Tarotscopes for the week of January 22nd to January 28th, 2017!




A period of anxiety. The future feels so uncertain to you right now, but now is the time to focus on baby steps and getting by day by day instead of stressing about the uncertainty. Things will happen as they come. You will be guided to better times if you focus on living day to day rather than focus and stress about the future. Uncertainty and fear will attract more of the same. Money issues are concerning you, as well. Money feels unobtainable.


Now is a time of contentment and harmony in relationships, but it may take some effort on your part. Initiating new contacts and relationships. Getting to know someone better. Wanting to initiate romance and love. Feeling fulfilled in your romantic involvement(s). A time to seek peace and happiness within yourself.


A time of study and pursuing knowledge. You may be receiving news about financial and career goals around this time. Seek information and be practical about financial, school, and career goals. You may dealing with financial and educational institutions around this time, perhaps also applying for school or a new position. You may meet or be dealing with a young student, or helping someone with their studies.  


Rules and structure are an important theme right now. Focus on discipline to achieve your goals, and tried and true methods of accomplishing things. This time is about ridding your life of old habits and relationships that do not serve you anymore. Seek spiritual guidance. A time of spiritual growth. Working on ridding yourself of the manipulative influence of others. Working on your own interests and stay steadfast in them.


The Magician reminds us that we have the power of manifestation and it is letting you know that you are manifesting at a high rate at this time. You can make your own reality. Now is a good time for manifesting what you want out of your work and relationships. Seeking personal and spiritual growth, and now is a good time for obtaining both. The Magician card is coming up to remind you that you are capable of achieving your career goals. Focus on NOW. Realize your true potential. This is a period where things seem to fall into place and synchronicity is running high. Pay attention to signs from the Universe.


A period of harmony in the midst of conflict and change. Balancing where your money goes. Balance in general should be the focus right now. Balancing work, home, and your social life is a concern of yours around this time. Keep your temper at bay in dealing with others around this time. Keep a cool head and all will be peaceful.


Worry about someone’s health at this time, or an illness of yours. Depression and nightmares. I see some exhaustion and burnout from overwork. Your body is telling you to take a break. This could also mean someone close to you. Your personal demons seem larger than ever right now, but you have to fight your fears and face them. Being too hard on yourself, they are saying focus on bringing some brightness back right now.


Patience, balance, and harmony are important themes right now, approaching all situations right now with this in mind will bring the best outcome. You have to be patient, and realize you have to be strong and trust in the Universe that things will be coming your way for the future. You will have to trust in your negotiation skills and trust in your ability to swing things in your favour for the long-term. Negotiation of financial and career matters may come into play at this time. A time for moderation, not excess, as well.


Take a retreat from everything right now. This is a good time to reflect on a relationship issue or issue(s). Walk away from focusing on the material world and material issues for a while. Take some time for yourself. While it’s nice to be helpful and take care of others, you need to take care of yourself right now. Don’t get too involved in other people’s struggles right now. Take a step back from everything. Now is the opportunity to find a new direction and new path, you just need some space to think things through. Travel is an important theme right now, either physical or mental.


Now is the time to be courageous in the face of conflict and oppositional forces. Take a stand, do not back down. Fight with everything you have. It may seem like there is a lot against you right now, but the Universe wants to remind you that you do have inner resources and skills that you have learned from your past battles and struggles. Stand tall for what you believe in.   


You have just come out of a difficult time of feeling conflict from others and emotional strife. Be very alert right now to potential difficulties that may arise. Being aware of potential difficulties ahead of time will help you to prevent or avoid them altogether. Avoid taking risks right now. Be cautious in your relationships right now. You will have business and material success if you focus on working hard right now rather than focusing on the negative situations from the past that you have just come out of.


A period of seeking fulfillment and abundance. A period of great satisfaction. Hope for the future. This is a very lucky time for you, enjoy it!! Sensual comforts and a period of contentment. Self-love and a time of healing and renewal. Domestic fulfillment and harmony. Happiness in a relationship. Hope for the future in terms of a relationship.

My name is Patricia and I am a clairvoyant psychic medium with over 20 years of reading experience. For more information about my readings, to read testimonials and see links to examples of real readings I have done for clients in the past, or to book a Psychic Medium reading by phone or in person, please visit the Booking a Reading Page here. To read more about my history as a psychic medium, visit the About Page. 

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