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Oraclescopes for the Week of September 29 – October 5, 2013

From now on, I am going to try to post “Oraclescopes” or “Tarotscopes” for each of the four elements of the zodiac every week.  Knowing me, I will probably miss some weeks here and there, so just appreciate the times that I do post them, okay? ha!

You should read the Oraclescope for the dominant element(s) of your Natal chart.  If you don’t know your dominant element(s), you can order a Natal Chart and Computer Interpretation from me (go to my About page for details), or get a free Natal Chart online.  These are just for interest and fun, as Oracle Card Readings are much more in-depth and specific when done individually.  If you’d like to order an Oracle Card Reading from me with this deck, message me from my About Page for details!

This week’s Oraclescopes were drawn from the “Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides” Deck by Steven D. Farmer.

FIRE SIGNS (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):  CHAMELEON

Now is the time to accept and adapt to the situation at hand.  Rather than try to change the “colours” of the situation, change your own “colours” to match, and go with the flow.  This isn’t about being passive, but about waiting until the right moment to act.

EARTH SIGNS (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn):  CHEETAH

Now is the time to be clear and focused on your goals and intentions, and to move swiftly and forcefully towards them.  There is no time for avoidance or procrastination right now, be quick and achieve what you know has to be done.  Then there will be time to enjoy the rewards of your initiative and hard work, and you’ll finally have some time to laze in the sun.

AIR SIGNS (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):  ROADRUNNER

Now is the time to stop letting worry and mundanity rule you and get in the way of the joys in life.  Give yourself a break from worry and stress and letting your mind race over unimportant details.  It is time to let yourself have fun.  Even in difficult times, you can always find something that will make you laugh.

WATER SIGNS (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):  POLAR BEAR

Now is the time to stand up for yourself in the situation at hand, and speak from a place of authenticity, your heart.  This is no time for aggressiveness or passive-aggressiveness, but for being assertive.  Be fearless and speak your mind, without trying to manipulate the outcome of events, and good things will happen.  If anything, you will have peace in knowing that you were true to yourself.

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In Banff on Thursday, September 26, 2013

I will be in Banff on Thursday, September 26 in the late afternoon to early evening if anyone wants to book an in-person reading with me for that day without having to pay for my travel costs.  Contact me through my About page to book a reading!

Oracle Card for Today, September 23, 2013

Today’s Oracle Card is Boudica from The Celtic Messages Deck by Joules Taylor.  Boudica was a Celtic Queen and Warrior who led 100,000 forces against the Romans, killing an estimated 70,000-80,000 Romans and British after the Romans annexed her kingdom as a method of conquering it.  The Boudica card represents having strength, stamina, and endurance in the face of severe adversity and difficult problems.  When difficult issues arise and problems seem unsurmountable, cowering away and not facing them is not the way to handle them.  Now is the time to be strong and go on the offensive and fight.  This is also a good time for allies to come by your side and “fight” along with you.

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Free Mini-Tarot Card Reading Today!

Today I am offering a free mini-tarot reading (one card) to the first 5 people to comment on this post or inbox me.  Just message me, and I will post your reading on here sometime today.  Hope everyone is having a great day!

Sorry to everyone who missed it, but I already have 5 responses for the free reading today.  Here are the mini-tarot readings,  and thanks for everyone who participated:

Jana L.

Page of Pentacles. Now is the time for hard work and preparation. There are a lot of menial tasks at hand right now, and yes, this can be boring, but in the end, your work will be rewarded. You may be overwhelmed with things right now, but your ability to focus has been fairly good lately. Now is not the time for being frivolous, but rather for being realistic and grounded and setting goals. There is also good news coming your way soon!

Tracy K.

Three of Swords. The Three of Swords represents hurt, betrayals, loneliness, separation, and loss. This card for you though right now, I am seeing it more as you taking those past hurts and betrayals as a learning and growing experience. Seeing these “negative” experiences as “positive”, in that they have helped you to grow spiritually, minimizes the hurt and pain that they have caused, and ends up with you being stronger than ever, and free to be happy.

Terri B.

Six of Cups. The Six of Cups is about nostalgia for childhood and getting back in touch with your inner child. You will be reconnecting with your childhood and childhood memories through connecting with children and spending more time with them. A lot of joy around children!

Laura S.

The World. A sense of accomplishment and success. You have come a long way, and your hard work is finally paying off and being recognized by others. Also, spiritually, you have learned a lot, and now is the time to share this with others. People will be coming to you for advice and guidance. You will also be going on a trip soon (I think somewhere far away?), one that will bring good opportunities, joy, and it will be a good learning experience!

Futurist T.

Five of Coins. This is a time of financial adversity and hardship. You have also been examining your attitude towards money, as it’s something you have had a difficult “relationship” with in your life, in general. Seeing clearly and making decisions is difficult right now, but this isn’t the time for lack of action, either. There is someone who can help you, but you have to be willing to ask. Now is also the time to take care of your health.


