Tarotscopes for the Month of October 2013

Every month I am going to do a tarot spread for the coming month, with each card representing a monthly theme for every sign of the Zodiac. Some of what I write here is the traditional meaning of the card, and the rest is my own interpretations and insights that I get at the time of the reading. It is a good idea to read the tarotscope of the dominant sign(s) of your natal chart. Your Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars sign will be relevant, especially if more than one falls in the same sign. If you don’t know the sign your other planets are in, you can order a natal chart wheel and computer interpretation from me, or search online for a free birth chart. I hope you enjoy your tarotscope – and don’t forget to check back for your next monthly tarotscope!

ARIES – Six of Swords

This is a time of transition, a time to leave past hurts and troubles behind. You have had some recent emotional hardships and conflict, but now is the time to leave difficult situations and negative thinking habits in the past. This will be a difficult transition, but it will ultimately bring more peace back into your life. Let your rational, logical side lead you in the right direction rather than your emotions and attachments to outdated ideas, for they are clouding your judgement right now. Now is a good time to spend some time by water.

TAURUS – King of Swords

You will encounter a situation that will require a strictly rational approach, and you will be meeting or dealing with people who are very rational and emotionally detached themselves this month. This is a good time for exploring and expressing your intellectual side, and for engaging in intellectually stimulating activities and conversation. You may also need legal or financial advice in the coming month. Maintain a sense of authority in work and business dealings at this time.

GEMINI – Four of Cups

You have become bored and disinterested with someone or a situation recently. Now is a time to remind yourself that “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side”, and to go within to seek satisfaction and peace rather than blaming your dissatisfaction on everything and everyone else. Take the time to appreciate the good that you already have in your life and more good will come your way.

CANCER – Four of Swords

Now is the time for some much needed rest and recovery. You have been faced with a lot of challenges recently, but now you need to retreat and relax, and gain some perspective before you can face the challenges again. Once you recover, you will have the strength to move ahead, but only after a period of withdrawal and rest from the situation.

LEO – Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune card is a reminder that in life we have to accept that there are bad times, as well as good. The bad times help us to appreciate the good times better. Accept the down times as opportunities for growth and learning. Take an active role in manifesting the good things that you want out of life, rather than waiting for good things to happen to you. A new cycle is coming up in your life, and taking an active rather than passive role will steer this cycle in a positive direction for you.

VIRGO – Page of Wands

Now is a time for tackling some restless energy within you and exploring your creative side. You may be starting an exciting new project. This is a time of enthusiasm and exhuberance. Good news is coming your way! You will experience an increase in social activity and rewarding work experiences in the coming month, enjoy!

LIBRA – The Chariot

The Chariot reminds us to work well with others, even in the face of conflict and difficulty. Don’t fight against people or circumstances that surround you right now, work with them. Look at yourself to see what you can change about yourself, your thoughts, and your behaviour rather than trying to change others, and a difficult time will end up making you stronger than ever, triumphant rather than defeated in the end.

SCORPIO – Two of Cups

This month may mean the beginning of a new relationship, or the rebirth of an already existing relationship. Take the time to think of ways you can help refresh any existing, stagnant relationships. Whatever your relationship circumstances, this is a good time to pair up and spend quality time with loved ones.

SAGITTARIUS – The Magician

You have the knowledge and experience to manifest good things into your life right now. Focus on positive thoughts and positive outcomes, and you will be able to create a positive new cycle in your life. Use your creative thinking skills, and this will bring about great new changes into your life.

CAPRICORN – Three of Wands

Now is a very fortunate time, for your hard work and dedication will finally be rewarded. You will also always seem to be at the right place and right time this month, and good opportunities will seem to just jump in your lap. Business and work activities will be especially rewarding this month, so it is a good time for networking and taking advantage of business and work contacts.

AQUARIUS – Page of Cups

Now is a good time to explore your subconscious and intuitive side, and to get more comfortable and expressive with your emotions. You will notice an increase in your intuitive powers at this time. Take advantage of your increased intuition and sensitivity right now and explore your creative side. Good news about family is coming your way.

PISCES – High Priestess

Use your intuition to guide you at this time and clarity will come to you. Explore your subconscious in order to solve any issues in your life that no longer serve you. Now is a time for seeking inner guidance, so pay attention to your dreams and intuitions right now. Your inner voice is wise, so listen closely to it, you will need it at this time.  Hidden knowledge will be revealed to you if you pay attention to your intuition.

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