A Cheeky Family Spirit Who Still Teases Us from The Other Side

Spirits who liked to laugh and tease and joke around a lot while they were alive, still like to joke around and tease us from the Other Side.

The other day while I was browsing online, one of my more distant cousins on my father’s side of the family (who I never knew very well because he is around my parent’s age) popped up on chat to say hello, and to say hi to my parents for him (let’s call him Roy).

As we were making online small talk, he told me that he wanted a reading from me, and I said sure. And then all of a sudden my Great Uncle Clifford on my mother’s side (who recently passed away this summer) came to me in Spirit and told me to say hi to Roy for him. I was scared and hesitant, because I wasn’t even sure if Roy knew who my Great Uncle was (they are from different sides of the family), but Clifford was insistent. It sounds funny, but even though I have had this ability my whole life and it has been tested and proven to me over and over again, I still struggle with confidence sometimes in it.

He kept saying, “Just say it! Trust me, just say it! He knows me!” And I could hear him laughing, my Uncle Clifford laughed and joked all the time, and he had a great laugh (has, had? lol).

So I asked Roy if he knew my Uncle Clifford, and he wrote “Yes, I miss that guy. Little Big Man. Me and George were just talking about him the other day.”.

Clifford then showed me a vision of himself taking his cowboy hat off and bowing his hat to Roy’s cowboy hat. I described this vision to Roy and he wrote “He always bowed his hat to mine, as I did to his.”

I wrote that I couldn’t have known that, I didn’t even know they knew each other, and Roy agreed.

Clifford started laughing then, and showed a vision of himself pushing his thumb against Roy’s nose. I asked Roy what that meant and he said it was a sign of respect, and my Uncle Clifford just started laughing even more and said “Ask him what it really means.”

So I did, and Roy wrote, “No, he’s just being funny, he’s saying I’m a brown-noser and giving his giggles.”, which I could hear from the Other Side. “He always used to say I was a brown-noser when I tried to impress a pretty lady, lol.”. I was laughing, it was the first time a Spirit called someone a brown-noser while I was channeling them, haha!

My Uncle Clifford just laughed and said “Tell everyone I am doing good, they got some good music up here!” And then he said “It’s time for me to go now. Tell Roy he owes you money just for this,” and he laughed and slapped his leg. Then he started jigging away.

Roy answered, “That’s Clifford. I could just see him saying and doing that. . . ”

My Uncle Clifford loved to tease people and joke around, and he loved music, fiddle, and jigging. I guess he’s still doing all that on the Other Side. . .

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