Tarot Tuesdays!

Book a Psychic Tarot Email Reading with me on a Tuesday before 6 PM MST that day, and before I get booked up, and receive 10% off the regular price! (space permitting – cannot be combined with any other deal or offer. For email readings, there is always a wait – see Booking a Reading Email Readings and Email Reading Protocol for more information). With your Psychic Tarot reading, as usual I also see what I pick up clairvoyantly, clairaudiently, and clairsentiently, I do not just follow the traditional meaning of the card. Book a Psychic Tarot reading with me on Tuesday, and also receive a FREE Spirit Animal message! With the free Spirit Animal message I will spend about 5 minutes speaking with one of the Spirit Animals around you, to see if they have a message for you. If it is a holiday, I am on days off, or I have a group booking, this offer is cancelled and I will announce it here on my website or let people know via email, but should be available again the following week unless a cancellation is announced again. Click here to see prices and the types of Tarot readings I offer, and click here to see some examples of real Psychic Tarot readings I have done for real clients in the past.

Message me through my Booking a Reading page to book your Psychic Tarot reading today! I look forward to hearing from you!






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