Tarotscopes for the Week of January 1st. – January 7th., 2017!



Opportunity. Joy and social activities, possibly with children. Re-exploring your inner child. Getting in touch with your brightness and youthful spirit you had before. New social and work opportunities. A lucky period.


Protection. Support will be all around you at this time if you just ask. There is the promise of a better future. You may be feeling more optimistic about your health and material goals. The Ten of Pentacles is showing you promise for a better future. Keep being positive. It is telling you that you can manifest all that you want materially and for your health at this time.


Getting recognition from your employer, or in your daily work. Material rewards for a job well done. Feeling some hope for your financial future. Status. A new home or redecoration or rearrangement of living circumstances. Cooperation with others brings material rewards and new opportunities. New social and work situations.


Sacrifice. Take a retreat from emotional involvement right now to reflect on a relationship issue or issue(s). Take some time for yourself. While it’s nice to be helpful and take care of others, you need to take care of yourself right now. Don’t get too involved in other people’s struggles right now. Take a step back. Now is the opportunity to find a new direction and new path.


You have just come out of a difficult time of feeling conflict from others and emotional strife. Be very alert right now to potential difficulties that may arise. Being aware of potential difficulties ahead of time will help you to prevent or avoid them altogether. Avoid taking risks right now. Be cautious in your relationships right now. You will have business and material success if you focus on working hard right now rather than focusing on the negative situations from the past that you have just come out of.


The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that there are both ups and downs in life, and that in order to learn something from life we must have both. You may be coming out of an emotional rollercoaster type of relationship, a rollercoaster phase, or revisiting the issues of one from the past during this time, but the difference is that you are learning something new from it now. Just remember that new opportunities always arise even after a period of strife.


Travel and plans for travel. Plans happening quickly, but do not rush anything at this time. The Universe is also telling you to be responsible at this time, even if there seems to be a lot of spontaneous energy around. Expect a message or news from a loved one who lives far away. You may receive a message or news about work, as well. Approaching situations with a structured, logical approach at this time will return favourable results.


You have been disappointed and hurt in a relationship and past relationships, and these themes will crop up again around this time. You will experience emotional loss of some kind around this time, or be re-experiencing the feelings surrounding a lost love or failed relationships in general. Bitterness. Trying to focus on self-love around now will be helpful and healing.


Be courageous and strong, but gentle. Forcing things won’t work right now, but gentle coaxing will, and it will give you power over a situation that you won’t get from pushing. Turn your “weaknesses” into strengths. The Universe is reminding you that your past difficulties and dealings with bullying and aggressive people has only made you stronger. Now is the time to face your fears. This is a period where you will feel invincible and be able to draw on your own personal power. Take the energy of this time and use it to your advantage!


Money is coming your way, but it seems unreachable right now. Worry will not help anything. Take the time to appreciate what you have and reap what you have sown. There are rewards that you haven’t even considered or taken the time to appreciate. Abundance comes in many forms other than with money. Messages about financial help and assistance coming your way.


Now is a time to be determined and possibly even ruthless in your goals. Start planning, be creative and clever in your plans. This could mean a woman coming into your life who embodies the qualities of the Queen of Swords – calculating and shrewd. Spirit is saying for you to try to embrace these qualities in yourself at this time, in order to achieve your material and career goals. You may be feeling deceived or tricked by someone, but you will not be fooled easily at this time, listen to your intuition. You will also feel a sense of strength from your past losses and disappointments.


You may feel the pressure of focusing on material success right now, but it’s good to remember that material success isn’t everything. Try to achieve balance with your material goals and with your family and social life, as well. Financial success is yours but don’t forget about the simple pleasures in life. Too much work can bring health problems and strain.

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Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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