Tarotscopes for the Week of December 25th to December 31st, 2016!



Travel and new information coming your way. Plans for travel or moving. Getting recognition. Feeling proud of what you have accomplished so far. Newness and excitement. A competition or feeling competitive around this time. Friendly competition. Great career news, as well, or feeling a stronger direction in your career.


Now is the time to break old habits, addictions, and unhealthy relationships that keep you bound to a life of unhappiness. You have been bound and kept prisoner by an addiction, unhealthy relationship, negative thinking patterns, or a situation where you seemingly lack control, but remember that you can have control if you face your fears and bring death to things and ways of living that do not serve you any longer. This can be a warning about self-destructive and obsessive behaviours and excess. It is a reminder not to become a slave to your dark side, but to confront it and learn from it. Face your fears and overcome them. Your past has taught you that you are a strong person and can overcome anything. You must learn to escape the chains of negative thinking patterns.


There needs to be a death of some kind in order for there to be a rebirth for you. Realizing the value of life and those around you is an important theme right now as well. The Death card can be an important reminder to live the life you truly desire, and to live to your full potential. Life is short. And sometimes in order to get where we want to be, something must die and be released so that we can move on. Usually means a figurative death, either a death of a part of you or part of someone else, or the death of a phase or relationship, but can mean a literal death as well.


Mounting pressures must be released right now. Things coming to the breaking point. A dramatic turn of events. Old patterns and circumstances will change drastically. Out with the old, in with the new. The ending of something that had to end to make room for spiritual growth. Unexpected circumstances. Revolution of old ways and old thinking patterns. A dramatic break from a relationship or job.


Illusion. Time to face illusions in your relationship(s). Feeling disillusioned by a romance. Make sure you don’t become a victim of wishful thinking in terms of your romantic involvement(s). Being involved with someone deceitful, something is not as it seems. This could also mean that you are finally trying to see a past situation for what it really was, and trying to heal from it.


An emotional and sentimental period. Working on learning to trust your intuition as well. Be careful of overindulgence. You may meet or be dealing with a sensitive young man around this time, who may have some addiction issues, or you may be dealing with your own addiction issues at this time. A yearning for romance and a sentimental period, but will not be feeling quite satisfied or fulfilled with love relationships right now.


Focusing on balance and fairness when dealing with others is an important theme right now. Surround yourself with others who do the same. You need to give someone the benefit of the doubt around this time. Working on bringing balance in your career, relationships, and finances is an important theme right now. Someone who didn’t treat you very well in the past will experience the negative consequences of their behaviour somehow. You may go through a period of regret right now or experience negative consequences at this time for any negative actions that you’ve done to others. An important thing to remember right now is that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and so remember right now that what you put into things, is what you get.


This is a very social time for you. A renewed sense of confidence, and feeling the benefits of working on your health and finances for the last little while. A greater feeling of stability and calm than recently, as well. Enjoying the benefits of hard work and tenacity. A sensual, down to earth woman who loves the finer things in life will come into play around now.


Time for introspection and self-discovery. Spiritual development and self-analysis are important themes at this time. Seeking wisdom and inner guidance. You will have some much-needed alone time for introspection, use it. Meditation and peace is your goal around this time. Take some time to recuperate and rest from work.


Protection. Support will be all around you at this time if you just ask. There is the promise of a better future. You may be feeling more optimistic about your health and material goals. The Ten of Pentacles is showing you promise for a better future. Keep being positive. It is telling you that you can manifest all that you want materially and for your health at this time.


Now is a time of contentment and harmony in relationships, but it may take some effort on your part. Initiating new contacts and relationships. Getting to know someone better. Wanting to initiate romance and love. Feeling fulfilled in your romantic involvement(s). A time of peace and happiness.


Opportunity. Joy and social activities, possibly with children. Re-exploring your inner child. Getting in touch with your brightness and youthful spirit you had before. New social and work opportunities. A lucky period.


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