Psychic Email Readings Are Back!


Email readings are back! They will be different than before though. The differences now are that I have a 30 minute time limit on them and you do not get any questions (I think this will help me to complete them at a faster rate). I will use primarily my clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience for this reading, and see what your Spirit Guides want to communicate to you about the past, present, and future, relationships, health, career, people around you, etc. The subject matter will obviously range quite a bit from reading to reading. And, as usual, because I could not possibly be able to communicate everything about a person in 30 minutes, not everything you want to hear about will come through, even important stuff. It just means that more time is needed to get more information. For that, I suggest a phone or in person reading where you can ask questions and direct your time where you want to explore. For the Psychic Email Reading, you have the option of getting a more future oriented reading, which will be a report of anything that comes up to me psychically about the near future (next 6 months-year) and occasionally far future stuff, or an individually-focused general reading, which will be a report about you, that can include a variety of topics such as your health, life path, aura, gifts, talents, spiritual path, rather than focusing on timing of events. When booking please let me know if you would like a Future Forecast Psychic Email Reading (an email report where I describe any clairvoyant visions and other psychic impressions I get about you for the next 6 months to a year, and occasionally stuff about the far future may come through, as well) or an Individual-Focused General Psychic Email Reading (an email report where I will focus on you as a person). For a 30 minute psychic email reading it is $63. Message me through my Booking a Reading page to book your email reading today!! The first three clients to order a Psychic Email Reading through me, starting today October 31t., 2016, will get a free Astrological Forecast by email for 2017!!!


2 thoughts on “Psychic Email Readings Are Back!

  1. Hi Patricia,
    I was hoping to book another hour session with you. I’d like to do it in person again. I am available most days but Thursday mornings I can not do and this Friday I can not do.
    Do you have any availability??

    • Hi Nicole!! I do not book appointments through the comment section. For now, and for always please inbox me through the form on my booking a reading page so I can reply to you in your inbox when I’m available. Thanks!

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