Messages From Spirit About the U.S. 2016 Election and Results


November 9th, 2016 – So I did end up watching the U.S. election results last night, but mostly because I wanted to see how the messages I got from Spirit, mostly by accident, ended up playing out. The past year or so I have gotten many spontaneous visions and messages about the election, still not knowing how to REALLY interpret them until now, and I did change my own mind closer to the end. In my readings, I always tell people that I always trust the messages I get from Spirit, but not always my or any person’s interpretation of those messages. Any time that I have thought Spirit was wrong about something after an event, they tell me to slow down and look back at the message again, look at what I actually asked, and what they LITERALLY said (they are very literal), and I then realize that they were actually RIGHT. Sometimes they will say that the messages they brought forward have not happened yet, to be patient, and this is their message in the case of the 2016 American election.

Since the Canadian election when Prime Minister Trudeau was elected, Spirit jokingly said that there would be two hairdos in power for the United States and Canada, haha. Yes, they can be hilarious, and me too ;-). I even wrote it on my personal FB page the few times it came through since then (see the photo below, lol, just one example) . I definitely associate the idea of the hairdo thing with Trump, and Spirit will use my own experiences and symbols to get me to get what they mean. But closer to the election I have been getting visions of Hillary with her arms up in the air, holding the hands of her team, and her being in the White House and appearing at news conferences, and shaking the hands of world leaders. They also said that he would “screw it up”. They also clairaudiently said something about him being a sore loser. I associate all those messages, besides the hairdo thing, with Clinton remaining victorious. I also realize I was picking up on the energy surrounding the election, most people predicted she would ‘win’ (although now Spirit is reminding me that she did indeed ‘win’, they are persistent, haha). I will say that I did have a deep deep fear about the election the whole year, so I should have taken that into account, it is clairsentient information, after all, haha (no, seriously, it is! And as you can tell, no I personally did not want him to win. But I will add that the Spirits do say it is not the best outcome for many besides him and his circle, hmmm).


This is PROOF!! haha

But Spirit also showed Clinton and Trump with their arms up together (symbolizing, to me, sharing a win). And you could say that Hillary does have a hairdo, as well. They also said that there would be a controversy about voting fraud and rigging, and that if Trump wins, there will be questions of fraud. These parts of the messages confused me.

Now that the election day is over, and Clinton has conceded, I can see what all those messages mean. The hairdo thing, that I first started mentioning around a year ago, definitely pointed to Trump. So far Clinton is winning the popular vote, and in the end she probably will, so the messages about them sharing a win makes sense. He wins the seats, she wins the popular vote. You have to realize that Spirit is very literal. The U.S. political system is not their design, so a win to them very much can mean a popular vote. In another society, or time, she is considered the “winner”. The voter fraud thing obviously addresses Trumps accusations of it, which has already come to pass. But Spirit tells me it will still be a controversy. Some of the electorates and people will raise suspicion of fraud once the results are all in. And the sore loser thing refers to him saying that he would not accept it if he lost.

For future from now, what I got “accidentally” so far, haha (I did not actually seek answers, they just came to me) Spirit says it is not over yet (interesting. . .). They are still showing me Clinton involved in American politics in the future. They are showing her in the White House, I do not think this is the last we will hear from her at all. The Spirits are saying that she will have a role in the electorate system reform they say is coming in the next decade to the U.S. This case will be used as a example for political system reform in the U.S. It will be only one of a handful of times where the president did not win by popular vote. Although Spirit just piped in again while I am typing this, and keeps saying that she did actually win, hmmmmmm. . . They did also start telling me earlier this year about an assassination or assassination attempt. Hopefully that is a misinterpretation on my part. . .

And they are saying the message about him “screwing it up” is still going to happen, too (it already started, they just piped in, haha). As a sidetone, for the Spirits to use the phrasing of “screwing it up”, that tells me that it is a snippet of real conversation or a news story to happen in the future, maybe something that someone famous will say in a public forum. Nevertheless, I get the feeling he will not last.

But anyway, that is my little reflection on the recent events of the U.S. election messages I have been getting for the past year or more. I am getting a lot more, but my brain hurts, haha. I am still remembering it and writing it down at home though!

And just so everyone knows, once again I am not responsible for what Spirits want to tell me or talk about, so keep that in mind as well. I’m just telling you what I heard! 😉 haha



UPDATE November 14th, 2016: after writing and publishing this, I see that Clinton is still winning the popular vote.

UPDATE November 26th, 2016: Clinton is winning the popular vote by over 2 million votes. A recount is being called, which explains more what the message about election rigging meant.



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4 thoughts on “Messages From Spirit About the U.S. 2016 Election and Results

  1. Hello Patricia,

    I love your posting. Thanks for sharing your experience with the message you received. I love your skills. Awesome!

    I missed your special today but I will try to catch the next one. Have a wonderful evening!



  2. Hi Patricia, as we see more and more, spirit connection.. the Veil is thinning..
    My friends Daughter , 21 from Golden, has an entity invasion, over 6 years now.
    all the basic characteristics.. Negative stuff, being voiced.. wonder if you know of anyone capable of extraction. Greatly appreciated, she has inheritance, so willing to pay well ,
    Thank You Patricia


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