Tarotscopes for the Week of November 27th – December 3rd, 2016 


A period of seeking spiritual guidance and spiritual information. Hidden knowledge and mystery. There are some things being hidden from you right now. Using your intuition and learning to be receptive to psychic information will help you to find answers. Seeking information through intuition rather than logic is a good approach right now. Studying the occult, and sometimes can mean receiving a reading (and maybe even doing your own psychic work for yourself!).


Patience, balance, and harmony are important themes right now, approaching all situations right now with this in mind will bring the best outcome. You have to be patient, and realize you have to be strong and trust in the Universe that things will be coming your way for the future. You will have to trust in your negotiation skills and trust in your ability to swing things in your favour for the long-term. Negotiation of financial and career matters may come into play at this time. A time for moderation, not excess, as well.


There needs to be a death of some kind in order for there to be a rebirth for you. Realizing the value of life and those around you is an important theme right now as well. The Death card can be an important reminder to live the life you truly desire, and to live to your full potential. Life is short. And sometimes in order to get where we want to be, something must die and be released so that we can move on. Usually means a figurative death, either a death of a part of you or part of someone else, or the death of a phase or relationship, but can mean a literal death as well.


Your power and authority are currently being challenged, or this has happened recently. Be authoritative, but balanced, fair, and grounded as well right now. You have been feeling challenged recently, and in this case, just stand your ground. Masculine strength. Dealing with patriarchy, a patriarchal figure, or patriarchal authority is a theme right now.


Now is the time to break old habits, addictions, and unhealthy relationships that keep you bound to a life of unhappiness. You have been bound and kept prisoner by an addiction, unhealthy relationship, negative thinking patterns, or a situation where you seemingly lack control, but remember that you can have control if you face your fears and bring death to things and ways of living that do not serve you any longer. This can be a warning about self-destructive and obsessive behaviours and excess. It is a reminder not to become a slave to your dark side, but to confront it and learn from it. Face your fears and overcome them. Your past has taught you that you are a strong person and can overcome anything. You must learn to escape the chains of negative thinking patterns.


Illusion. Time to face illusions in your relationship(s). Feeling disillusioned by a romance. Make sure you don’t become a victim of wishful thinking in terms of your romantic involvement(s). Being involved with someone deceitful, something is not as it seems. This could also mean that you are finally trying to see a past situation for what it really was, and trying to heal from it.


The focus is on a relationship, or the theme of relationships and partnerships in general. A very loving time, either in a relationship, or within yourself. Romance. A partnership. Strong friendships. Relationships working out really well at this time, or a concerted effort to make them flow smoother and join forces. Seeking compromise and cooperation in relationships. Balance. After a period of what seems like a lot of conflict in your relationships, now relationships seem to flow smoother.


You have just come out of a difficult time of feeling conflict from others and emotional strife. Be very alert right now to potential difficulties that may arise. Being aware of potential difficulties ahead of time will help you to prevent or avoid them altogether. Avoid taking risks right now. Be cautious in your relationships right now. You will have business and material success if you focus on working hard right now rather than focusing on the negative situations from the past that you have just come out of.


Time to visualize, manifest, and initiate your financial and career goals. The beginning of a new phase in terms of your finances and career. Pay attention to health issues at this time, as well. The initiation must come from you at this time. Pay attention to new opportunities all around you. New health information, and time for a new approach to health and money issues.
(as a sidetone, while I was shuffling the deck for this spread, my Guides whispered to me that I would get a message with the Sagittarius card, and yes, I am a Sagittarius. When I turned the Sagittarius card over, it was in reverse. I never shuffle my cards with upright and reverse, I hate the way it looks, haha, and my intuition tells me whether to take the card with more of a reverse meaning anyways. So it got in there upside down “by accident“ I guess, to make sure I would get the message, tee hee. And perhaps it’s also for some of you other Sagittarius’! ;-))


Travel and plans for travel. Plans happening quickly, but do not rush anything at this time. The Universe is also telling you to be responsible at this time, even if there seems to be a lot of spontaneous energy around. Expect a message or news from a loved one who lives far away. You may receive a message or news about work, as well. Approaching situations with a structured, logical approach at this time will return favourable results.


There will be a lot of enthusiasm for your career future at this time. This is also a very creative period for you, so use it to your advantage. Focused on career around this time, and you will be getting recognition for your work. A new career opportunity, or the excitement of a coming change or new beginning in career.


A focus on material success right now, but it’s good to remember that material success isn’t everything. Try to achieve balance with your material goals and with your family and social life, as well. Financial success is yours but don’t forget about the simple pleasures in life. Too much work can bring health problems and strain.


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Patricia is a clairvoyant psychic medium with over 20 years of reading experience. For more information about Patricia and her history as a psychic medium, please visit the About page. To book a Psychic Medium reading with Patricia, read testimonials, and see real examples of real readings, please visit the Booking a Reading page.


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