Introducing Wild Wednesdays! Book a Spirit Animal Reading on a Wednesday and Receive 10% Off the Regular Price!


Book a Spirit Animal Reading with me on a Wednesday before 6 PM MST that day, and receive 10% off the regular price! ($56 instead of the regular price of $63 for an email Spirit Animal reading, and $40 for a phone Spirit Animal Reading instead of the regular $45). Space permitting. Cannot be combined with any other deal or offer. There is always a wait for email readings, see Booking a Reading Email Reading Protocol for more information. Payment is made by etransfer). For each Spirit Animal Reading by email, I will spend at least 30 minutes altogether exploring the Spirit Animals around you – I usually have time to describe two or three different Spirit Animals that are around you, and provide any messages from them about past, current, or future events in the 30 minutes (20 minutes for a Spirit Animal Reading by phone).

_igp8737copyrightwatermarkClick here to see an example of a real Spirit Animal reading I have done for a real client in the past. Message me through the contact form below or through my Booking a Reading page here, to book your Spirit Animal Reading today! I look forward to hearing from you!






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