensitivities and bad diet your whole life. This contributes to the thyroid, as well. I am getting that you are sensitive to sugar, starch, and grains. . . . . .

Psychic Email Reading Example 3:

This sample includes the feedback from the client AFTER I sent the reading. She sent me her questions ahead of time, and when I did the reading she was not online at the same time as me, so her feedback came later. The original reading was not in a conversation format like this (I wrote the reading, then she wrote me back with confirmations and feedback. I just re-organized it to make it easier to understand and see the confirmations):

“Me: Health – They just showed me a vision of you getting some bloodwork done, so if you haven’t recently, it might be something to look into or be something that is coming up.

Client: I just had a pre-admission appointment for left shoulder surgery – I had blood work done last week.

Me: I also feel some weakness that comes and goes, and dizziness. Is there a blood sugar issue? If you’re not aware of one, it could be their way of warning you that it is a sensitive area of your physical body and something that is important to stay on top of.

Client: I’m a type 1 diabetic – have been for 30 years. This year I’m finding some changes happening with my blood sugars – harder to keep in control – working on it – but has certainly been an issue.

Me: They are also saying that you might be susceptible to an iron deficiency, and they are saying that you need more protein and fat, and you are sensitive to grains and sugar and starch.

Client: bang on! : )

Me: I do see someone who is physically active and nutrition-conscious. Are you a runner? And did you use to be an athlete? I do think that you might have got out of a physical routine that you had before, but that you will get back into it. I see you re-working your whole diet and exercise in the coming months, and really trying to get on track.

Client: Was always an athlete and I teach phys.ed. – last few years have had some major issues with my shoulders and haven’t been able to be as active – so frustrating – had right shoulder surgery last October and left shoulder surgery tomorrow – have been thinking much about getting back to activity and a new routine! I’ve never really been a runner – however this has come up in two other readings I’m done over the last 3 years – I think I may have to give it a try!

Me: And I just laughed when you wrote that you teach physical education, the vision I got was of one of my high school gym teachers who was always “go! Go! Go!” and they underplay it and tell me you’re an athlete, lol.

Me: I also see some digestive issues. I feel some straining there, does that make sense? You have a hard time with fiber. They said concentrate on your gut health, so more probiotic foods.

Client: just bought a probiotic supplement on the weekend as I’ve been having trouble with digestion/constipation/bloatedness

Me: I also think that you have already healed or are healing from a physical illness. Does that make sense?

Client: might be the shoulders – could also be the concern about my bloodwork pointing to a brain tumor but nothing found. I have four autoimmune diseases (type 1 diabetes, hypothyroidism, Addison’s disease and hypopituitary) – so I have times where I’m good and times where my energy is down.

Me: Profession – Yes you do have many angels around you and your Guides and passed loved ones. I do see you as a healer. Do you work in, or have you been drawn to the medical field (usually people who have a “healing” path are drawn to the medical field in some way, it can be anything from a nurse to a massage therapist)? Or to counselling of some kind? I do think you will also learn some energy healing, if you haven’t already.

Client: Just this week I was thinking about a career in the medical field – thought about how my life may have been if I had gone into nursing. I have an interest in energy healing – would like to take a course in it – I also have an interest in crystals and how they can provide healing – personally and global reach.

Me: I also see you as an advocate, again, someone drawn to social issues and social justice issues.

Client: One of my greatest passions and strengths is mentoring young people – guiding them to persevere through life challenges.

Me: Your Mom – Yes she is right by your side. She is standing behind you and rubbing your arms and shoulders up and down, as a way of giving you comfort and strength. I feel like she’s consoling you, like you’ve been under a lot of stress or just went through a hard time emotionally. She just said “keep your chin up”, so I feel like she was always the type to encourage you to keep going, and she always had wise advice for you and gave you support.

Client: YES – just went through and still going through some stress at work – mom was always a great support and gave many pearls of wisdom

Me: I see the number 5 with her.

Client: her birthday is in May?

Me: I also feel like she battled a long illness and that you took care of her. She says thank-you for that.
And she has strong purple around her, which is someone who was very spiritual.

Client: my mom had depression, social anxiety and OCD from age 27 – I always supported her – always saw her and knew the illness was separate. My mom died of breast cancer – she was in palliative care for the last 6 months of her life – I took time off work to stay with her and care for her in palliative care. My mom and I both found peace during this time because of our spiritual beliefs.

Me: She just said you carry the weight on your shoulders, and to take care of yourself.

Client: I do – bang on again! Hence the shoulder surgeries! I do need to pay more attention to self-care. Thank you!

Me: I see some bowel health issues with your husband.

Client: The messages that came through for Keith’s health are right on – Keith’s always had issues with his digestion and bowel health. We’re both going through a transition period where we know we need to change some habits so the idea that his body is going through some healing and spurring him to do more is also right on.

Me: I got a vision of someone who is very active outdoors. I even got a vision of you climbing, do you climb? If not, then it is symbolic or something that you will do in the future. Your Guides are encouraging you to connect with Nature, it is your meditation space and peace.

Client: *Keith and I both like being outdoors – although not a climber, I could see him enjoying and doing well at this – Keith is more reflective and at peace when he’s in nature.

Me: I also see a bright spirit with him. Someone who likes to make people laugh and laugh. Someone who can always see the comical side of things. I think his Guides are reminding him of that side of himself to help with stress management. He also has a rich purple colour in his aura, and that is someone who is spiritually open, can be bold, and someone with leadership ability. Also someone who inspires people.

