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A Message From the Other Side – November 22, 2015

I thought it would be nice to start posting some of the amazing messages that come through during my readings on here, just to give a sense of how a reading works and the kinds of messages that come through.

During a phone reading last week for a first-time client, the client’s brother came through from the Other Side and right away I could smell motor oil and hear an engine, and she confirmed that yes, he was very mechanical and loved fixing things. During the reading he told her to go get her car checked out, he showed me the tires. She said it was probably a different issue, a recall for another part, because she just got the tires changed, but her brother was still insistent. She just messaged me to let me know that she took it in, thinking it was the recall, but her tires were going to fall off if she hadn’t gone in because someone inexperienced had changed them. Wow!! I am still always so amazed by this stuff and feel so blessed to be able to connect loved ones and share these moments with people, even though I get to do it all the time! It’s nice to know that our loved ones are still watching over us from the Other Side.  Hope everyone’s having a great day!!