Are Phone Readings Less Accurate Than in Person Readings? Addressing Common Myths About Phone Readings


There is one false idea that keeps coming up repeatedly with clients and potential clients, even though I already address it on my Booking a Reading page a couple of times, and that is that phone readings are somehow less accurate than in person readings. This idea is absolutely FALSE.

I used to think it was kind of silly when a client would ask me something along the lines of “it is probably easier to read someone in person, hey?”, but it honestly bothers me sometimes, too. Not only because it is a myth and a lie, and Sagittarius HATES lies (and I am a Sagittarius times 4), but because I think it has been perpetuated by fake psychics who read and rely on body language and social cues, and who use hypnotic techniques with their own communication and body language. You obviously shouldn’t be believing these people.

It also bothers me sometimes because it means that people are not listening to my expertise and trusting me. First of all, I don’t even understand why someone would hire someone if there was no trust in their expertise in the first place, IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!!! hahaha. And everyone knows that I do not like things that do not make sense. . . But second of all, I think my website is extensive enough and informative enough to have trust in my abilities and my expertise, and to know my style and how I work, and there are even examples of my work on my website, there are examples of real readings that I have done over email and phone (that still hold up for accuracy), and also many testimonials. So someone will put trust enough in me to hire me, but only in person, because even though I am a good enough psychic to hire and am right about most everything else, I am somehow wrong about the accuracy of phone readings? This is what I mean when it doesn’t make sense! hahaha!

So now when clients say that to me, or ask me something along those lines, I like to tease about it:

Ill ask them ”Oh, so in your readings, you find it easier to do in person than over the phone?”

And I usually get a nervous response along the lines of ”Oh, I, uh, um, I don’t do readings. . .”.

And my cheeky response is usually ”Ohhhhh!! So you don’t know what you’re talking about then? hahaha!!!”

No, but seriously, I do this over and over and over again and I get the same results over the phone as I do in person. I have learned that THERE MAKES NO DIFFERENCE IN MY ACCURACY over the phone, or even when I did it over email. I get my information from Spirit, and Spirit is not limited by space or time the way we are (we live in a different dimension than they are in).

I have asked clients and Spirit what some of the reasons are for people not believing that a phone reading can be accurate, and here are some of the top responses that I have received, and my own responses to them:

1. They don’t trust me themselves unless they see me in person. They believe that they won’t be able to detect whether I am phony or bad at what I do unless they see me with their own eyes in person..

I can understand wanting to have trust in a psychic medium. I would be very picky about who I saw and research their website extensively before I picked who to go to. Yes, even though I am psychic and have feelings about things, I am a thorough HUMAN (part-faerie though, ha!) and like to get information from ALL OF THE SOURCES available to me, both spirit and material. And I like to get confirmation and proof, so by going to do physical research as well, I would be getting confirmation of the messages I got from Spirit beforehand about them, solidifying my decision. I would have extra confirmation of a go or a no.

But this reasoning that you can’t trust me unless you see me in person doesn’t make sense to me either. If you think there is a chance that I am fake or not good at what I do, you think you will notice it more in person than over the phone? I don’t believe this to be true at all. People can easily tell if someone is fake, or not good at what they do, or more of a salesperson than a psychic over the phone. You would still be able to notice their leading questions, cold reading techniques, hear their tone of voice, etc, because after all, these techniques are all verbal techniques and the phone is a verbal technology. AND, their predictions would prove to be untrue eventually! In my opinion, over the phone gives more confirmation because I cannot rely on body language or physical appearance that fake psychics rely on, which I NEVER, NEVER do anyway, even in person. My eyes are always closed in a reading so I can focus on my clairvoyance, my visions, which has nothing to do with my physical eyes. I NEVER use what I see physically in my reading, I convey the messages I get from Spirit and from my psychic senses, that is it. Even when someone emails me, and their email shows a little thumbnail picture of them automatically, I NEVER go look at it and try to avoid looking at it as much as possible. For some of my repeat clients, they will send me pictures after asking me, of course, just because we do get to know each other, and I like to see if they match what came in my visions, and yes, they usually do! It is very cool!

2. They really don’t believe me when I say it doesn’t make a difference in the accuracy.

This one is funny to me because, again, why would you hire someone in the first place if you didn’t believe them? And second of all, I have been doing this for decades now and I am getting better at it every day, so yes I do know what I am talking about, and I get proof all of the time of this. I find it a bit insulting if someone has this idea because it shows a lack of respect for what I do as a profession, which still does not have a lot of respect in this world with a lot of people. You would not tell an electrician, a landscape architect, or a doctor that you know better about what THEY have STUDIED for decades and work at ALL OF THE TIME, would you? (okay, I would tell a doctor that in some cases, hahaha). But you know what I mean. . .

