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Horoscopes for December 6th, 2015 – December 12th, 2015

Here are your horoscopes for the week of December 6, 2015 – December 12, 2015! I am going to try to publish horoscopes on a regular basis again, we’ll see if it actually happens (I’m a Sagittarius times four), but for now you get this next week at least, ha. These are just for fun, astrology is obviously much more complicated than horoscopes. If you would like a more personalized “horoscope” for the coming year that is particular to your birth chart and incorporates the transits to all of your planets, not just your Sun sign, you can order one here and see a samples here and here. Enjoy!

You may be easily frustrated in your communications with people around this time. People will seem to be more argumentative, critical, and judgemental towards you, and your ego will likely be bruised more than once this week. Now is the time to practice patience, watch your words, and put stubbornness aside, for your mouth may get you into trouble this week.

Social situations and activities may not feel very fulfilling at the beginning of the week. You may feel left out or unrecognized around others around this time, and feel that others are being insincere and phoney. Now is a good time for retreat. Towards the end of the week this feeling should dissipate, and you will probably start to feel more appreciated and fulfilled in your social life again. Be careful of over-indulgence and extravagance right now.

Your focus is on self-confidence and action around this time. Increased vitality this week means that you can get a lot accomplished right now, so don’t let procrastination and laziness get the better of you. Now is not the time to oppose those in authority, you will likely lose if you do.

You will get a lot of attention and praise from others around this time. Social events will be pleasant and fulfilling this week. Now is a good time to exercise your leadership qualities, and you will probably feel a lot of cooperative energy from others around this time, although later in the week you may encounter opposition from someone. However, now is not a good time to try to change someone’s mind, it will not end favourably for you.

Your self-image is probably going to be a big focus for you right now. You may feel that your values and image are misunderstood at this time, and feel under-appreciated and unnoticed by someone whose opinion you value. There may be tension in social situations this week, but as long as you avoid giving into conflict, the tension should dissipate quickly. Regardless of these influences, your self-confidence and sense of uniqueness will be strong again later in the week.

Now may be an ego-boosting period. Your good qualities will be noticed by others and now is a good time for networking. People will seem to be cooperative around this time. A chance encounter may lead to a leadership opportunity and enhancement of your social status. Your ideas will be well-received during this time and communication will seem to flow smoothly.

Try not to take things too personally this week. You may be frustrated by your communications with others at this time. Be prepared for some misunderstandings and argumentative people. You may feel attacked by someone, but now is not a good time to fight back.

You are highly magnetic right now. Your focus may be on your physical attractiveness and improving your self-image this week. You may be attending an event or a show, and social activity is apt to be very fulfilling around this time. You can be very influential right now, now is a good time to take advantage of it.

Take advantage of your extra energy and vitality at this time. You may feel very driven and motivated this week, now is a good time to get things done that you’ve wanted to accomplish for a while. Your focus may be on your individuality and staying true to yourself. It is also a time for reflection on the past and where it’s brought you so far in life.

You may feel very expressive and communicative around this time, and crave a lot of mental stimulation. Now is a time for feeling appreciated and understood. Your talents will be recognized and an opportunity to improve your social status will come up.

You may feel out of sync with everyone at the beginning of the week. Social and work situations may be awkward. You may feel ignored and forgotten when it comes to social activities, but later in the week this will improve and you will start to feel appreciated again. Later in the week it is also a good time to ask for a favour, things will come your way more easily at this time.

This is a good time for social activity. Your ideas will be well-received and you will be noticed. You may feel extra generous towards others and others will extend their generosity to you at this time. This is a good time for planning events with friends and family. You may hear from an old friend.

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