Past Relationship / Unrequited Love Psychic Tarot Spread Example

The following Tarot spread sample was done for a client in regards to a romantic relationship they had. The client was not looking for any reconciliation, but just wanted some closure and validation of their experience in the relationship for healing, which they mentioned in their feedback after the reading that it did indeed provide that, and they also mentioned that the reading was very accurate. This is not the full reading, this is just an excerpt that includes 4 out of the 10 cards that this spread makes up. I spend about 3-5 minutes with each card receiving the psychic information and then describing it:

How it Used to Be – 3 of Cups

This relationship was based on social activity and fun! You probably met in a group social situation, or at a celebration. You knew how to have fun together, and loved to go out together. There was a strong friendship basis to this pairing, as well. I just got a vision of him taking you out a lot, and having a lot of friends around you. I see exciting plans for future together in the beginning, as well.

What Led to it Ending? – 3 of Pentacles

I think that one or both of you were so focused on your own lives and what was going on in terms of your career and money issues, as well, that you didn’t have time to put the focus needed into this relationship for it to really take off. I think one of you might have been more focused on the material aspects of this relationship (ie. how much the other person could provide, or how much they themselves could provide) and therefore not enough focus was put on actually connecting on other levels.

Significance of the Relationship – The Magician

I think this relationship was important in terms of your spiritual growth. I think this relationship taught you more about power and control in relationships, and that you ultimately want a balance of power, not an imbalance that this pairing created. I feel that G played power and control games, was manipulative, and so that taught you some lessons on not being susceptible to that again, and realizing your own power within yourself.

. . . . . . . ……………………………………..Current State, What You Want, What Your Ex Wants, and Obstacles to Reconciliation cards.

Is it Meant to Be? – 8 of Swords

This is not a card for romance or love! It is a card of disillusionment and being the victim of deceit. I feel that if you decided to pursue this relationship again, that you would be manipulated and controlled. The vision and the card show me a woman with a cloth over her eyes and face. This points to blindness in a figurative sense, that this person will blind you or try to blind you to their true ways. I see disappointment and heartbreak if you continue. . .

. . . . ..…………………………………………Future Direction, And the Best Course of Action.

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