Introducing Quick Call Readings

I am now offering the option of a shorter phone reading (10 minutes for $25) for those who have just a quick question or situation to ask Spirit about. There is a strict 10 minute limit, so this reading is only for when you have one specific question or a quick decision to make. It can be helpful for if you want to see what Spirit sees about someone around you – for instance, whether they are being deceitful and whether you can trust them – or for picking between 2 quick choices and seeing what Spirit quickly says about each choice and outcome. This is not at all an in-depth reading, there will not be much detail, just basically yes/no, so for more complicated issues, more time is necessary.

For Quick Calls, I will also give the option to purchase minutes at a cheaper rate in advance, for those who think that they would use a Quick Call reading more than once in the coming weeks or months for other situations and decisions. Purchasing minutes in advance will also cut down on time, because after the first Quick Call you use, you won’t have to wait for me to receive your etransfer to start your other Quick Call readings.

Message me through my Booking a Reading page to book your Quick Call reading today!


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