Mars Signs

The descriptions of each Mars Sign below are just for fun and interest, as Astrology is much more complicated than a computer interpretation could ever be.  These descriptions were not written by me, but came with my astrology software package.  If you don’t know your Mars Sign, you can get a free natal chart from the internet, or order a natal chart and natal chart computerized interpretation from my blog.  Check my About Page for details.


Mars rules physical energy and efforts. It describes the strength and direction of the physical force that drives your ego, fires your emotions, and encourages your mental endeavors and communicative skills. It describes male relationships and associations, risk-taking inclinations, and the physical challenges you are likely to encounter.


Individuals with natal Mars in Aries have a great deal of raw energy. Whether or not they will make full and productive use of all this energy is not a certainty, since the aspects Mars has with other natal planets as well as its house position in their individual natal chart, are other influencing factors. It does seem certain that frustration occurs if their energy isn’t given some kind of physical outlet. If the Aries aggressiveness is more prominent in their nature, they are in continual combat, verbally or physically. Whatever their outer personality, they are liable to be courageous and inspirational when there is need to evoke such passions. Most of these individuals are content just to keep busy. They are hard workers, and constantly on the go, whether for business or pleasure.


Individuals with natal Mars in Taurus are not likely to waste their time or efforts. Whatever they seek to accomplish or to acquire is consciously or subconsciously linked to satisfying a need for personal security. For most of them, it is usually in the form of money or other material assets. Even those who do not seek to amass material wealth become discouraged if their efforts and activities do not result in gaining some goal or tangible reward. Physical pleasures are often the object of their energetic pursuits. The Taurean influence gives these individuals patience and determination, and is also an indication of artistic skills. They are likely to possess great physical strength and stamina, or at least have the capacity to develop them.


The energy of individuals with Mars in Gemini is oriented to organizing, disseminating, and creating ideas and information. The varied and widely-scattered interests that can command their attention tend to keep them quite physically active as they hop from one project to another. Doing more than one thing at a time is second nature, and they constantly attend meetings, write letters, chat on the phone, travel, or run errands. Whether or not they follow through with ideas and activities is dependent on other factors in their individual natal chart. Organizing and limiting their activities minimize the potential for nervousness and irritability. Many of them are avid readers, excellent teachers, mechanically inclined, or artistically skilled.


The emotional state of individuals with Mars in Cancer motivates the direction of their physical energies. However, when they are motivated, their efforts are forceful and aimed at accomplishment. They energetically go after what and whom they want. At times their actions can become terribly misguided by possessiveness or jealousy. The Cancerian influence implies a domestic streak, and many efforts may be directed toward family or domestic activities. They are likely to be avid collectors and savers of everything. They engage in such Cancer-ruled jobs as catering, agriculture, building, real estate, family counseling, and areas that involve women or children.


Mars in Leo individuals are likely to be very generous with their time and attention. Inclined toward grandiose gestures and improbable schemes, whatever they do is usually done in a big way. Sometimes their energy and enthusiasm are such inspirational forces they are actually able to accomplish some of the seemingly impossible things they set out to do. Strong determination is another important factor in their stunning accomplishments. If they allow stubborn pride to interfere, however, they can waste valuable time. Their efforts may be very creative, though they may need to be reminded of practical considerations and assisted by those more attentive to mundane details.


Individuals with Mars in Virgo possess a number of different kinds of physical and mental skills that allow them access to a wide range of activities. Writing, teaching, health care, interior design, or fashion design are just a few areas in which these individuals may direct their time and attention. They can be very self-disciplined, organized individuals who have no trouble dividing their energy among several projects at the same time. If other factors in their individual natal chart interfere, their sense of detail is lost in disorganization and sloppiness. Efforts to perfect their skills and abilities to impossible levels can be discouraged when they are confronted with the imperfection of reality. They need to develop tolerance for such imperfect situations or they can lapse into an idle and unproductive existence.


The energy of those with Mars in Libra is primarily directed toward ideas and communication. Their efforts can be strong and focused, but the motivational force behind their efforts often relies on interacting with other people. If they have limited opportunity to work in partnership or in cooperative arrangements with others, they find it difficult to get things accomplished or to develop their own potential. The Libran influence implies the possibility of special talent in law, art, design, and music. They are not particularly geared for wasting energy in combative gestures, and will more than likely go out of their way to avoid direct conflict. They are good strategists, able to accomplish things through diplomacy and charm instead of physical force.


The energy of those with natal Mars in Scorpio is intense and focused. Though their actions are prompted primarily by emotional needs, the extent of emotional involvement in the things these individuals do is not often obvious. In fact, consciously or subconsciously, they may hide or disguise their real reason for doing things. The formidable energy that they are capable of applying to their efforts is persistent, accurately directed, and usually successful. They can be misguided by possessiveness and jealousy, and waste their energy in pointless acts of revenge. These individuals are among the world’s most remarkable researchers, investigators, writers, composers, renovators, and financial manipulators.


The actions of individuals with natal Mars in Sagittarius are enthusiastic and inspired. Spurred on by the excitement of a given moment, they act quickly and decisively. However, they can quickly lose interest and head off in a different direction, leaving others to finish their work. Their intellectual curiosity is easily aroused, and they enjoy absorbing, collecting, and sharing all types of information. They need to develop patience and organization or the facts that they accumulate become disconnected and they end up repeating themselves. They are apt to have mechanical or artistic skills and the ability to mimic. They are gifted actors, sales persons, clerics, writers, teachers and musicians. They accomplish more if given a certain amount of latitude and independence in which to perform their tasks.


Individuals with Mars in Capricorn are aggressively ambitious. They act more decisively and with greater confidence when they are acting within the limits of what is legally and socially acceptable. They are also more effective when they know they are being observed, and when they know that what they are doing commands respect. Rejection in business or romance is not something they accept easily, and they continue to relentlessly pursue their goals in any way they think will work. The influence of Capricorn may mean a certain ruthlessness in their nature, but that is what it takes to succeed in the fiercely competitive situations they pursue. These individuals are often the ones responsible for bringing about greatly needed changes, and establishing institutions and structures that ultimately benefit many people other than themselves.


Individuals with Mars in Aquarius devote much energy to ideas and communication. Highly sociable, they are addicted to the telephone, and will rarely miss opportunities to participate in group activities and group discussions. Their efforts can be as unpredictable as the rest of their life style. Totally unmotivated at times, they let themselves fall into a rut, while at other times, their energy and enthusiasm flow in a steady stream of focused activity. With no warning, some unexpected circumstance may force, or at least inspire them to execute a complete change of attitude and direction.


The energy of those with Mars in Pisces is highly influenced by their emotional state and, too often, at the mercy of the environment in which they operate. They can easily be inspired as well as inspiring, and many possess outstanding creative and artistic talent. Their instinctive reactions are keen, as is their power of turning abstract concepts into reality. The problem they invariably face is that they find it difficult to accomplish things either because they are too lazy, or lack the necessary confidence to act. As a result, they can waste their talents and skills for want of a good push to get started. Many develop an inner strength that is remarkable. As if to confront potential physical weakness, they engage in high-risk activities.

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