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This Month’s Tarotscopes

Tarotscopes For The Month of September 2013

Every month I am going to do a tarot spread for the coming month, with each card representing a monthly theme for every sign of the Zodiac.  Some of what I write here is the traditional meaning of the card, and the rest is my own interpretations and insights that I get at the time of the reading.  It is a good idea to read the tarotscope of the dominant sign(s) of your natal chart.  Your Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars sign will be relevant, especially if more than one falls in the same sign.  If you don’t know the sign your other planets are in, you can order a natal chart wheel and computer interpretation from me, or search online for a free birth chart.  I hope you enjoy your tarotscope – and don’t forget to check back for your next monthly tarotscope!

ARIES – Queen of Swords

It is good to have high ideals as long as they don’t make you forget that everyone is human, including yourself.  It may also be a good time to step back from your emotions and try to rely on logic.  Don’t rush like you normally do, pause and think.  And try to let your demanding side relax for a bit.

TAURUS – Queen of Pentacles

It is a good time for taking care of the finances and getting material things in order.  Don’t forget to reward yourself for your efforts with some sensual pleasure this month, either.  Eat some chocolate, go for a steam, or have sex – take your pick!  Or you can do even better and reward yourself with all three!

GEMINI – Knight of Pentacles

It may be difficult for you right now, but it is a good time to focus on doing a good, thorough job with the ordinary, daily tasks of life.  Get grounded and do something earthy. This isn’t comfortable territory for Gemini under normal circumstances, but staying unscattered is very important at this time.

CANCER – Eight of Wands

The struggles and delays you’ve been experiencing should be clearing a bit now, so you may have a chance to act on those intentions you’ve been meaning to carry through. Remain cautious while you allow some creative flow after all that anxiety!

LEO – Knight of Wands

Your theme for this month is adventure and fun!  Don’t stay indoors, for it is a good time to break away from your ordinary space and comfort zone.  You may be spending time or meeting someone new with a bold, adventurous spirit themselves.  This may also mean a move.

VIRGO – The Sun

Some renewal of optimism and faith may be coming your way this month.  You’ll keep working towards your goals and keep looking optimistically towards the future.  You may be in a very happy state at this time.

LIBRA – The Emperor

You may be experiencing a need to build something concrete at this time.  Themes for this month include structure, discipline, and the concrete manifestation of ideas.  This is a challenge for Libra, who so often has a difficult time even making a decision, let alone acting on it.  Just remember that structure and discipline are good as long as you don’t remain too rigid.

SCORPIO – Two of Cups

This month may mean the beginning of a new relationship, or the rebirth of an already existing relationship.  Take the time to think of ways you can help refresh any existing, stagnant relationships.  Whatever your relationship circumstances, this is a good time to pair up and spend quality time with loved ones.

SAGITTARIUS – Knight of Swords

The theme for this month is sudden changes.  Something unexpected may happen and now is the time for tuning into your flexible spirit to deal with the unexpected.  Lucky for you, flexibility comes very natural to Sagittarius.  It may also mean meeting someone new or spending time with someone who is very spontaneous.

CAPRICORN – Ten of Pentacles

Now is a good time to allow yourself some feelings of self-contentment and self-satisfaction, which doesn’t always come natural for you, Capricorn.  Be happy and grateful for what you have, rather than worry about material assets you don’t have, which you can be prone to do.  Some money might be coming your way at this time as well, which always helps.  You may be feeling a little more solid and secure right about now.

AQUARIUS – Ace of Cups

Renewed hope in existing relationships, and renewed hope in developing new relationships is your theme for this month.  You may be experiencing the outpouring of strong emotions at this time, which is not very usual for Aquarians.  However, it is best not to let emotions build up, but release them, and maybe even channel that energy into something creative.

PISCES – Nine of Swords

You may be feeling very anxious and fearful about your future at this time.  Your guilt about past decisions and how you got where you are today may be creeping up, but don’t let it take over.  While it is good to recognize and identify problems and mistakes, it is not good to dwell on them or the past, for this can manifest fear and anxiety right into your future.

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*this article is for entertainment purposes only.

Last Minute Phone and Email Readings Today

Hi there!!

I will be doing last-minute phone and email readings this evening at 6PM MST until 9 PM MST on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Please message me to be put in the queue for a same-day reading tonight! If I don’t have time to read you tonight, there’s always tomorrow!

This Week’s Tarot Card

This week’s card is The Chariot, and is especially true for Sagittarius folks this week.

The Chariot reminds us to work well with others, even in the face of conflict and difficulty. Don’t fight against people or circumstances that surround you right now, work with them. Look at yourself to see what you can change about yourself, your thoughts, and your behaviour rather than trying to change others, and a difficult time will end up making you stronger than ever, triumphant rather than defeated in the end.


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