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Tarotscopes for the Week of November 27th – December 3rd, 2016 


A period of seeking spiritual guidance and spiritual information. Hidden knowledge and mystery. There are some things being hidden from you right now. Using your intuition and learning to be receptive to psychic information will help you to find answers. Seeking information through intuition rather than logic is a good approach right now. Studying the occult, and sometimes can mean receiving a reading (and maybe even doing your own psychic work for yourself!).


Patience, balance, and harmony are important themes right now, approaching all situations right now with this in mind will bring the best outcome. You have to be patient, and realize you have to be strong and trust in the Universe that things will be coming your way for the future. You will have to trust in your negotiation skills and trust in your ability to swing things in your favour for the long-term. Negotiation of financial and career matters may come into play at this time. A time for moderation, not excess, as well.


There needs to be a death of some kind in order for there to be a rebirth for you. Realizing the value of life and those around you is an important theme right now as well. The Death card can be an important reminder to live the life you truly desire, and to live to your full potential. Life is short. And sometimes in order to get where we want to be, something must die and be released so that we can move on. Usually means a figurative death, either a death of a part of you or part of someone else, or the death of a phase or relationship, but can mean a literal death as well.


Your power and authority are currently being challenged, or this has happened recently. Be authoritative, but balanced, fair, and grounded as well right now. You have been feeling challenged recently, and in this case, just stand your ground. Masculine strength. Dealing with patriarchy, a patriarchal figure, or patriarchal authority is a theme right now.


Now is the time to break old habits, addictions, and unhealthy relationships that keep you bound to a life of unhappiness. You have been bound and kept prisoner by an addiction, unhealthy relationship, negative thinking patterns, or a situation where you seemingly lack control, but remember that you can have control if you face your fears and bring death to things and ways of living that do not serve you any longer. This can be a warning about self-destructive and obsessive behaviours and excess. It is a reminder not to become a slave to your dark side, but to confront it and learn from it. Face your fears and overcome them. Your past has taught you that you are a strong person and can overcome anything. You must learn to escape the chains of negative thinking patterns.


Illusion. Time to face illusions in your relationship(s). Feeling disillusioned by a romance. Make sure you don’t become a victim of wishful thinking in terms of your romantic involvement(s). Being involved with someone deceitful, something is not as it seems. This could also mean that you are finally trying to see a past situation for what it really was, and trying to heal from it.


The focus is on a relationship, or the theme of relationships and partnerships in general. A very loving time, either in a relationship, or within yourself. Romance. A partnership. Strong friendships. Relationships working out really well at this time, or a concerted effort to make them flow smoother and join forces. Seeking compromise and cooperation in relationships. Balance. After a period of what seems like a lot of conflict in your relationships, now relationships seem to flow smoother.


You have just come out of a difficult time of feeling conflict from others and emotional strife. Be very alert right now to potential difficulties that may arise. Being aware of potential difficulties ahead of time will help you to prevent or avoid them altogether. Avoid taking risks right now. Be cautious in your relationships right now. You will have business and material success if you focus on working hard right now rather than focusing on the negative situations from the past that you have just come out of.


Time to visualize, manifest, and initiate your financial and career goals. The beginning of a new phase in terms of your finances and career. Pay attention to health issues at this time, as well. The initiation must come from you at this time. Pay attention to new opportunities all around you. New health information, and time for a new approach to health and money issues.
(as a sidetone, while I was shuffling the deck for this spread, my Guides whispered to me that I would get a message with the Sagittarius card, and yes, I am a Sagittarius. When I turned the Sagittarius card over, it was in reverse. I never shuffle my cards with upright and reverse, I hate the way it looks, haha, and my intuition tells me whether to take the card with more of a reverse meaning anyways. So it got in there upside down “by accident“ I guess, to make sure I would get the message, tee hee. And perhaps it’s also for some of you other Sagittarius’! ;-))


Travel and plans for travel. Plans happening quickly, but do not rush anything at this time. The Universe is also telling you to be responsible at this time, even if there seems to be a lot of spontaneous energy around. Expect a message or news from a loved one who lives far away. You may receive a message or news about work, as well. Approaching situations with a structured, logical approach at this time will return favourable results.


