Mercury Signs

The descriptions of each Mercury Sign below are just for fun and interest, as Astrology is much more complicated than a computer interpretation could ever be. These descriptions were not written by me, but came with my astrology software package. If you don’t know your Mercury Sign, you can get a free natal chart from the internet, or order a natal chart and natal chart computerized interpretation from my blog. Check my About Page for details.



Mercury indicates mental outlook, intellectual endeavors, the way you think and communicate. It represents ideas, methods, and information. It rules your hands and thus your manual dexterity and mechanical skills. Mercury also describes transportation; that is, how you get where you’re going physically and mentally. Do you speed with all possible haste or amble along taking a few detours here and there?


Individuals with Mercury in Aries want to give full and enthusiastic expression to their thoughts and ideas. For them, the decision-making process is immediate. They avoid being subjected to protracted discussions or lengthy, detailed investigations preferring to leave such time-consuming situations to others. Their mind can be brilliant and sharp, but either their ideas, or the manner in which they express those ideas, can often lack subtlety and refinement. In some cases, despite apparent brilliance, they lack the organization necessary for their ideas to be of practical use to others. Mercury in Aries indicates individuals with acute senses, a certain amount of nervous tension, and frequently, a very quick temper. Their manner of learning and transportation tends to be rushed. They want to get where they are going as fast as possible.


Individuals with Mercury in Taurus don’t usually jump to conclusions or easily accept new ideas. Their thinking is structured and conservative, but their ideas are likely to be practical and constructive. If they believe an idea or method has no value, they abandon it for more useful endeavors. The stubborn nature of Taurus implies an ability in these individuals to develop great powers of concentration. However, unless they accept the need to learn in the first place, they obstinately refuse to concentrate or be taught. Their most productive approach to learning is through practical application. Once they see the practicality of something, they are motivated to learn the theory behind it. When it comes to the matter of learning and transportation they don’t care to waste too much time. However, haste in getting where they are going is not as much of a goal as being able to take the most direct route.


Individuals with Mercury in Gemini have a greater-than-average mental orientation. They deal with thoughts and ideas rather than feelings and attitudes. Ideas and thoughts flow with amazing rapidity but they may lack concentration. The slightest distraction can knock out their line of thinking and send them off in entirely new directions. In Gemini, Mercury indicates originality of thought and persuasive powers of articulation. However, these individuals can lack depth of perception and have no patience for detailed analysis. All areas of communication attract them. They are apt to have quick and merry wits, musical talent, mechanical skills, and the ability to mimic the characteristics of others. They like to keep busy (physically as well as mentally), constantly on the go and involved with a myriad of errands and projects all at the same time. Their manner of learning and getting from place to place is liable to be erratic and unpredictable.


The enhanced emotional influence of Mercury in Cancer implies imagination, creativity or artistic talent. These individuals may find it difficult to separate their thoughts from their feelings. They are extremely susceptible to consciously or subconsciously absorbing the ideas and thoughts of those around them. This makes objectivity and originality hard for them to generate. They can, however, inject valuable intuitive or instinctive elements into ideas or into the expression of ideas to make them more appealing and effective. Whatever their ideas may be, or however they may have been generated, Mercury in Cancer individuals need to find some means of personally expressing them. They will not be content to go unnoticed or unappreciated. Methods and motivation for learning, communication and transportation are subject to their prevailing mood at any given time.


Individuals with Mercury in Leo have no trouble forming their own opinions and ideas. They stubbornly cling to them, and enthusiastically express them as if theirs were the only ones worth considering. They usually possess great intellectual ability and imagination. Their success and personal growth may be stymied at times by their ego’s refusal to accept any thinking or ideas that disagree with their own. They can exert great concentration where necessary, and they find unique and dramatic ways to communicate that are sure to command attention. In addition to the potential gift for oratory, they may also possess admirable talent in writing or research. Mental enthusiasm fuels their learning, communication, and transportation. A flair for vivid demonstration and expression, lets others know they are coming even before they arrive. When they leave, everyone is sure to know they were there.


Individuals with Mercury in Virgo have sharp analytical abilities. As a rule, they learn quickly and most of them enjoy their education. They have organizational ability, but other factors in their natal charts must support a willingness to implement this skill. They are prone to changing their minds, often as a result of being unduly influenced by the persuasive power of others. They need to develop confidence in themselves. Sometimes they can be patient and accommodating in teaching or sharing information and ideas. At other times, they are too impatient and overly critical. Their need for perfection is always in conflict with the less-than-perfect world. In the matter of learning and transportation, they move at a variable but purposeful pace. Curiosity leads them down many paths, mentally as well as physically.