If there ever is a case where I think I need to be physically present for spiritual work, I will let the client know in their reading (there are some cases). The case where this is usually necessary is when someone needs a houseclearing, although in some minor cases I can do it on the phone, yes. The client just needs to do the physical houseclearing instructions from me, but I can work with my Spirit Guides and Angels to go there and release the Spirit(s). I can tell in a reading if it is serious enough that I physically need to do it myself and physically be there. But again, I can remote view, and astral travel, and my Spirits can “go” anywhere and I can still talk to them.

3. They have some false beliefs about how energy and psychic reading works.

I think some people really believe I have to be touching them or close to them to read them. I have even had a few people who insisted on sitting directly across from me and wanting to touch hands, which I do not have to do, haha. Yes, maybe some honest psychics believe that that is the only way they can work, but my gift does not work that way at all. I get my information from Spirit, and Spirit is not limited by space, and therefore it doesn’t matter what my physical vicinity to the person I am reading is. I do not lose my accuracy just because someone is in Quebec and not in Alberta, haha. I have repeat Quebec clients, and I have clients who are Irish, American, Australian, etc. – obviously the distance doesn’t affect the accuracy of their readings if they keep hiring me.

And also, I do not lose my psychic or mediumship abilities when I talk on the phone either. This idea is a little bit silly to me. I can still get visions, hear Spirit talking, feel things, and my claircognizance still works when I talk on the phone, trust me on this, haha. I have never had a phone reading where I suddenly lost my abilities, ever.
Also, remember that humans have been developing phone technology for well over 150 years now, and so obviously your Spirit Guides and Angels and family spirits can communicate over the phone just fine, too, haha. So, you believe that humans can talk on the phone, but Creator and Angels can’t figure it out? hahaha. They just don’t need to even use it (although sometimes they will call us!!! See Signs From the Spirit World), they communicate through me, and then I tell you over the phone. There is instant communication possible between Spirits. And I can access the Akashic Records and the Hall of Records (they sound like silly ideas, but I have been going there since I was a litle girl when Angels came in one of my dreams and showed me how to get there. But this is a story for another time.. . But in the meantime you can search them online) . I can astral travel. And I am an EXCELLENT REMOTE VIEWER. I can describe places and scenes far far away from me with great accuracy, and describe places that people are going to be living in the future before they even see it themselves, as confirmed by my repeat clients. It is proven that I can receive messages about someone over a great distance with ease.

4. They say they want something more personal, and they falsely believe that a phone reading can’t be personal.

I know this one is an important one for many people, but this reasoning honestly still doesn’t make any sense to me, either, haha (sorry). I absolutely 100% think that a phone chat can be very personal. I have had many, many personal phone calls in my life, as I am sure many, many people have, including the people who say they want a more personal reading. I think what people mean when they say this (and Spirit confirms this) is that they are really looking to have someone relate to them and listen to them, to get support, and they don’t think they can get that feeling without physical contact, eye contact, and without seeing the other person and their body language. I get this, but please remember that I am simply a MESSENGER and NOT A COUNSELLOR, PSYCHOLOGIST, LIFE COACH, OR DOCTOR, etc. So the whole “I want something more personal” thing (if when you say that to me, you really mean that you are looking for more of a connection with me because you are seeking human contact more than anything else) actually makes me feel uncomfortable. While I am great at these things and I am very empathic and understanding, you should not be seeing me because you need someone to relate to and someone to listen to you, I am sorry, but I am not a counsellor. There are free services for that, in Canada at least. But I can still be empathic and understanding on the phone, and I am very personable on the phone, I am still myself, and your reading will also be private (the only way to have a private in person reading with me currently, and at least in the next few months, is if you have a hotel room in Canmore, see Booking a Reading for more information). People should still hire me knowing that I am simply a receiver, a radio operator and vision and voice receiver between the Spirits and you. But I am still very personable on the phone, and it will be private. I am still very understanding and a good communicator and a good listener and very empathic in my phone readings – I am very much all of these things. When you talk to your friends and family over the phone, are they less personal suddenly because it is on the phone? I don’t think so. . .

5. Psychics who lack confidence in their abilities can perpetuate this myth as well.

Spirit tells me that they would be just as good over the phone, but because they lack confidence, and thus faith, their reading can be “off”. In these cases I would see the psychic in person if they said their gift worked better that way or if they felt more confident working that way. And, as previously mentioned, in some cases physical proximity is necessary (eg. for houseclearings). You most definitely will get a better reading with a psychic in person if they believe they are better in person. In my case, I have great confidence in my abilities and in my Spirits and Angels to be able to read for someone over a distance. I am very clairvoyant (I can receive visions), very clairaudient, clairsentient, clairgustant, clairailient, and claircognizant, and you don’t have to be sitting in front of me for me to be able to receive information in any of those forms from Spirit.