There will be a lot of enthusiasm for your career future at this time. This is also a very creative period for you, so use it to your advantage. Focused on career around this time, and you will be getting recognition for your work. A new career opportunity, or the excitement of a coming change or new beginning in career.


A focus on material success right now, but it’s good to remember that material success isn’t everything. Try to achieve balance with your material goals and with your family and social life, as well. Financial success is yours but don’t forget about the simple pleasures in life. Too much work can bring health problems and strain.


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Tarotscopes for the week of November 20th – 26th, 2016


I see a hope for romance and companionship at this time, but it won’t be fully satisfied. Feeling drawn to romance around this time, and wanting to initiate romance, but not able to fully obtain or fully realize what you desire. A good period for pursuing creative projects, especially those that involve strong emotion.


A man who is loving and warm may come into play at this time, or will be embracing these qualities in yourself this week. Creative and intuitive ability the focus right now. A period where you are not afraid to show your emotions or express them. You are also going through a period where you feel more loving and warm, and giving of love and affection. Take a leadership role in pursuing romance and creative projects. Focus on those who can give and receive love, not on unhealthy potential partners.


You are realizing new financial and career goals, but this is just the beginning. There are still some steps and some progress to go before you get to where you want to be. This card is a reminder to stay on track with your goals, with hard work they can be achieved. This is a good period for initiating new contacts and study. Receiving help and advice from a mentor.


Getting recognition from your employer. Material rewards for a job well done. Feeling some hope for your financial future. Status. A new home or redecoration or rearrangement of living circumstances. Cooperation with others brings material rewards and new opportunities. New social and work situations.


Financial award and prosperity. A good time for setting goals and plans for the future in terms of career and finance. Recognition for a job well done. Money issues important right now. Lots of allies around you at this time, pay attention to new opportunities.


Opportunity. Joy and social activities, possibly with children. Re-exploring your inner child. Getting in touch with your brightness and youthful spirit you had before. New social and work opportunities. A lucky period.


Right now you have the strength and inner power to accomplish your goals. You are feeling inspired and are going through a period of clarity. Right now is about strength of mind and willpower. Use this time to your advantage. Feeling satisfaction and power with your career.


The Four of Cups is a warning not to take what you have for granted. Now is the time to appreciate what you already have rather than looking elsewhere for something bigger and brighter. Something that may seem like a better scenario or choice will only disappoint you. Some things are just too good to be true.


A period of rebirth, and possible pregnancy/birth news. Focus on childbirth. If not an actual pregnancy, then there are new opportunities and new projects coming your way. Rebirth and renewal. Creative inspiration and productivity. I see a creative project or projects. Self-love and compassion and acceptance of others. Feminine strength, feminine energies, and dealing with a matriarchal figure(s) are all themes right now. Happiness and contentment.


A time of newness, innocence, and faith, but be careful not to give your faith too blindly. Remember to live in the moment. Don’t be afraid to take a risk, but be careful of your footing, for you may fall. Don’t overanalyze things at this time, just try to enjoy the moment. A renewed excitement for life around this time. A period of optimism, but be careful not to act blindly. A new opportunity and unexpected events. The theme of eccentricity and stepping to your own beat is important right now.


A time of hard work and saving, a good time to focus on both right now. Starting to see some rewards of your hard work. Be creative to overcome any financial hardship right now, there are solutions that you might not have even thought of. Being resourceful. Learning new skills at work.

Time to visualize, manifest, and initiate your financial and career goals. The beginning of a new phase in terms of your finances and career. Pay attention to health issues at this time, as well.

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Signs of Psychic Attack and Ways to Protect Yourself


Psychic attack happens when someone (a person or a Spirit) is so negatively focused on and obsessed with causing hurt and damage to you that they purposely or subconsciously send you strong negative energy that profoundly affects your quality of life, psychological and emotional state, relationships, mood, and even physical health in an extremely negative way.

While we ultimately have the power over our own minds, emotions and bodies, sometimes people or Spirits can still break through the barrier and influence us in a negative way. This happens in the physical world all the time, without any supernatural influence, in the form of brainwashing in cults, for example, or in domestic violence situations, where victims may not even be consciously aware of how much negative control others have gained over their own perceptions, thoughts, decisions, and state of mind. When it happens on a psychic level, when a person or Spirit negatively controls someone’s state of mind, emotions, and physical health, the psychic attacker is telepathically manipulating that person’s energy by sending them negative energy through negative thought transfer, and sometimes even with a spell, rather than through direct physical communication.

