It’s Mediumship Monday! 10% Off on 45 Minute Psychic Medium Phone Readings!

Book a 45 minute Psychic Medium phone reading with me (or longer) on a Monday by 6 PM MST and receive 10% off the regular price! (The phone appointment can happen after 6 PM, or another day with a gift certificate instead, it just must be booked or purchased before then. Space permitting – there are usually only 1 to 3 spaces available. If I get booked up, you can purchase a gift certificate for yourself for a future date instead by the deadline and still receive the 10% off. This offer is not available for in person appointments, and is not available when I am booked with in-person appointments. Cannot be combined with any other offer or deal).

With the deal, it is $72 for a 45 minute Psychic Medium phone reading (regular price $81), $90 for a 60 minute phone reading (regular price $100), $112 for 75 minutes (regular $125), and $135 for a 90 minute phone reading (regular $150).

Please message me through my Booking a Reading page, through the contact form below (or by texting to 403-493-0604, never call, being specific about how long of a reading you would like, what time works best for you, and what time does not work for you at all, in your very first message to save time for both of us. NEVER PHONE WIHOUT AN APPOINTMENT – texting really is best, and the fastest way I usually can respond), to book your Psychic Medium phone reading today!! I look forward to hearing from you!! Please visit my About page to learn more about my history as a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, and What to Expect From a Psychic Medium Reading With Me to learn more about psychic mediumship. See the Menu above for articles on spirituality by me, including Regret and Apologies From the Other Side, Signs From the Spirit World, Signs That You Have Already Known Someone in a Past Life, astrology, and more! 



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