5. As mentioned before, they might have absorbed the idea from fake psychics who have perpetuated this myth.

Fake psychics who read body language, your physical appearance, mannerisms,  and use social cues, and leading questions, and cold reading techniques most definitely need to see someone in person for their techniques to work, and may make up some excuse that they need to be close to you to feel your energy better to read you. In these cases, if you have a feeling someone is a fake, obviously just don’t see them at all. Energy is not limited by distance. If you have ever had someone psychically attack you from far away, who you have deleted from your life, you definitely understand that energy is not limited by space. You can feel that stuff from across the country! haha

6. Spirit tells me that sometimes people who insist on seeing me in person actually have control issues and won’t feel like they have any control over the session if it is not in person because they won’t be able to use their normal control tactics with communication and body language and eye contact.

I have to admit, this one bothers me, as well, for obvious reasons. I have a history of having to deal with controlling people in my personal life, so when someone uses manipulation and control tactics in their communication and body language in a reading, and tries to dominate it with these tactics, it can trigger me. I am able to do the reading and still be good at what I do, but I obviously do not enjoy these ones. If a person is not being receptive and wants me to be a tell them what they want to hear machine, which of course I am not, of course they won’t be able to receive as many messages and be able to intepret them properly as someone who is receptive and lets things just flow in. It is important to remember that getting a reading means that you have to be RECEPTIVE. You are there to listen, not to talk or to dominate or control the conversation. When a client talks too much in a reading, they unfortunately are sabotaging their reading. I do remind them to slow down, and that we are there to listen, to receive messages, and with the help from Spirit this usually works and they eventually calm and slow down. So while I can help a client to refocus and be receptive, it is better if they start a session with this idea in mind, rather than trying to control the answers and the session. A quick meditation beforehand works wonders. And yes, a calm and receptive reading can happen over the phone very easily.

But even with all of this, still keep in mind that everyone’s gift does work differently, so it is best to listen to the individual psychic on how they work (after you research them, and have testimonials or references from them, and you feel your Guides are guiding you there, of course). And again, some psychics lack confidence in their abilities, which can hinder the reading and affect the accuracy in a negative way, so you would want to see them in the way that they are most confident. In those cases, where a psychic says that they work better in person, don’t necessarily assume that they are fake. Again, they might just lack confidence in their abilities or be holding themselves back with the false belief that proximity matters. In those cases, I wouldn’t hire them unless it was in person. I would want them to feel at their best and to be able to use their abilities at their best. And yes, I have seen psychics who won’t see someone unless it is in person, and no they definitely were not fake, they definitely were not reading my body language or using cold reading techniques, and yes they were very good at what they did. And I have also talked to a phone psychic and I didn’t feel her abilities or the accuracy was negatively affected at all just because it was on the phone. She could speak just fine to me. So for every psychic, after you have done your research and have a good feeling about hiring them, of course, listen to what they say about how their gift works and how they work at their best.

For me, my distance readings have always been just as amazing of experiences for me and the clients as in person readings, if not more, because I can’t see them, and I am “behind the curtain”. I have had repeat clients who have seen me in person at first, but then every reading after is on the phone, and this tells me that I am just as good on the phone. I also have many, many repeat phone clients who I have never met in person, and who I never even saw a picture of before, and their readings always end up being amazing. This is also more proof that phone readings just WORK. Again, remember that I am a messenger, basically a telegraph or radio operator for the Spirits, and information most definitely can be sent over the phone. It can be sent over email and even through a damn fax machine, haha. I realize that you won’t be able to see some facial expressions and gestures from me, which might make explaining some things easier, but I really haven’t found that to be too limiting. There have been a few instances where it takes time for me to explain how a Spirit is standing or gesturing, but the message does come through. I am a good communicator, and I am good at describing things, so I am always able to describe and explain the messages to my phone clients.

But I really hope that this clears up some of the myths about the accuracy of phone readings. I have great results with my phone readings and look forward to many more in the future. I do still love my in person readings because I love meeting people, and I love meeting my clients, but in the end, the purpose is to receive messages from Spirit and be receptive, and I have to detach myself to do that, which I can do just fine on the phone (or in person). But if you want an in person reading just because you want to meet me, or you think it is more fun, I am totally fine with that too, haha. But if you have a time sensitive issue, and you live away, or you really want a private reading (because I do not have a private space for phone readings anymore, see Booking a Reading for more information), and you really want a reading, I suggest to just get a phone reading in the meantime and take me for tea the next time you do have a chance to come to Canmore, if you want to meet and talk to me so badly, haha! I just really hope that someone doesn’t insist on seeing me in person because of the myths I addressed in this article. But I ultimately understand that it is interesting to talk about his stuff and to meet someone in person who does this. So yes, I get that part, ha.

But I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday season!! Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

© 2017



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