Here are some of the signs that you are being psychically attacked:

1. The very first sign of psychic attack is that you intuitively sense or just know that something is not right and that there is negative energy being sent to you. In my experience, most people are not in tune or confident enough in their psychic ability to trust their own intuition when it tells them something is not right, so they can be psychically attacked for a long time without really addressing it. Many times you will know or have an idea of who is psychically attacking you, because your intuition will be picking up on it.

2. You notice a definite increase in intrusive thoughts and emotions, especially if you don’t usually experience this. The intrusive thoughts and emotions are very negative, and are not based on any recent or current circumstances in your life. You have a hard time functioning in your daily life as a result of the intrusive thoughts. Your self-esteem and self-worth will be very low, as the intrusive thoughts directly attack your self-acceptance and self-love.

3. You just don’t feel like yourself. You are more down on yourself than normal and seemingly cant get out of a rut no matter how hard you try. You lack the motivation that you normally have, and have lost faith in your abilities. You may be more anxious, depressed, angry, and irritable than normal, as you are absorbing the negative energy of the thoughts and emotions of the psychic attacker(s).

4. You have repetitive nightmares where you are being attacked. Most of the time this type of dream is just symbolic of running away from fear and facing your fears, but if they are repetitive and vivid, have a recurring character, and often result in the Old Hag Syndrome or sleep paralysis, suspect psychic attack, either from a person, people, or a Spirit. If it is just a person, you most likely wont experience sleep paralysis or the Old Hag syndrome, the person or monster chasing you in your dream is just a representation that your Higher Self made of the person psychically attacking you.

5. You just can’t seem to get someone’s energy off of you, even if you have deleted them from your life, or they live far away and you have no contact. They pop into your head intrusively, and the negative things they’ve done and said to you keep repeating over and over in your mind, even when you put effort into trying to focus on other things. You know you really don’t care or never did care about them or what they did to you, but they still intrusively keep popping up in your mind. You still feel attacked by them even though the situation has passed. This can be a sign of someone being negatively obsessed with you. Sometimes it can just be in your head, but if your intuition is strong, you will usually be able to tell the difference. Once again, a big clue that it is a true psychic attack is if you know that this person doesn’t or didn’t really mean anything to you and you have moved on, but they all of a sudden or keep coming to mind anyway.

6. You have physical symptoms that you don’t normally have, such as sleep interruption, change in eating habits, change in sex drive, cravings, etc. If a Spirit has a strong enough connection with you to psychically attack you, they can influence your physical body as well (in extreme cases this would be considered a Spirit possession). The negative energy of a human psychic attacker can also be strong enough to bring about physical symptoms, the same way that your own negative energy of negative thoughts and feelings can make you physically ill.

7. You keep getting signs from Spirit warning you about something. Animal messengers like bees, hornets, foxes, snakes, wasps, spiders, etc. can be a strong warning sign from Spirit that something negative is around you or that someone is after you and causing you problems. These animal messengers also represent many other things, including many positive things, depending on the context, but often times they are bringing a warning.

While this isn’t a complete list of all the signs of psychic attack, I think it is a really good starting point. Keep in mind that just because you experience some of the things listed above, it doesn’t automatically mean that you are being psychically attacked. They can be signs of depression or other mental health issues.

I am currently working on a more thorough article about protection from psychic attack, but in the meantime, here are some brief suggestions:

Cutting energy cords, which you can find instructions for online (I will be adding this to my article on psychic protection), and grounding, instructions here. I see energy cords with everyone, it is a good idea to learn how to cut them (which I can do in a reading with an energy cleansing and balancing, but you can also search for instructions online). You can also learn more about cleansing and balancing your energy field here, in my article Spring Cleaning for Your Spirit. 

Protection with Crystals. Black obsidian and black onyx are great for this, as well as amethyst, black tourmaline, tiger eye, jasper, etc., but make sure to keep your crystals energetically clean, which you can find more information about by searching online, or read about more in my article The Metaphysical Properties of Crystals, Gemstones, Metals, and Rocks.