Individuals with natal Mercury in Libra want to see their ideas translated into money and other tangible rewards. Many of them seek to earn their living in mental rather than physical endeavors. Literary pursuits can range from a fondness for gossip magazines to serious studies in literature and talent for writing. Artistic tendencies include crafts, music, art or design. Interest in the law can turn them into court reporters, courtroom spectators, lawyers, or judges. Their objectivity and unbiased approach works well in impersonal situations but it can hamper situations where more emotional expression and less intellectual analysis are required. Their methods and approach to learning and transportation are rapid and enthusiastic, tending, whenever possible, to embrace the more luxurious forms. Expect then, to find them pursuing literature in an expensive car.


Individuals with natal Mercury in Scorpio have an extremely keen intellect. The intensity of Scorpio indicates obsessiveness. It can mean jealous protection of their ideas, and in some individuals, a tendency for great secrecy. They tend to equate knowledge and information with power. Once they form opinions, they stubbornly cling to them. Mental powers are not bogged down by sentiment. The emotional element that is present only sharpens their instincts, giving them the ability to read between the lines. It is difficult for others to deceive them. Analytical with a healthy dose of skepticism, they are excellent investigators. What they choose to learn, and where or how they choose to transport themselves is variable, but rarely is it without design or purpose. Whether they move quickly, or slowly with great care, they prefer their movements to be silent and undetected.


Those with natal Mercury in Sagittarius have enthusiastic, adaptable intellects. Their interests are varied and they quickly learn what they want to know. If they don’t have a natural inclination for a subject, or even for school in general, it is difficult for them to stay very long in the confining routine of formal education. Many of these individuals possess considerable gifts for mimicry and oratory. Very independent in their ideas and opinions, they learn best by traveling and circulating in various groups and in different places. When communicating opinions and ideas, they have a tendency to be very direct, sometimes to the point of what others consider tactless. They may be very spiritually oriented, and have a great fondness for art or politics. When it comes to learning and transportation, they can be found rushing from place to place, but they are also capable of ambling along, taking every interesting detour that catches their fancy.


Individuals with natal Mercury in Capricorn want to turn knowledge and ideas to some practical advantage, which is why many of them have a certain flair for organization, business and administration. Unless other factors in their natal charts soften the sober Saturnine influence, their imaginations can be restricted to the pragmatic and material world. However, this is not always the case. They may be gifted musicians or poets, well able to understand and utilize the basic pattern of rhythm and measure that escape less structured or disciplined thinkers. Too dedicated to espousing traditional ideas, or those that do not conflict with or threaten their own, they limit the scope of their intellectual growth. Learning to relax and develop a sense of humor are important for their mental health. Their pace in learning and transportation is strongly influenced by the practical needs or advantages to be gained at any given time. They are however, apt to be attracted to knowledge and transportation that will increase their personal status.


Those with natal Mercury in Aquarius have a curious, but usually compatible, mixture of characteristics associated with their thoughts and ideas and the expression of those ideas. These individuals are stimulated by unusual or unorthodox methods and ideas, which they are often successful at fitting into traditional systems. They have respect for tradition, but are also able to express traditional ideas in an avant-garde or unorthodox manner. They can be very stubborn and opinionated, while at the same time maintain liberal, unbiased attitudes. They are inclined toward design, architecture, science, finance, and, in some cases, music or literature. In the matter of learning and transportation, they can be unpredictable and, at times, highly original and unique. Whatever they do, they always seem to wittingly or unwittingly attract a crowd.


The mental processes of those with natal Mercury in Pisces are influenced by their emotions. They find it hard to separate emotions from ideas and opinions, frequently allowing passion and idealism to overrule logic. Their mental orientation can be unstable, unrealistic, and overly spiritual. However, they may possess uncanny instincts and remarkable sensitivity to beauty and design. If supported by other strengths, they have a photographic memory, mathematical abilities, and sometimes more common sense than they are given credit for. When it comes to learning and transportation, it is apt to be their emotional strength or weakness that determines whether an individual forges straight ahead or ambles aimlessly from place to place at a snail’s pace.

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