Tarotscopes for the Week of January 15th to January 21st., 2017!





There will be an influence of a hard-working and financially successful and stable man at this time. You will be taking charge of your finances, and really becoming more responsible and smart about your own financial situation. Focus on planning for your financial future at this time. Take a practical approach to materialize goals.


The Four of Cups is a warning not to take what you have for granted. Now is the time to appreciate what you already have rather than looking elsewhere for something bigger and brighter. Something that may seem like a better scenario or choice will only disappoint you. Some things are just too good to be true.

A period of harmony in the midst of conflict and change. Balancing where your money goes. Balance in general should be the focus right now. Balancing work, home, and your social life is a concern of yours around this time. Keep your temper at bay in dealing with others around this time, keep a cool head and all will be peaceful.

This is a very social time for you. A renewed sense of confidence, and feeling the benefits of working on your health and finances for the last little while. A greater feeling of stability and calm than recently, as well. Enjoying the benefits of hard work and tenacity. A sensual, down to earth woman who loves the finer things in life will come into play around now, or you will be embracing these qualities in yourself around this time.

Your power and authority are currently being challenged, or this has happened recently. Be authoritative, but balanced, fair, and grounded as well right now. You have been feeling challenged recently, and in this case, just stand your ground. Masculine strength. Dealing with patriarchy, a patriarchal figure, or patriarchal authority is a theme right now.

Some news about career around this time. Trying to build on your confidence in your work and social life. A man who likes to socialize and is ambitious will come into play around this time. You are making plans and putting things into action, some of your plans are already coming to fruition.


Be courageous and strong, but gentle. Forcing things won’t work right now, but gentle coaxing will, and it will give you power over a situation that you won’t get from pushing. Turn your “weaknesses” into strengths. The Universe is reminding you that your past difficulties and dealings with bullying and aggressive people has only made you stronger. Now is the time to face your fears. This is a period where you will feel invincible and be able to draw on your own personal power. Take the energy of this time and use it to your advantage!


Time to visualize, manifest, and initiate your financial and career goals. The beginning of a new phase in terms of your finances and career. Pay attention to health issues at this time, as well. The initiation must come from you at this time. Pay attention to new opportunities all around you. New health information, and time for a new approach to health and money issues.


You’ve come out of a hard time, and the Sun card is a reminder that there is still a lot of good around you, and more good things to come! This is a reminder to get some much needed fun and rest around this time, as well. A new optimistic attitude around this time. Enjoy this time but make sure that you save for future sunny days, as well.


There needs to be a death of some kind in order for there to be a rebirth for you. Realizing the value of life and those around you is an important theme right now as well. The Death card can be an important reminder to live the life you truly desire, and to live to your full potential. Life is short. And sometimes in order to get where we want to be, something must die and be released so that we can move on. Usually means a figurative death, either a death of a part of you or part of someone else, or the death of a phase or relationship, but can mean a literal death as well.


Focusing on balance and fairness when dealing with others is an important theme right now. Surround yourself with others who do the same. You need to give someone the benefit of the doubt around this time. Working on bringing balance in your career, relationships, and finances is an important theme right now. Someone who didn’t treat you very well in the past will experience the negative consequences of their behaviour somehow. You may go through a period of regret right now or experience negative consequences at this time for any negative actions that you’ve done to others. An important thing to remember right now is that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and so remember right now that what you put into things, is what you get.


Now it the time to take the reigns of a situation, and take action, move forward. Be a leader, but learn to work as a team. You will need to have the cooperation of others in an important situation that will further your career goals. A victory in a career or personal situation. Working and cooperation with others will be an important theme right now. Learning that you need the help of others sometimes to move forward.


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