Protection with spiritual artifacts, symbols, dreamcatchers, or Amulets, etc. Masks, crosses, pentagrams, etc. are all very powerful for protection. Keep them over entranceways and by the bedside, or over your bed with a dreamcatcher for protection in sleep.

Working on mindfulness. Work on erasing negative thinking patterns and feelings, and replacing them with positive affirmations. The person or spirit psychically attacking you wants you to think and feel bad on yourself. They basically want to destroy you, so you have to counter-balance that with healthy, happy thoughts. If you have a history of allowing negative thought to take over on a regular basis anyway, your psychic attackers will already have one up on you and will be able to take over your state of mind and emotions very easily, the same way that an abuser can sometimes more easily take over the mind of someone who has been abused before.


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Patricia is a clairvoyant psychic medium with over 20 years of reading experience. For more information about Patricia and her history as a psychic medium, please visit the About page. To book a Psychic Medium reading with Patricia, read testimonials, and see real examples of real readings, please visit the Booking a Reading page.


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Lest We Forget.

A Cheeky Family Spirit Who Still Teases Us from The Other Side

Spirits who liked to laugh and tease and joke around a lot while they were alive, still like to joke around and tease us from the Other Side.

The other day while I was browsing online, one of my more distant cousins on my father’s side of the family (who I never knew very well because he is around my parent’s age) popped up on chat to say hello, and to say hi to my parents for him (let’s call him Roy).

As we were making online small talk, he told me that he wanted a reading from me, and I said sure. And then all of a sudden my Great Uncle Clifford on my mother’s side (who recently passed away this summer) came to me in Spirit and told me to say hi to Roy for him. I was scared and hesitant, because I wasn’t even sure if Roy knew who my Great Uncle was (they are from different sides of the family), but Clifford was insistent. It sounds funny, but even though I have had this ability my whole life and it has been tested and proven to me over and over again, I still struggle with confidence sometimes in it.

He kept saying, “Just say it! Trust me, just say it! He knows me!” And I could hear him laughing, my Uncle Clifford laughed and joked all the time, and he had a great laugh (has, had? lol).

So I asked Roy if he knew my Uncle Clifford, and he wrote “Yes, I miss that guy. Little Big Man. Me and George were just talking about him the other day.”.

Clifford then showed me a vision of himself taking his cowboy hat off and bowing his hat to Roy’s cowboy hat. I described this vision to Roy and he wrote “He always bowed his hat to mine, as I did to his.”

I wrote that I couldn’t have known that, I didn’t even know they knew each other, and Roy agreed.

Clifford started laughing then, and showed a vision of himself pushing his thumb against Roy’s nose. I asked Roy what that meant and he said it was a sign of respect, and my Uncle Clifford just started laughing even more and said “Ask him what it really means.”

So I did, and Roy wrote, “No, he’s just being funny, he’s saying I’m a brown-noser and giving his giggles.”, which I could hear from the Other Side. “He always used to say I was a brown-noser when I tried to impress a pretty lady, lol.”. I was laughing, it was the first time a Spirit called someone a brown-noser while I was channeling them, haha!

My Uncle Clifford just laughed and said “Tell everyone I am doing good, they got some good music up here!” And then he said “It’s time for me to go now. Tell Roy he owes you money just for this,” and he laughed and slapped his leg. Then he started jigging away.

Roy answered, “That’s Clifford. I could just see him saying and doing that. . . ”

My Uncle Clifford loved to tease people and joke around, and he loved music, fiddle, and jigging. I guess he’s still doing all that on the Other Side. . .

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Patricia is a clairvoyant psychic medium with over 20 years of reading experience. For more information about Patricia and her history as a psychic medium, please visit the About page. To book a Past life or Psychic Medium reading with Patricia, read testimonials, and see real examples of real readings, please visit the Booking a Reading page.

