Relationship Past Lives and Karmic Issues Reading Sample


Many times my clients want to explore and focus on a particular relationship or relationship(s) during a reading, to understand any past life and karmic issues that are influencing the relationship in this life, to get confirmation and clarity about the relationship and some of the issues that might have occurred or are occurring currently, and just for fun and for curiosity’s sake. The Relationship Past Life and Karmic Issues Reading is perfect for this. It can show why we are drawn to certain people in our lives and why certain people feel more familiar to us, which isn’t always a good thing, by the way. Some people that we remember from past lives and we were involved with in past lives are not necessarily “good” people or “good” for us in this life. We are only faced with them again to learn something from our encounters with them. The familiar feeling we get from them is just that, only familiarity, and not necessarily a “sign” from the Universe that they are somehow “meant” for us. So learning about past life relationships and karmic issues we share with someone we’ve had negative experiences with in this life can be very healing, because it can clarify some of the reasons why we were drawn to the person in the first place, why we stayed, and what the soul learning opportunity and bigger purpose was behind the “failed” relationship.

For this type of reading, I ask your Guides and the Universal Source of All Knowledge what karmic issues influence, or have influenced, the relationship in this life. I ask if you have any “soul contracts” with each other (if you planned while still in the Spirit World, before you both were born, on meeting each other in this life and why), if you have shared any past lives together, and what themes and issues have carried on into this life from previous lives (with limited time, and because it takes time for information and details to come through, I can usually only tap into one or two past lives during one reading, even if you’ve shared many lives together). I prefer to take the time to get as many details as I can about a past life so that the readee and I can do some research afterwards into the era that came up and see how the details fit. My memory of history and geography from classes, books, and movies is not very good at all, haha, so I love to look up an era that came through as a past life for someone and see how the details of the dress and the person’s lifestyle at the time matches that period of time and the place, and I encourage the client to do the same. I can also look at your synastry chart (if you wish, and if you can provide me with accurate birth times), and see what astrological factors play a role in the dynamics of your relationship.

As always, I can’t control the information that comes through from Spirit, “they” (Creator, Spirits, Guides, Angels, the Universal Source of All Knowledge, our Higher Selves, etc.) tell me and show me what THEY want and what they deem important for you to hear at the time. You may have known a particular person in many previous lives, but there is not enough time for me to go over every one or every detail, and Spirit decides which one(s) they want to focus on during the reading. So don’t expect a certain era to come through just because you strongly believe you lived a previous life during that era. You may very well have had a previous life during that era, but that is not what Spirit wants to focus on at that time.

In the reading sample below, the client just wanted to know in general what past lives and karmic issues they shared with their partner. Some clients do pose questions about the relationship before the reading if there’s something more specific they’re wondering about the relationship (e.g. “Why am I staying in this unhealthy relationship?”, “Why do we keep getting back together?”, “Why do I have such an irrational fear of losing this relationship?”, “Why do I feel so smothered and sabotage this relationship when I genuinely love this person and want it to work out?”, “Are there any past life reasons why this other person came into our lives?”). I do need to know before the reading at least a brief history of the relationship (e.g. whether you’re together, used to be together, or want to be together).

Below is an excerpt of a sample of a Relationship Past Life and Karmic Issues Reading that I did in 2015. In this case, the couple that I did the reading for were in their early 30’s at the time of the reading, and just got married in this life, but have been together for years:

“The first past life that I am getting that you shared together takes place around 18th century Britain. You were aristocrats (I can’t get a clear answer on the title that you had, but you did have one). The first vision I got of this life together was of the two of you in a balcony at the theater. He has a big top hat on and you are fanning yourself, and you are wearing a very fancy, intricately be-jewelled dress from that era. You were both the same sex in that life as in this life, *Jake was a man and you were a woman (we switch sexes from life to life, but in this case you were the same sexes as you are in this life). You are husband and wife. You are married to each other in this past life, as well.

Now I see you wearing another very intricate, corseted dress, and a large pendant and a lot of jewels. You are wearing one of those big curly wigs piled on the top of your head (sometimes it’s reddish brown, and sometimes it’s white, so I think your real haircolour was a reddish brown or auburn). I believe that Jake had some kind of military title. There are medals on the right breast of his jacket, and in my visions of this life I see him giving many speeches and toasts at events. Again, you are socialites, aristocrats.

You were very much in love in that life. This explains the draw to each other that you have in this life, and the feeling of familiarity you have and ease with which you decided to be committed to each other. Even when we don’t consciously remember our past lives, the memories are buried in our subconscious and we can “remember” them on a subconscious level. So certain eras, places, and people will seem familiar to us because we encountered them in a previous life.

Because you were an aristocratic couple, and in the public eye, status, wealth, and society were very important to you. Laina felt the pressure of living in the public eye, being the wife of an important figure at the time, although you did enjoy the material comforts and the parties (ha) that this past life provided you. There was a lot of pressure to conform, though, and at times you felt empty and disillusioned with your aristocratic life. There was some dissatisfaction in the marriage because of this, but for the most part, I feel that it was a loving marriage. You didn’t always have the greatest communication or speak up about issues, because you weren’t allowed to because of the era, because of the pressure of keeping up appearances, and because of gender roles at the time. So your Guides are saying that one of the lessons that you both are learning in this relationship is to work through issues rather than ignoring them. I can feel that there were many times in the past life relationship that came through when you wouldn’t speak for long periods of time, and this is in your subconscious memories, and I feel like one of you has a stronger urge to change that pattern this time around, while one of you still gravitates to that old pattern sometimes. Does this resonate?

You both have Sun trine Mercury in your synastry chart, which indicates that communication and being able to understand each other’s viewpoints easily are important to you both in this relationship. Jake’s Mercury is also in your Seventh House, which indicates this, as well. There are a lot of aspects in your synastry chart that indicate harmony and similarities between you two in terms of your outlook on the world and your core values, but some difficult aspects, as well, that point to some power struggles (which of course happens in other synastry charts also, not just yours, haha). I think that the power struggles play out partly because of the subconscious memories of the past life where Laina did not have the outward power in the relationship because of the gender roles of that era.

What your Guides are telling me about what themes and issues have carried on into this life from that one, is that you do feel the pressure of maintaining outward appearances at times (although you have a lot more freedom in this life to choose to rebel against that). I do feel that one of the things that you have in common in this current life that has carried on from this previous life is a mutual yearning to gain some status and material comfort in this life. You love to socialize together. You are both very aware of how you appear as a couple to your family and friends, because on some level you “remember” having to be so focused on your status as a couple in a previous life, because you had a title of some kind and lived in the public eye. I feel like because you were a symbol of a strong marriage in that life in society, that there is a strong value on marriage and your relationship in this life. You both want to appear to be a strong team to others.

You have Ascendant conjunct Ascendant (within two degrees of each other), which means that your Midheaven’s are conjunct, as well. These two aspects in a synastry chart indicate a couple whose life directions are on a similar path, and who have similar goals and ambitions. It also points to a couple who outwardly express themselves in similar ways as each other. There will be some focus on your appearance as a couple, as well.

You also have Mars sextile Mars in your synastry chart, which points to a couple who can be a strong team, and work easily together. There is probably a lot of friendly competition between each other at times, and against other people as a team, and I think these relationship qualities come also from your past life that came through. You were a “power couple”, hahaha. And this time around you are both Scorpio Rising, too funny!

In the vision I am getting now, they are showing you at an older age, so you were married your whole lives in that life, until Jake passed away. You died not long after him, within a year later”. . . .

*the names of the readees have been changed to protect their privacy.

© 2015

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