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Messages From Spirit for the Zodiac Signs June 2015

I thought I would do something different than Tarotscopes that I used to do on here, and instead do a little experiment and focus on channeled messages from Spirit for each Zodiac sign. These messages are for the month of June (yes, I know it’s already started, always late Sagittarius, haha). If you know your birth chart, it’s good to look at the dominant sign(s) in your chart rather than just your Sun Sign (you can easily get a free natal chart online).


ARIES: You are beginning a new project. You will have to decide between two options. You will need to channel your characteristic bravery this month as some obstacles may bring some old fears back that have blocked your progress in the past.

TAURUS: You feel like you need to be sneaky to find out some hidden information from someone close to you. Be careful of any manipulative schemes or secretiveness on your part.

GEMINI: A new romance or the rejuvenation of an old romance will be coming around this time. Be careful about moving too fast, though, and keep your impulsiveness in check.

CANCER: This is a time for physical rejuvenation and rest. A domestic period and some alone time. You may feel like you need a lot of space from other people around this time. Keep your body strong to ward off any illnesses at this time.

LEO: Now is a time of career-focus and drive. You will receive the admiration you crave in your career around this time. For once you are thinking a lot about the future. A new fire and ambition in your career.

VIRGO: You may be feeling some sadness and regret around a past relationship or relationships around this time. Take care not to focus too much on the past and regrets and try to focus on the future. Use your natural practical sense and remember that focusing too much on past hurts and losses doesn’t serve you well. This period won’t last long.

LIBRA: Wanderlust is creeping in right now so travel will be sought around this time, or at least you’ll be dreaming a lot about travel at this time. Be careful and double-check everything beforehand if you do go anywhere. You may be feeling a little bit more spacey than usual this month.

SCORPIO: There are some legal or financial matters that need to be taken care of around this time. You may be catching up on a lot of paperwork and bureaucratic matters. There’s a lot of focus on money and work right now. A busy time.

SAGITTARIUS: Try to keep your temper in check around this time. You will have a lot of frustration and feel like you’re being blocked this month. Try to channel your natural optimism to get through any hard times. There are definitely a lot of challenges this month, but you will be relieved and have a sense of accomplishment once it’s all over.

CAPRICORN: This is a time of sentimentality. You may be feeling lonesome for family and friends that are away from you. You will be reminiscing a lot around this time, and preparing for family and friend reunions in the near future.

AQUARIUS: You will be feeling some struggle and resistance from others against what you try to accomplish this month. You are trying to turn a wheel one way, while those who oppose you are trying to turn it the other way. Try to lose some of your stubbornness and just let the wheel spin the other way, for fighting back too hard will just be pointless in the end.

PISCES: Now is the time to catch up on all the old errands and projects that you’ve been meaning to complete. There is a lot of focus on your financial future at this time. You may be unusually focused on saving money and planning ahead for the future.

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