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Messages From Spirit About the U.S. 2016 Election and Results


November 9th, 2016 – So I did end up watching the U.S. election results last night, but mostly because I wanted to see how the messages I got from Spirit, mostly by accident, ended up playing out. The past year or so I have gotten many spontaneous visions and messages about the election, still not knowing how to REALLY interpret them until now, and I did change my own mind closer to the end. In my readings, I always tell people that I always trust the messages I get from Spirit, but not always my or any person’s interpretation of those messages. Any time that I have thought Spirit was wrong about something after an event, they tell me to slow down and look back at the message again, look at what I actually asked, and what they LITERALLY said (they are very literal), and I then realize that they were actually RIGHT. Sometimes they will say that the messages they brought forward have not happened yet, to be patient, and this is their message in the case of the 2016 American election.

Since the Canadian election when Prime Minister Trudeau was elected, Spirit jokingly said that there would be two hairdos in power for the United States and Canada, haha. Yes, they can be hilarious, and me too ;-). I even wrote it on my personal FB page the few times it came through since then (see the photo below, lol, just one example) . I definitely associate the idea of the hairdo thing with Trump, and Spirit will use my own experiences and symbols to get me to get what they mean. But closer to the election I have been getting visions of Hillary with her arms up in the air, holding the hands of her team, and her being in the White House and appearing at news conferences, and shaking the hands of world leaders. They also said that he would “screw it up”. They also clairaudiently said something about him being a sore loser. I associate all those messages, besides the hairdo thing, with Clinton remaining victorious. I also realize I was picking up on the energy surrounding the election, most people predicted she would ‘win’ (although now Spirit is reminding me that she did indeed ‘win’, they are persistent, haha). I will say that I did have a deep deep fear about the election the whole year, so I should have taken that into account, it is clairsentient information, after all, haha (no, seriously, it is! And as you can tell, no I personally did not want him to win. But I will add that the Spirits do say it is not the best outcome for many besides him and his circle, hmmm).


This is PROOF!! haha

But Spirit also showed Clinton and Trump with their arms up together (symbolizing, to me, sharing a win). And you could say that Hillary does have a hairdo, as well. They also said that there would be a controversy about voting fraud and rigging, and that if Trump wins, there will be questions of fraud. These parts of the messages confused me.

Now that the election day is over, and Clinton has conceded, I can see what all those messages mean. The hairdo thing, that I first started mentioning around a year ago, definitely pointed to Trump. So far Clinton is winning the popular vote, and in the end she probably will, so the messages about them sharing a win makes sense. He wins the seats, she wins the popular vote. You have to realize that Spirit is very literal. The U.S. political system is not their design, so a win to them very much can mean a popular vote. In another society, or time, she is considered the “winner”. The voter fraud thing obviously addresses Trumps accusations of it, which has already come to pass. But Spirit tells me it will still be a controversy. Some of the electorates and people will raise suspicion of fraud once the results are all in. And the sore loser thing refers to him saying that he would not accept it if he lost.

For future from now, what I got “accidentally” so far, haha (I did not actually seek answers, they just came to me) Spirit says it is not over yet (interesting. . .). They are still showing me Clinton involved in American politics in the future. They are showing her in the White House, I do not think this is the last we will hear from her at all. The Spirits are saying that she will have a role in the electorate system reform they say is coming in the next decade to the U.S. This case will be used as a example for political system reform in the U.S. It will be only one of a handful of times where the president did not win by popular vote. Although Spirit just piped in again while I am typing this, and keeps saying that she did actually win, hmmmmmm. . . They did also start telling me earlier this year about an assassination or assassination attempt. Hopefully that is a misinterpretation on my part. . .

And they are saying the message about him “screwing it up” is still going to happen, too (it already started, they just piped in, haha). As a sidetone, for the Spirits to use the phrasing of “screwing it up”, that tells me that it is a snippet of real conversation or a news story to happen in the future, maybe something that someone famous will say in a public forum. Nevertheless, I get the feeling he will not last.

But anyway, that is my little reflection on the recent events of the U.S. election messages I have been getting for the past year or more. I am getting a lot more, but my brain hurts, haha. I am still remembering it and writing it down at home though!

And just so everyone knows, once again I am not responsible for what Spirits want to tell me or talk about, so keep that in mind as well. I’m just telling you what I heard! 😉 haha



UPDATE November 14th, 2016: after writing and publishing this, I see that Clinton is still winning the popular vote.

UPDATE November 26th, 2016: Clinton is winning the popular vote by over 2 million votes. A recount is being called, which explains more what the message about election rigging meant.



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