Client: Keith is a joker and likes to make people laugh. He has been incredibly open as I navigate my spiritual journey – a great support always and we’ve been a team working together to help support his mom – I’ve been so impressed how much he’s absorbed from what I’ve talked to him about – didn’t think he was taking it all in – have heard him talk to his mom on the phone about Spirit and faith and it has beautiful to listen to. He is inspiring and definitely has leader qualities. Bold fits, too! : )

Me: I actually see a busy summer of activity. I also got a vision of a trip to the States, somewhere with that red desert like Arizona or New Mexico. Does that resonate?

Client: Las Vegas and then Utah to visit Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon – BANG ON! : )

Me: I feel like you are training for something, also.

Client: We both have plans to up our fitness regimen.

Me: They also want to encourage him to tap into his creative side again. I do see someone drawn to art. Does that make sense? When he was younger? Someone who is good with their hands, who likes to “make” things.

Client: He’s a painter – has gotten away from it – hoping being around nature this summer inspires him to pick up a paint brush again.

Me: I also see a strong connection with the water with you, and a trip to the ocean coming up.

Client: Hoping to see Cape Cod also – wanting a seaside escape – thought that might also be good for Keith’s painting and some relax time after being with his mom for a week : ). . .”

Psychic Email Reading Example 4 (without questions) from a real Psychic Email Reading for a real client in 2016:

This is an example of a Psychic Email Reading without the client asking questions. Previously I allowed clients to ask questions in email readings, but it just added to the length of time it took for me to complete a reading, and unfortunately some people would try to get away with asking more questions, or they would ask more complex questions than I had time to answer in the amount that they had paid for. Sometimes people would also ask completely outrageous questions, which I wouldn’t realize until I began the reading because I never read the questions beforehand, and it resulted in me having to wait for them to respond before I could get to the reading again. So that is why I have outlawed questions in email readings now, sorry, haha.

The reading, with some of the client’s feedback at the bottom.

I see you at a store buying baby clothes. They are pink which obviously symbolizes a girl in our culture. They are showing the child being related to you by being to the side and down (which is Spirits way of communicating to me that they are the child of a cousin or sibling, as shown on a Family Tree. It could be a friend, too, but it would have to be one that feels like family for Spirit to bring it up). I see a family get together or a shower where you will bring these clothes. This could also indicate baby news recently or coming up soon, and these are the visions of the future of this childs life where you will be attending this childs baby shower, or a family get together where you meet them, or something like that. This vision is very clear.

But I feel it means more than one baby. I think one is a baby in the event past or present, and one of the babies is for the future, next year or two. If you are not ready to have children at this time, or in the near future, it can be a warning from Spirit to be careful because there may be the possibility of a pregnancy. We have free will, the future is never set in stone, so you have some wiggle room in deciding whether you want this in your life or not, before it happens by accident or something like that. When the Spirits bring a message about the future, you have the ability to change it.

I am now getting a vision of you on a trip to somewhere hot and deserty, VERY touristy, I think it is Las Vegas, or another famous touristy area. I think it is Las Vegas because you are in a pool rather than the ocean, and everyone around you is drinking, ha! (this is not to say how your trip will literally go, it is just Their way of getting me to get that they mean Las Vegas, bringing all the symbols that represent Las Vegas to me. Although it can be literal too, ha!) I got a flash of a casino as well. The Spirits are saying that this message is literal, as well as figurative. I feel that a Las Vegas trip is coming in the future, which also points to a celebration and having some extra money flow by the way, if you are on a fun little trip, but on a symbolic level it means that the Spirits are telling you to take a gamble in your career and relationships. I think it also means that a lucky period will be coming up.

I see you looking at a baby name book now, interesting! So mow than one message about a baby. A baby can also be a symbol of a new beginning so perhaps the choosing a name thing means choosing a business name or something like that!
I also see some female health issues and working on those. I have to say they just showed a vision of you eating a burger in your car really fast and feeling bad about it, haha, so maybe you have been feeling bad about not having time to eat properly and have been eating in a rush. So its just your Guides way of giving validation that they are around and see what is going on around you right now. They are also just tasing a ltle I think, teasing you about being too hard on yourself when you don’t have time, but also saying that you know you can still make better choices. They are highlighting the wheat again as a food intolerance, because you suspect it already, and saying that you just had a recent experience where you learned all over again that you cant handle it, ha. They are saying there is a hormonal aspect to the intolerance, so speak with a medical professional who has more of a holistic natural and integrative approach about the hormonal and food intolerance issues.

I see a butterfly around you. The energy of butterfly is about transformation and rebirth, emerging from a cocoon. A phase of both coming up soon. This has to do with a new perspective on a particular relationship or relationships. Don’t be surprised to come across butterfly images and symbology as a sign from Spirit in the near future!

Now I see you taking a bunch of products out of a bag, and presenting them to a group of women. So I think your Guides are encouraging you to pursue a business idea, one that will focus on women mostly as clients or consumers? And to focus on the presenting side of a business right now and in the near future. I also see you collaborating with someone on this. . . ..

“Oh my God, yes, I did think of my Grandma and wondered if we had the same mental health problems. Wow, that was amazing. Thank you!

Oh and everybody in my boyfriends family is having babies right now. One of his nephews just had one last week and was a girl. We are thinking of going to England/Ireland next year and we will meet them. Plus *David and Greg are pregnant. You are right about me not being ready just yet to have a baby and focusing on my business and me for now. We are going to Cuba at Xmas and I want to catch up on travelling next year.
And I have felt bad about not having time to even eat properly, that’s funny!
And I will write something more later! Thanks!”

© 2016
© 2016

*the names have been changed to protect the client’s privacy

© 2013


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