A Spirit Animal Reading by Patricia


I see many different kinds of spirits around people, including Spirit Animals. Spirit Animals CHOOSE us and act as Spirit Guides to us, guiding and teaching us, and sending us messages about our life, our path, our gifts, and our future. We also carry similar characteristics to our Spirit animal(s), and we usually are always drawn to them throughout our lives. Below is a real Spirit Animal reading that I did for a client through email. It is a good example of how a Spirit Animal Reading works and what kinds of information comes through. You can see the client’s feedback beneath it to see the connections that the reading made to her life.

“Here is your reading! Just be aware that the meanings for each animal that came through right now when I did the reading aren’t the only interpretations you can go by, or the only meanings. And sometimes when an Animal messenger comes to you, it might have a more specific message for you at the time. You can search the Animal Spirits online and find out more that resonates with you by searching totem animals. Owl and Raven came through very strongly. These are the messages that they wanted me to bring forth to you for now.

The first animal that is coming through strongly for you is an Owl. It’s a brown and grey and white speckled Owl, I think a barn owl (different kinds of one animal can have different meanings. Owl gives us psychic ability and strong intuition, the gift of clairvoyance (owls can see in the dark). Do you have dreams that come true? And strong intuition, a strong gut feeling that things aren’t right before something bad happens? Owl people also have a good intuition about deceitful people. Owl people are usually very psychic. If you don’t feel that you resonate with that (although I feel like you do), then you might just be waking up spiritually (although again, I don’t feel this is true, I think you are at least somewhat aware of your spiritual side and spiritual gifts). In my vision Owl was placing something in your left hand (and when I see an animal do this in a vision, it is your Animal Guide showing you the gift(s) it’s given you). So it’s showing you that you have this and can use it. I do feel like you are going through a spiritual awakening right now.

Owl also has to do with wisdom, of course. And I think you are going through a phase where you are gaining a lot of spiritual wisdom (also a lot of classroom learning with you, as well). I see you meditating, and also part of some kind of spiritual circle (does that make sense? If it’s not for now, it’s for future).

I also see a Raven around you, as well. Raven people are also very psychic and intuitive. Raven people are also very clever, witty, playful, intelligent, talkative, and resourceful. They are usually good mimics, as well. Raven people are also a lot more comfortable with the dark side of things than other people. I think that Raven has been a messenger with you in this life already. Have you ever gotten a message from a Raven? For it to be a message, there has to definitely be a moment where you make eye contact, or it calls right to you and watches you for a bit. Raven definitely wants your attention right now. It’s telling you to rely on your cleverness and resourcefulness right now, that it will be needed. It’s also saying to pay attention to your spiritual gifts, again I think you are working on developing them right now (if not yet, very soon). It also wants you to work on psychically protecting yourself. Sensitive, intuitive people need extra protection, as we tend to collect psychic debris and absorb energy very well. Smudging and visualization exercises can help with that. I feel that you really need a good cleanse right now, so smudge your home, as well.

I also see a Tiger around you, as well. But I don’t think it’s one of your main animals, I think it just came to give a message for right now, or near future. Be fierce and fight for what you deserve, that is it’s message for you.

And a spider just fell off me (yikes!! I’m surprised I didn’t freak out more) and I think it’s a message for you, about being more creative. I see writing ability with you, as well. Is this correct?”

Client Feedback: “Wow, thank you so much for this! I don’t want to sound cheesy or anything, but I got chills as soon as I started reading, and actually had them on and off all day yesterday.

I wouldn’t say that I have dreams that necessarily come true, however, since I was a child I’ve always remembered my dreams vividly (to a point where they stand out more than my waking life sometimes). I find that they often mirror metaphorically what is happening, or what is about to happen in my life. I am definitely going through a phase of deep learning (both in the classroom and out). I am a part of a therapy group that I meet with every week, it is not necessarily explicitly spiritual, but we work collectively to build a group relationship and to form meaningful connections with each other (which I count as spiritual!).

I can’t think of a time that I’ve received a message from a Raven before, but I have experienced receiving a message from an animal (a deer) in the way you just described, but was unsure whether I should take it as a message. I identify strongly with your description of a Raven, and the psychic debris part is standing out but I don’t know why. I’ll have to try smudging and visualization exercises.

I’m trained in a creative field and just started grad school to do more writing, so I would say that spider is correct!

I can’t thank you enough, this was really incredible. I’ve always felt a bit apprehensive in acknowledging the spiritual/intuitive things I experience, but your reading was very freeing, so thank you for that.”

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