Free Mini-Tarot Card Reading Today!

Today I am offering a free mini-tarot reading (one card) to the first 5 people to comment on this post or inbox me.  Just message me, and I will post your reading on here sometime today.  Hope everyone is having a great day!

Sorry to everyone who missed it, but I already have 5 responses for the free reading today.  Here are the mini-tarot readings,  and thanks for everyone who participated:

Jana L.

Page of Pentacles. Now is the time for hard work and preparation. There are a lot of menial tasks at hand right now, and yes, this can be boring, but in the end, your work will be rewarded. You may be overwhelmed with things right now, but your ability to focus has been fairly good lately. Now is not the time for being frivolous, but rather for being realistic and grounded and setting goals. There is also good news coming your way soon!

Tracy K.

Three of Swords. The Three of Swords represents hurt, betrayals, loneliness, separation, and loss. This card for you though right now, I am seeing it more as you taking those past hurts and betrayals as a learning and growing experience. Seeing these “negative” experiences as “positive”, in that they have helped you to grow spiritually, minimizes the hurt and pain that they have caused, and ends up with you being stronger than ever, and free to be happy.

Terri B.

Six of Cups. The Six of Cups is about nostalgia for childhood and getting back in touch with your inner child. You will be reconnecting with your childhood and childhood memories through connecting with children and spending more time with them. A lot of joy around children!

Laura S.

The World. A sense of accomplishment and success. You have come a long way, and your hard work is finally paying off and being recognized by others. Also, spiritually, you have learned a lot, and now is the time to share this with others. People will be coming to you for advice and guidance. You will also be going on a trip soon (I think somewhere far away?), one that will bring good opportunities, joy, and it will be a good learning experience!

Futurist T.

Five of Coins. This is a time of financial adversity and hardship. You have also been examining your attitude towards money, as it’s something you have had a difficult “relationship” with in your life, in general. Seeing clearly and making decisions is difficult right now, but this isn’t the time for lack of action, either. There is someone who can help you, but you have to be willing to ask. Now is also the time to take care of your health.


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